Ian Rilen, RIP


Rose Tattoo bassist Ian Rilen passed away yesterday at the age of 58. 

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In addition to being the co-author of Tattoo's "Bad Boy For Love", Rilen was a founding member alongside guitarist Steve Lucas and drummer Cathy Green, of the Sydney trio, X, whose first two albums, 'Aspirations' (1979) and 'At Home With You' (1981) are as propulsive, jagged and wildly original as any punk recordings from that era. 

2 thoughts on “Ian Rilen, RIP”

  1. It’s so sad to know we’ll never again hear Ian bashing out those bass runs as only he could, all on the downstroke with an intensity that would shame musicians half his age. I know it sounds like hyperbole but seeing X live really did change my life.

    I’ve got some unpublished interviews with Ian that i’ve got to put out there as a testament to the man.

  2. I had the pleasure of working with Ian during the late 70’s punk scene in Sydney. His band X were like nothing else , an unbelievable force of power and energy, that made everyone else pale in comparison. He had style and a twinkle in his eye that always swept all before him. The only band around at the moment who you might compare him and X with is Lightening Bolt , if you’ve seen them you’ll know what I mean.

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