Admissions On Our Emissions

In the history of rock ‘n roll, one has to look no further than Stevie Ray Vaughn and Bill Graham to know that helicopters and rock concerts make dubious bed fellows. Thusly, when we conceived this audacious contest on Stereogum we thought the flack we’d take would be centered upon subjecting innocent, fun-loving Yo La Tengo fans to the perils of propellers and physics.

But, we were quite mistaken. Some folks have pointed out that this contest is potentially harmful to the environment – something that both us and the band are particularly sensitive too. We have done some research and in fact, this flight will emit about 26 lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere.

In light of this, we have worked with Adam Stein and his good people at Terrapass to secure a $9.99 Puddle Jumper pass which is good for 2,500 lbs of CO2 emissions – leaving us enough room to get Yo La Tengo’s tour bus from here to Chicago. Proof of purchase is below. Thank you for keeping us on our toes!
Terra Pass Invoice

2 thoughts on “Admissions On Our Emissions”

  1. man, the next contest should involve a huge yacht. go whaling! that’s what i would do. or them “go-fast boats” from miami vice. i thought those were just called speed boats, but i learned that i was wrong from that movie. and that the best mojitos come from cuba, and that the word “mojito” should be said in as gruff a voice as possible at all times. so yeah, the next contest should involve having mojitos while whaling with, oh, i dunno, cat power, on go-fast boats. yes.

  2. Y’know, one time way back when when I worked at a large bank that shall not be named (but rhymes with Shank of Flamerica), we had this party at Chelsea Piers that culminated in a pre-thunderstorm ride on the Hudson in one of those Miami Vice boats. I got soaked. Literally. With Hudson River water and then NYC storm water, neither of which are particularly pleasant.

    So, in conclusion, I can’t speak for the rest of the Matador staff, but I’m sure we’d like to keep our promo budget soaked, instead of our fans.

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