3 thoughts on “This Will Only Take A Moment”

  1. i hope the second moment brings some god damned chavez t-shirts! those fuckers are out of print too.

  2. “The Chavez…the men of Chavez…”

    I got to see ’em perform once, at the Crocodile Cafe, probably 10 years ago now. Their loudness made me grin an embarrassing grin. The gig was probably during a Ride the Fader tour. I was still obsessively listening to Gone Glimmering and a related EP at that point. Side 1 of Gone Glimmering felt like a song of its own, it was magnificent. I would crank that thing on a huge cabinet turntalbe stereo, with the platter sunk below a sliding wood door. The needle was old and rotten…I savaged that 12″ with repeated drunken playing, ah well…

  3. November 15, 2005? What’s with the backdating? Is this a memo about a missed moment that was, itself, missed? This shit’s getting way to po-mo for me.

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