Dean Expelled

New Times, indeed. Best wishes to Robert Christgau, who today joined the ranks of the unemployed.

In an unrelated note, there’s no truth to the rumor that all future Matablog postings will be handled out of an office in Phoenix that will also be responsible for label blog content from 5 or 6 other mid-size indies looking to cut costs. We thought about it for a few days but apparently we’ll save a lot of money by purchasing fewer ads in regional arts weeklies.

3 thoughts on “Dean Expelled”

  1. Bummer. I really like Christgau, even that podcast he was doing for a while. He really has no stylistic bias (except for maybe loving all African music).

  2. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say there was no stylistic bias. At the same time, Bob’s crucial role in breaking some of the last century’s most pioneering bands (the Reducers, Moe Bandy) cannot go unrecognized.

    In all seriousness, while I think he’s missed more boats than Bob Timberlake missed field goals, Xgau’s POV is his own and unfettered by trend, advertiser pressure or what not. With all due respect to the Voice’s current music scmoe, Rob Harvilla, taking an original, signature voice like the Dean’s out of the mix is a sad statement both for that publication and the state of print media in general.

  3. Actually, it only SEEMED like Xgau dug all African music. When I started to get into certain West African things, you’d see his taste was just as nutty there, but also just as perceptive IF he was sympathetic.

    Funniest quirk: being WAY into “married” music, not that Yo La doesn’t deserve the love, or SY (tho’ I can’t listen to ’em anymore except to admit they are still good and no, I’m NOT waiting for Lee solo song record like maybe we I woulda back in ’90), Jon Langford… And also criticizing 30+ writers who aren’t married. You make yr choices, each has +/-, a really silly hat to hang criticism on.

    Biggest holes: many, but he blew off Nas “Illmatic” which is insane, even tho’ he was otherwise sympathetic to hip-hop. I dare anyone reading this listen to “N.Y. State of Mind” and not realize– even now– you’re listening to something epochal.

    All that said, and an arrogant streak aside, Xgau TRIED and his range, if not his execution, was as good as it gets, albeit in a field not crowded with talent.

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