World’s Greatest Record Label Vs. Sniveling Ingrates, Continued

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Victory Records has sued Virgin Records and EMI Music North America for interfering with its contractual relationship with the band Hawthorne Heights. Victory claims that the major-label "poached" the band from the indie even though the group still had two more records to deliver under its contract.

In the suit filed yesterday (Nov. 2) in the federal District Court in Chicago, Victory alleges that the band was happy with the indie until Virgin executives convinced them to sign with the major. The band then hired a national litigation law firm and a public relations company to help extricate itself from its contract with Victory, the suit says.

I find it disheartening to consider H.H.'s claims that Tony Victory dragged them into a race war and their chart numbers were "tainted like Barry Bonds' statistics" were in fact, the construct of a P.R. firm.  Can't anyone come up with a funny idea on their own anymore?

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  1. The Fact is victory has a contract with the band. let the indie lables get what they deserve for signing a great band. why cant an Indie lable have a successful mainstream band signed on?
    so i say, Fuck Virgin!

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