Madman Across The Water


Elton John, at his concert last night at Nassau Coliseum in Hempstead, NY:

"Interscope is the worst record label ever"
"They spent not one penny advertising the album"
"They can fuck off"
"Please drop me from the label"
"Sorry about all that label stuff…. But I really hate their fucking guts."

(Words by Bernie Taupin)

His new album may not have a hit like "Island Girl" ("what you wantin' wid de white man's world…black boy want you in his island world") but it does feature Elton's dog Arthur and cowbell (more cowbell!) on the single "Just Like Noah's Ark", in which Elton sings about Interscope's radio team:

"Italiano promotion men/Chomping a big cigar/Slapping backs and making cracks/About the fags in the bar/Radio boss dipping his nose in a little white packet/You put it out son and we'll all back it"

Mona lisas and mad hatters, indeed!

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