Dubious Benefit Gigs Of The 21st Century

From the Boston Globe's Joan Anderton.


Staind frontman Aaron Lewis is performing a concert at his alma mater, Longmeadow High School, to benefit the creative arts department there. Tickets to the show, Nov. 4 at 7:30, are $100 (includes a meet-and-greet with Lewis) and $60 and are on sale now in the school office.

Lewis, while possessing all the talent and charisma of a cardboard box, is clearly a benevolent sort.  And based on his body of work, I think we can all agree that Longmeadow's creative arts deparment is sorely in need of help.  With that in mind, let's consider the ticket prices ; $100 to witness a solo performance by Lewis is quite reasonable (compared to say, a $600 toilet seat), so why not up the ante a bit?  $100 to enter, another $200 to leave early.  $1500 for Lewis' frontal lobe.  Either you're serious about helping the kids or you're not.