Pitchfork Scraping For News?

extraI have much love for Espers, but since when did a $600 mahogany Martin getting dinged up on a flight make the muster for a longish Pitchfork news item.  C'mon, this ain't akin to a van full of gear getting stolen nor is it a couple of mild-mannered indie rocker kids getting beat up by Houston's finest.  I mean, if you're going to give some ink to La Familia Espers, why not talk about Meg Baird's freshly-minted solo album.  Warning:  It's okay to delete your copy of Pink Moon on the Nano to make room for this one.  Don't sweat it, it's a worthy replacer.

Meg Baird: "Waltze of the Tennis Player"  (mp3 deeplink thanks to Philebrity.com)

7 thoughts on “Pitchfork Scraping For News?”

  1. i agree in that i don’t find it “newsworthy”, per se. but at least some info gets out and hopefully prevents further problems with other travelling musicians. we have no problem following airline baggage policy and are prepared to travel with well-packed flight cases, hiring backline, buying seats for instruments, etc..we have done this all before and expect to do it again. the real humdinger was the inconsistency in delta’s communication, interpretation and enforcement of thier policy. we were told different things on telephone, by gate personnel and then again by the actual flight crew (who, in this case, were VERY musician friendly) argggh! just let us know how to prepare!!

    also worthwhile to note that instruments can be gate-checked or “pink tagged”, where they are hand-delivered to the compartment via the boarding gate and retrieved in the same manner, as done with strollers, wheelchairs, etc. the manager at LAX assured he was delivering the guitar to the gate…but it came off the belt.

    regardless, meg remains in goos spirits. and the record is out of this world!


  2. I don’t know if I’d call it scraping either. There seems to be a certain correlation between the affection that folks feel for their Martin Guitars and how expensive they are. Besides if you ask me, as the saying goes, any Espers press is good press right? And it wouldn’t be a Pitchfork article w/out some choice errors: “So the instrument, which can be heard on both Espers albums,” So is there an Espers album where it can’t be heard? WTF?


    PS I will abstain on AF debate.

  3. the pforkers made a half-right: the wrecked guitar can indeed be heard on 2 espers records, though not on the 1st, as it wasn’t yet owned at that point. but, the “both” is misleading, as there are 3 records. the instrument can also be heard on meg’s solo recordings. no matter how you rub it, though, delta is a very busted airline.

  4. this is what espers-buddy michael hurley had to say:

    yes this bulletin by coots of espers is no isolated case. For the purpose of being able to take my guitar on board for its own saftey; I did a tour with a guitar less than three feet long in a soft shell case. I was cleared thruout England and Ireland and all around US states; only to have the guitar relegated to checked baggage on the home flight on Delta. It was then that I decided to boycott Delta myself. They did provide a cardboard box for it and the sadistic check in guy stuffed it with balled up newspaper. They told me to keep the cardboard case for future flights; but with them; there will of course be no future flights. As it turned out; no viable damage to the handmade English guitar was evident in PDX. But I was upset for the crosscountry flight. It ruined my day with horror and worry. Yes, Delta should be avoided.
    What its come down to for me is that if you must fly; use the toughest case you can get and just check it at check in. And don’t do this with any guitar that can’t be replaced readily for cheap. Don’t ever carry a violin to the airport, they are much more breakable than guitars and the airlines are just as likely to make you check them as with guitars. Delta’s inconsistency with policy is the same as with all of them as far as I know; which is pretty fuckin far. 550,000 miles now logged.

  5. i almost get as indignant when i can’t bring my purell hand sanitizer on a flight. pure roger miret rage, i tell you.

  6. i am always surprised in this day and age when people are shocked that policies at one airport are not the same as others.

    Let’s combine the two debates and debate about how Vinnie Stigma would have handled a hole in his Martin guitar.

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