Noise Noise Noise

When Lucy told us who was supporting Matmos (with Zeena Parkins) at their upcoming London show, I got so giddy that she and Mike could only gaze at me, horrified, as I drooled between exhortations of excitement. As Matador UK’s resident noise enthusiast, the news that Russell Haswell and Florian Hecker will be putting the digital smackdown on a pre-Matmos audience is as good as it gets.

Both mainstays of the now partly defunct other ‘best record label beginning with M’, Mego, Haswell and Hecker have been pushing the envelope for quite some time now. Russell Haswell, A&R for Mego, curated the Easy To Swallow club nights for All Tomorrow’s Parties, bringing together people like Mark Stewart, Whitehouse, Autechre, Robert Hood, Earth, Aphex Twin etc for nights of uneasy dancing, and has recorded as Satanstornade with Masami Akita (Merzbow), which resulted in the best album cover ever. His ‘Live Salvage‘ album on Mego is incredible. Florian Hecker (above), along with Yasonao Tone performed one of the most intensely visceral noise shows that I’ve ever witnessed. His masterpiece, ‘Sun Pandamonium‘ is utterly, utterly terrifying. The centrepiece, ‘Stocha Acid Zlook’ sounds like pterodactyls swooping above you, with screaming victims in their mouths, occasionally getting close enough to draw blood from your ears. I am not mad, that’s exactly what it sounds like. Hecker and Haswell have recorded together once – on the ‘Revision‘ 12″. ‘Harrowing’ is how I’d describe it.

Basically, I’m as excited as it’s possible to be without bursting.

4 thoughts on “Noise Noise Noise”

  1. “‘other ‘best record label beginning with M’”

    hmmm. Very well, Mr. Gilmore. Seven Mary Three fans across the globe are greatly offended.

  2. I regret nothing. Even as we speak, Morr Music employees and fans are consolidating their stern-letter-of-complaint-writing power.

  3. ok, now you\’ve done it. The Ghost Of Doug Moody just left a profane message on my answering machine.

    I don\’t know what you\’ve got planned for Alma Road, but if the Broadway office has to turn the hoses on the protesters, so be it.

  4. Oh man, enjoy this. I saw Russell Haswell and Kevin Drumm open for Autechre a few years back in Chicago, and it was mind-wrenchingly awesome.

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