Attn New Media Types: Blog Action For Cheap

payola.jpgJust as soon as all you Zune marketing department, indie publicist and new media types wasted all that intern bandwidth researching bloggers mailing addresses and adding them to your PR machine, a company has come along and applied what radio folks have known for a long time…it's soooooo much easier to just buy the airtime. 
For a mere $250 (sometimes more or less based upon your desired blog's Technorati ranking) you can "buy" a review on an mp3 blog via At first, we thought this would be the land of, but there are some participating blogs that we can't quite get our heads around why they've stooped.  Hey, we all gotta put bread on the table, but is whoring out 200 words in your center column really the way to go?

3 thoughts on “Attn New Media Types: Blog Action For Cheap”

  1. these new media types and their lack of ethics. Please, bring back the good old days when we could literally buy the cover of CMJ or Alternative Press!

  2. That’s pretty pricey. Even a fairly decent magazine will only pay $15-20 a review. Of course, that money isn’t coming straight from the label. Yeesh.

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