Elton John Update

Since Nils was kind enough to post to the Matablog the last time Elton John went ka-boom in public, I figured we're obliged to keep up with the great man's public utterings on a semi-regular basis.  There's a chart battle of sorts taking place in the UK at the moment with titles from Oasis, U2 and Westlife, amongst others, all vying for the top spot. Elton's already picked his fave

"I am so glad Westlife are ahead of Oasis."

After what fucking Noel Gallagher  (above) said about me [not buying his own milk] I couldn't give a shit about Oasis. I go into fucking shops all the time myself.

"He's an absolute tosser and looks like Parker from Thunderbirds."

When and if Elton has anything else interesting to say, we'll do our best to pass it along. Thank you.