In Praise Of Noel Gallagher

He might be the brains behind one of the dullest bands on Planet Earth, but every now and then, Noel Gallagher knocks it out of the park, at least in the sound-bite sweepstakes.  From Wednesday's Mirror :

Noel Gallagher (above) was yesterday branded "ignorant" after he told British soldiers wounded in Iraq to stop moaning.

The Oasis songwriter, 39, said Tony Blair's decision to go to war was an "almighty cock-up".

But he blasted troops who claim compensation.

He said: "The troops want to go, all they want to do is fight. If you're bothered about getting shot don't join the Army."

Veterans representative Ray Bristow said Gallagher only had the freedom to comment thanks to the sacrifice of others.

Mr Bristow said: "I think he's an ignorant man, ignorant in the sense of not understanding."

Pte Lionel O'Connor, who lost his leg in Iraq, said: "If he has got a comment like that, send him out there."

Yeah, but….he doesn't want to go there. That's the whole point. Noel would prefer not to be shot, hence, his reluctance to join the Army and GET SHOT.

As for whether or not the deluded brave forces fighting in Iraq are protecting Gallagher's right to free expression, I'd throw the question back at anyone in the military.  Never mind whether or not the war was justified, whether or not we're making a bad situation worse and let's just avoid the question of Western biz interests being the biggest beneficiaries.  Let's presume that G.I. Schmoe is being asked to risk life and limb so Noel Gallagher can record crap like 'Heathen Chemistry'.

I submit that's too high a price to pay.

4 thoughts on “In Praise Of Noel Gallagher”

  1. Dude’s on a fucking roll – (in a recent SPIN interview)

    On Scissor Sisters:
    “I like ‘Laura’ from the first record, but it’s music for squares, man. They’re huge in England, but there’s no accounting for bad taste as far as the English are concerned.”

    Yes, England. The only place people buy your records, Noel.

    and on the Bee Gees:
    “They’re right up there with The Beatles in terms of how I learned to like music and how I was influenced as a songwriter. Once they get into disco and all that fucking nonsense, it’s music for women”.

    So, there you go. Music for women is bad.

  2. Oh just get over yourself, yes he fucked up and insulted a few people, so? Wow controversy, as if we haven’t seen that before.

    For that soldier in Iraq, what about those kids who lost their lives with his guns????????????

    I think it’s pointless to put up something like that, it proves you have no life…

    and for me, I’m allowed I’m 12

    And people buy his cds all over the world, unlike you, you’ve got your 15 minutes of fame, just give it up

    No one cares

  3. Stef…. that’s where you are wrong……… fortunately we are not all ignorant and THAT soldier in Iraq, he never used his gun…….. he was a peace-keeper. Oh, and one other thing………. as to your comment that no one cares all I say is hahahahahahahahahahaha………………… he’s loved and very highly respected and his “15 minutes of fame” continues hahahahahahahaha.

    Here’s a piece of advise to you all………….. only fools believe everything they read.

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