For The Wire Set

About two years ago, I fell deeply in love with The Wire. You can’t even describe it in words. Sordid twists on corruption, taciturn civil servants and then…that drug experiment with all those drugs. So, why not start a whole blog dedicated to understanding it. Well, someone already beat me to the punch. Behold….the Heaven and Here blog. (you’ll recognize some contributors including the editor of world-class b-ball blog… Free Darko.)

Oh, and some accompaniment music – “JSBX: Do You Wanna Get It (mp3)”

2 thoughts on “For The Wire Set”

  1. here’s a season 5 spoiler for you. “The Wire” has provided us with a multi-perspective look at a number of Baltimore institutions….the police, the drug trade, the docks, city hall, public schools….what’s left?

    It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Season 5 : The Vermin Scum Records Revival.

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