I’d prefer a chocolate teapot for Christmas


…but I'll settle for this:


A team of Australian scientists [That's an oxymoron if I saw one], presumably with too much time on their hands, have created the air guitar t-shirt, which turns air guitarists fake
strumming into real music. The shirt, developed by the Australian
Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organisation
, has sensors
within the elbows that send information to a computer, which creates music
based on its wearer's air guitaring. Richard Helmer, one of the scientists
behind the t-shirt, told reporters the t-shirt was "an easy-to-use, virtual
instrument that allows real-time music making" and that it could be used by
"players without significant musical or computing skills".

Asked about the new invention, Metro quote Jeff Disaster of UK Air Guitar,
the people behind the previously reported Air Guitar Championships, as
saying: "I would love to get one but I don't think they would be allowed in
air guitar championships. The rule is there can be no guitars on the stage;
this is essentially a midi-guitar, so it violates the main rule of air

It's the next step up from playing music from your mobile phone without headphones on all forms of public transport to the delight of everyone around you. What a great way to make friends and keep them.

On second thoughts, don't get me one. 

9 thoughts on “I’d prefer a chocolate teapot for Christmas”

  1. I don’t know, the possiblities for dissonance seems wonderfully high. I can’t say that this seems like a bad idea.

  2. That’s true. I could beat the kids at their own game. Would also make step-aerobics more interesting too. Time to introduce a Matador staff uniform…

  3. Ruairi: ‘Have you heard that song on the last Sunn O))) album? Hang on, I can play it for you on my shirt….’

    (1 hour of shirt-strumming later)

    Annette: ‘That staff uniform thing was a bad idea.’

    However, I’d like to hear more about this chocolate teapot you mention.

  4. Also good for those record shop moments of “Have you got that song that sounds like [insert appropriate t-shirt riffing here]?”

  5. While we\’ve never had an official staff uniform, an intern was once asked to leave (and never return) for the aesthetic crime of wearing a Space Needle t-shirt.

    Conversely, some 15 years later, during one of my infrequent visits to our New York place of business, I was astonished to hear the INXS album \’Kick\” coming from one of our exectutive suites in its entirity.

    I\’d make a threat of some sort, but they\’ve got tribunals for this kind of thing in 2006.

  6. Best not tell you that we were just playing (and singing along to) Roxette on the office radio. Oops. There goes my credibility. And my blogging privileges.

  7. you are safe, Annette. Back in the old days of fascism, someone could get the sack for playing Bowie. A similar action today results in a promotion, an extra two weeks paid holiday and a lifetime supply of wonka bars.

    As long we are giving Ruairi license to go on about Steven Seagal, \\\’tis it bit late in the day for any of us to worry about credibility.

  8. “Conversely, some 15 years later, one of my infrequent visits to our New York place of business, I was astonished to hear the INXS album ‘Kick” coming from one of our exectutive suites in its entirity.”

    wait, what?!? Blake has an executive suite?!?!

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