Concerto Review : The World’s Greatest Money Making Enterprise

Like a not so small portion of Austin, TX  I am recovering today from the Rolling Stones' first-ever appearance in our humble town.  What conclusions can be gleaned from the Stones playing what we in the trade charitably call "secondary markets" (ie. Missoula, Boise, Regina, Wichita, El Paso, etc.) are not worth mulling in the wake of such a historic event. Amongst the highlights the local press neglected to mention

1) A tremendous cover of Spoon's "Don't Buy The Realistic", certain to displease tour sponsors Radio Shack.

2) The equally improbable cover of "Dicks Hate Police".  "We've never played this one in public," admitted Mick, "and we might never play it again."

3) Excellent security provided by the Hells Angels.

4) A surprise appearance by Mick Taylor.  Selling hot dogs.

5) Quoted boost to the local economy : $25 million.  Damage done to the psyche of neighborhood dogs by the show's pyro : incalculable.