The Mutual Admiration Society That Is Mogwai & Lucasfilms

If you were wondering what to get Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite for Christmas this year, here’s a hint : Lego Star Wars for the PSP.

(from left to right : Braithwaite, Ewok)

An interview with Stuart can be found at the official Star Wars website

Mogwai’s contributions to the original score of Darren Aronofsky’s “The Fountain” can be heard next week when the long awaited followup to “Requiem For A Dream” is screened at Austin’s Alamo South as part of the 2006 Fantastic Fest. Aronofsky will be on hand for a little Q and A, and prior to “The Fountain”, they’ll be showing René Laloux’s “Fantastic Planet”.

Mogwai headline Glasgow’s Barrowlands tomorrow night, and they’ll be at the Manchester Academy on Sunday.

One thought on “The Mutual Admiration Society That Is Mogwai & Lucasfilms”

  1. Somebody gave me Lego Star Wars as a gift yesterday. The high-concept WTF factor makes it, I think, the “Snakes On A Plane” of the video-game world. Only, Lego Star Wars is actually as enjoyable a product as it is a concept (and doesn’t have the slimey blonde underbelly of surfer-dude blandness that ran though the Jack Johnson-scored “Snakes”) Plus, the mind boggles at all the 80’s toy/blockbuster trilogy video games that are sure to follow: Transformer Lord of the Rings; Rubix Back to the Future; Cabbage Patch Alien–the possibilities are endless!

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