Here’s a question: does Matablog replace the Matador BB?

And if not, why not? I mean, even if you don’t have blog posting privileges (which presumably you regular posters could apply for), you can always make comments to blog posts. And none of you are.

So… what’s the difference? What’s the value to Matador the label, and its artists, to maintain a lightly moderated BB and a heavily (or at least more) moderated blog on the same site? What purposes do each serve? Please respond (and your response will not be edited, I promise.)

Eagerly awaiting answers and participation, eagerly promoting (we don’t hide beind “coolness” here) current albums from Matmos, Mission Of Burma, Brightblack Morning Lght, and upcoming new releases from Jennifer O’Connor on Aug 22, Yo La Tengo on Sep 12, Chavez comp on Oct 10, and Pavement Wowee Deluxe in November… let’s see some action guys. Or why are we here? What purpose does the BB serve? What purpose does the matablog serve? I wanna see reponses from tinobeat, bitterfuit, Lukas, Maximo, vesper, 9000, Mr. HCI and all the regular BB posters. Is the blog too “corporate” and “controlled” for you? How about some comments at least???


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  1. Hey Patrick.

    I think there’s a fundamental difference between “board” people and “blog” people – the two things serve completely different sets of users and readers.

    I know personally – being a “blog” person – I’m enjoying the matablog a whole lot more then the BB. I also wouldn’t worry too much about not having a huge amount of comments – they’ll come in time when the blog is more established, and they’ll come from new people; not existing mataboard posters.

    So no – the blog doesn’t replace he board, it complements it nicely.

  2. well, I’d reply, but apparently there are seven or so posters whose responses are more desired.
    (–johansen smith)

  3. I think the blog is a great idea. It’s a convenient outlet for editorializing by Matador employees without a lot of extra set-up (not having to make a whole web page or press release just to say a few quick words about something, for instance), and once the posts start to add up (as well as the incoming links, most importantly), you’ll start to get a lot of search engine hits and some very useful traffic for the label– a LOT more traffic, numbers-wise, than the message board will ever provide.

    I wouldn’t worry about the comments– people go to message boards for conversations, and to blogs for a quick read. You might get hundreds of visitors in a day, many who’ll view multiple pages even, but none will leave a comment. It doesn’t mean they don’t like what they’re reading.

    Even though the blog is attached to an established web site, it’ll still take some time for the blog’s traffic to build. It doesn’t happen in a month or two. Maybe in 6 months or so, especially if you get a few dozen other blogs linking to Matablog (not just the six or seven links that you have now), you’ll start seeing some serious traffic from the non-indoctrinated members of the general public (i.e., people who don’t already hang out on the Matador message board every day).

    I’ve heard that getting linked to by Deadspin can boost your traffic by a thousand or more just in one day, but I wouldn’t know.

  4. I’m lazy. You should link the sign-up for rmbb to sign-up for matablog — one login and password gets you in both.

    Also, I’d never posted comments on a blog before — seems a little like yelling at your newspaper.

  5. I’d say that the blog shouldn’t replace the board’s group collab functionality. Not everyone will feel comfortable posting on something that’s so prominent especially for quick questions that don’t deserve a post.

    I think for now you may consider linking to blog posts on the board like you have with this post. I’m not in the mindset yet of checking the blog regularly though I already subscribe to the feed.

    You may also consider implementing Feedburner’s email subscription service for the art school kids who think RSS is a supergroup.

  6. Fuck patrick, who cares. reading is reading. blogs are a little, well, punk planet, i guess. involved. small font. politicized. i just want some information…what’s up with wowee zowee? you asked me to ask, I’ve heard of 20 extra album covers, but not much else. Also, will Matador be releasing the new SMalkmus 12″?

  7. the matablog shouldn’t replace the mbb. in addition to showcasing the label and its artists, the mbb fosters an indispensible sense of community amongst fans and online weirdos. while the mbb provides a forum for efficient and structured conversations about everything and nothing–which, admitedly, can be less than entirely matador-specific at times–it also builds an significant amount of intangible goodwill for the label and its acts. odds are most everyone posting on the mbb is buying your records, recommending them to friends, talking up matador acts on blogs, etc. while the impact may not seem apparent at times, i’ve got to imagine it’s there in a smallish big way

    i see the matablog complementing, not replacing, the mbb. while i guess it would be cool for regulars to get posting rights, i’m guessing the matablog will serve more as vehicle to spread matador news and happenings in a more timely fashion, and of course, get out the irreverent haha type stuff that helps us all fill the idle time in our lives. this too is a good for building up a relationship with your record buying public, but i don’t think it’s as simple and two-way as the mbb.

  8. gerard posts a lot more funny shit here than the bb. and if lombardi is gonna keep writing about plastic dolls with a hard on from fancy hotels around the world…well i never saw that on the bb.

    wowwee zowie deluxe???? how could it get any more deluxe than it already is??? 20 minute flux = rad extended jam? hopefully.

  9. I think the two could work great hand-in-hand. What I think MataBlog would replace is the sticky posts on the board, as announcements seem like they’re more appropriate here. Though they could simply be mirrored between the two venues.

    In any case, I’ve had fun reading the blog, but I don’t see the coments sections of each blog post replacing the MBB, which is fantastic.

  10. also, I think its important that the blog maintains its sort of “from the desk of Matador + friends” vibe, with random postings about stereo stuff, movies, culture, etc. interspersed with official Matador release and tour news. If the blog turned into some sort of Matador-content only thing, it would simply be replacing the News page.

    As such, though, its great. I don’t think its “controlled” because its not a forum as much as a Matador diary.

  11. First of all I don’t think that the absence of comments is unique to here – look at any of the well-established music related blogs around and the number of comments left is small in comparison to the (presumably) much greater volume of visitors.

    Sure, the same could be said of the mbb, but I think you nail the difference between the two yourself on the homepage – it’s news and views in comparison to community. There’s no reason the two can’t exist side by side. The blog is great for all the reasons the other replies have mentioned. It’s exclusive to some degree – the tone will be one-sided, not sure that extending posting privileges to a wider no of individuals will alter that. But maybe it should be that way – keeps it focussed on the news element. The mbb on the other hand is inclusive, has a democratic feel, and is more conducive to debate, opinion and feedback.
    Keep ’em both alive.

  12. I typed up a thoughtful reply but it seems to have vanished. Maybe the spam trap ate it. Anyhow, don’t replace the board with the blog. Group collab is much more efficient on the board. I don’t think too many people would feel comfortable posting on the blog.

  13. I don’t know. I’ve grown up on the board, and I’d be sad to see it go someday. But then again, are blogs the new BB/forum for anything, y’know? With rapid commenting on each post like the blogger is the thread starter, it could eventually take it over like it will kill out physical newspapers in a generation or so.

  14. I don’t have much to add that 9000, Tinobeat, Fiona, and Bitterfruit haven’t already put out there, but I wil say that I never imagined posting on the Matablog. It seems to be a spot exclusive to the Matador & Beggars staff, which I’m fine with and which I’m not sure I would want any other way. But for the sake of debate, let’s say that it does, and is it a proper surrogate for the Mataboard? No, simply because of the level of formality that each assumes. Like Fiona said, the Mbb has a democratic feel with more of an opportunity for immediate debate. Here, for example, I feel obligated to type with capital letters. Maybe that’s a good thing. Regardless, it is different. Plus, as for maintaining discussion, good blog talk happens across blogs, not within one. In short, I’m not sure that you’ll get better or more discussion through a blog.

    All of which, I guess, brings us to this question of ‘purpose’ and ‘value’ that underpins your post, Patrick. As for ‘purpose’, I tend to agree with the others that the blog is good for news, but I also add that it is a good place for the staff to have more of a personality. Maybe that sounds stupid, but I love seeing who is behind the boards, not just on them. The board, as I kinda hinted at above, is good for immediacy. ‘Value’ is a harder one to answer since I think it is pretty obvious what the ‘value’ of the BB is for us, the posters. Simultaneously, I suppose that the Matastaff is constantly asking what good that ‘value’ is for them (hence the big question mark over whether or not the board will go on every couple months), but along with that I’m not sure what kind of answer could possibly satisfy the question. I think that 9000’s answer is the only way to really bridge the gap between the value we get out of the board on a daily schedule and the value you want in a more long-term sense. One way or another, I don’t think that changing the medium ever so slightly will really change the results.

  15. Why wouldn’t you have the BB and the blog? As David Emery pointed out, they really do serve different purposes. I see the blog as the label’s voice and the BB as that of the fans/patrons. I truly enjoy both.

  16. I also enjoy both but i think the blog definitely adds something to the Matador site. I wanna see photos of the Matador staff (preferably cute chicks), read funny stories and BE A PART of the Matador’s everyday life.

    Oh, and btw, i registered to the BB and my messages never got idea what happened. Do they have to get approved by the Matador staff?

    That’s it. Mogwai rocks.

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