Questionable Video Game Update

Perhaps swayed by the game's inclusion in PC World's Ten Worst Video Games Of All Time, "Super Columbine Massacre" has been denied entry in the Slamdance Festival's interactive competition.  From Water Cooler Games (link swiped from Boing Boing)

IGF chairman Simon Carless predicted that this action won't "discourage people from making games that have social meaning." Well, I'm discouraged. I'm discouraged because I've had such satisfying experiences showing my games at a venue like Slamdance, with its broadly creative attendees, its large general population audience, its decidedly down-to-earth sensibility. We make games not just so that they might be played, but so that they might affect people, influence their opinions, change their attitudes, make them question their world. Today one venue for encouraging those ends has died abruptly, and prematurely.

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