Jennifer O’Connor: Always A Guest Blogger Never A Blogger (just how she likes it)

If there's one thing Jennifer might say about her life to date with Matador, we keep the lady busy.  Not OSHA infringement busy, but busy.  Whether it's guest blogging on the Portastatic blog, espousing her love for Fiddy on her Popmatters tour diary, the post cards she's giving out on tour, or her upcoming eMusic EP (no link yet, stay tuned for more on that)…Jennifer manages to keep up with all this while playing just about every day for the past two months.  We got one word for that….Trooper!  So when asked to contribute her "weirdest concert experience" for Marathonpacks, Jennifer not only oblidged but penned up a hum-dinger of a Mark Eitzel tale (we all have at least one Eitzel experience we wish we could blog about, don't we?).  Hit up Marathonpacks for all the juice.