Kenny gets grief


The Late Late Show is an Irish institution (like the Magdalene Asylums) which was presented first by Irish broadcasting legend and brave-name-haver Gay Byrne, then latterly by Pat Kenny, the presenter being harassed in this here clip. Of course, the Irish stereotype of the literate drunk irks me somewhat, but I can't help but applaud this heckler. He's hammered, and he still manages to articulate in a concise manner what most right-thinking Irishers think of Pat Kenny.


4 thoughts on “Kenny gets grief”

  1. Apparently his daughter’s a researcher on the show – as if this wasn’t classic already.

    Clearly not having vented adequately live on air, on Saturday night the man drove his car through the tv station’s security barrier and ram-raided the front doors. Appearing in court yesterday, he was released on bail with a number of conditions, one of which was not to come within a two-mile radius of RTE.

    “Mr Stokes asked did the bail condition preventing him from coming within two miles of RTÉ mean he could not drive past the campus on his way into the city centre. The judge said that it did.”

  2. Surely the daughter can offer explicit evidence in regards to Kenny and Byrne’s insufferable arseholeishness. I reckon I could come up with an airtight case over a weekend.

    Damn you, RTE. Damn you to hell!

  3. It’s telling that RTÉ’s most credible chat show hosts at present are two smutty puppets from Ballydung (as opposed their most popular who’s a sycophantic puppet from Dublin).

    I’m still impressed that Stokes managed to keep his rant focussed on Kenny despite guests Brendan O’Connor and Linda Martin providing alternative fodder.

  4. When it comes to O’Connor, actions speak louder than words. By that, of course, I mean ‘people should attack him in the streets’.

    Podge & Roadge should hire Stokes as a scriptwriter.

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