(Danny) Tourette’s Syndrome : Lame Publicty Stunts Of The New Year

Thanks to Dave Scheid for forwarding the following item from NME.com. I think.


Towers Of London
singer Donny Tourette has been challenged to boxing match by punk veterans Cockney Rejects.

On their official site Cockney Rejects claim their record company would pay for a match to take place between Tourette and Cockney Rejects frontman Jeff Turner.

The band posted: "We know there are a lot of people who are thoroughly pissed off with the bullshit being put about by those posh twats 'The Showers of London'.

"Now they pop up everywhere claiming to be the 'new' Cockney Rejects, even though tough hardman Donny Tourette was so tough and so hard that he ended up leggin' it over the wall after failing to go two rounds with Jade and her mum in the 'Big Brother' house."

They then added: "G&R Records are prepared to sponsor a bout between Donny Tourette and Mr Turner at West Ham Boxing Club to raise money for charity (the St. John's Ambulance being the obvious choice, as they will have the job of scraping him off the floor when it's over)."

You're probably as dismayed as I am to learn there's still some version of the Cockney Rejects kicking around.   This isn't quite up there with the Johnny Lydon/Jimmy Pursey slap-fest that took place at the American Embassy a while back, but points all around for a good try to get everyone's name into the papers. 

5 thoughts on “(Danny) Tourette’s Syndrome : Lame Publicty Stunts Of The New Year”

  1. Donny can deny this all he wants, but we saw him when they played S Club 7’s ‘Reach For The Stars’ in the Celebrity Big Brother house. He was DEFINITELY suppressing the urge to sing along. I bet he knows the dance moves to it, too. C’mon Donny, let your inner stage-school brat shine through, there’s no shame in it. Well, not much.

  2. Donny would explode this “reject” like he did several times on stinking chavs. Towers of London are THE punk rock band of the 21th century…Turner would’nt stand a damn round against Tourette.

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