If You Made Bob Rock’s Kids Cry, Shame On You

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Producer Bob Rock recently told Reuters that he feels “20 years younger” after his split with METALLICA, whose albums he had produced since 1991.

The Canadian producer parted company with the metal titan earlier this year and is now devoting his energies to other artists and a return to his own recording career.

According to the 52-year-old Rock, “My life is now about my wife and kids, and recording other bands.”

Rock first teamed with METALLICA for its self-titled 1991 album (aka “The Black Album”). The Elektra set debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and stayed on the chart for 281 weeks. Rock helmed METALLICA’s subsequent albums, through 2003’s “St. Anger”.

A behind-the-scenes look at that tumultuous project was featured in the following year’s unflinching documentary “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster”. A petition that some 1,500 fans signed subsequently was posted online calling for METALLICA to dump Rock, claiming he had too much influence on the band’s sound.

“The criticism was hurtful for my kids, who read it and don’t understand the circumstances,” Rock says. “Sometimes, even with a great coach, a team keeps losing. You have to get new blood in there.”

3 thoughts on “If You Made Bob Rock’s Kids Cry, Shame On You”

  1. “Sometimes, even with a great coach, a team keeps losing. You have to get new blood in there.” — wait, did he just admit to running Metallica into nu-metal oblivion?

  2. Hey Bob Great to hear you are o.k without metallica and feeling 20 years younger .When I met you at the power station in Auckland New Zealand after watching shihad perform ,you splitting as metallicas producer was only talk.I also met your daughter A.J. I think your both sweet , a real buzz meeting you both as well as that Megadeth fella.you asked me if you could record me as a vocalist after you heard me singing Metalica songs for my bro as I did right in front of ya not knowing who you where and I looked at you guys and I said what the fuck you looking at. I just wannna let you know I said no because of my family and the fact you where at the time still metallicas producer .so if you asked me now to do some vocals for you I would say Yes! .Rock hard Bob!

  3. You were duped by losers obviously, Bob Rock’s never been to New Zealand. That skank is still trying to say “it” is his daughter….

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