Mission Of Burma : New Boston Date

(Roger Miller, as photographed by the Daily Californian's Peter Kim)

Mission Of Burma
will return to the scene of some of their greatest artistic crimes triumphs on January 20, when they hit the boards of Commonwealth Avenue's Paradise Theatre.   Tickets are on sale now.

In addition, "Not A Photograph", the Mission of Burma documentary directed by Jeff Iwanicki and David Kleiler Jr., will be shown at Brookline, MA's Coolidge Corner Theatre on Tuesday, November 21 at 7PM.  The DVD version of "Not A Photograph" is being released by MVD the very same day, but only those attending the Coolidge Corner presentation will experience the joy of embarrassing Peter Prescott by asking him to sign a copy (plus the "Academy Fight Song" 7", old Volcano Suns set lists, etc.  If you've got something happening on eBay, this should be a great opportunity).