Lavender Diamond & Matador

Short of declaring we'll take the entire week off,  nothing could please us more than announcing Matador's signing of Lavender Diamond for North America, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.


Primarily a vehicle for the astonishing vocals and buoyant worldview of Becky Stark, the Los Angeles-based Lavender Diamond's take on the dying art of the perfect pop song is as elemental as it is ambitious — though their forthcoming Matador full-length, Imagine Our Love (due the eighth of May), is more of the latter.

Joined by the crack ensemble of drummer Ron Rege Jr. (an accomplished cartoonist whose work has adorned Lavender Diamond sleeves and posters), guitarist Jeff Rosenberg and pianist Steve Gregoropolous (formerly of The Wild Stares, Wild Stares Chamber Orchestra), Lavender Diamond have stunned audiences across the U.S. with equal portions of deft musicianship, disarming humor, bucketloads of charisma, and most of all…Ms. Stark's mindblowing voice.


Through their self-released 'The Cavalry Of Light' EP, headlining shows and performances in support of Beck, the Decemberists and other heavyweights, Lavender Diamond have received a ridiculous amount of attention in a very short span.  Some of that attention has included the near-obsessive interest of various Matador owners and staffers, who firmly believe that working with this group is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

(The same could be said, of course, of being pushing out of a speeding car, but we suspect this will be a far more exciting experience.)

Matador's reissue of 'The Cavalry Of Light' will hit shops on January 30.   In Europe, Lavender Diamond's new recordings will be available via Rough Trade.

We'll have some new U.S. dates to announce shortly.  Prior to that, Lavender Diamond are supporting the Decemberists on their February European tour.

"You Broke My Heart"
(mp3 from 'The Cavalry Of Light")

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