Time In, Time Out for The Queers

A recent post on unrelated bulletin board reminded me of a genius New Hampshire band with a long history, The Queers. They finally rose to national prominence in the mid-'90s and released a bunch of albums that I haven't heard since then. But their early work is sui generis, and the high point is probably the 1984 EP 'Kicked Out Of The Webelos.' I can't remember whether I have this record somewhere, so will hold off on paying massive buckage to obtain it from eBay or similar. Hunt it down.

And read a fascinating history and discography of the early Queers by Boston character Mr. B.

2 thoughts on “Time In, Time Out for The Queers”

  1. The first two Queers EPs were re-issued as a 7″ double-pack by Selfless Records, maybe 10 or so years ago.

    I have the re-issue among my piles of vinyl, which is how I remember it, though no doubt the Break My Face web site mentions it, also.

  2. They got a music DVD coming out in Feb. I think it’s mostly live stuff and a few interviews etc. Not sure how far back the footage goes though…

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