Ahmet Ertegun, RIP


The late founder of Atlantic Records was eulogized today as a man who "exerted a sweeping influence on postwar US popular music," (The Times), "a marvellous man, very witty, a great raconteur," (Mick Jagger) and "a passionate connoisseur of music who was beloved by many of his artists and peers for his personal panache and his encyclopedic knowledge of music, especially jazz and rhythm and blues." (Geoff Bocher and Randy Lewis, LA Times).

Our good friend at Where Is The Hotel shall recall Ertegun as the man responsible for The Melvins' 'Houdini'.

Though I do not think this is technically correct, we stand in awe of Ertegun's cultural contributions just the same.

One thought on “Ahmet Ertegun, RIP”

  1. Ahmet would always let us smoke in his office, with him of course! He was a total playboy and one hell of a character. Man, I really dug those Orange teeth! He totally did not give a fuck, and I mean that in a good way!

    He was one of the great ones.

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