This Is What Happens When You Trust The Travelocity Gnome

Your correspondent/despondent from the Paris desk is staying at the Hotel Amore, a wink-wink poke at the popular, ‘tho more seedy shag shacks in nearby Pigalle. This is the first boutique hotel in Paris to offer 2 hour stays. The staff looked pretty smokin’, but in a “I’ve been used and abused by Terry Richardson, but I’m 18 and I like it” kinda way. Which even for a jaded traveler like myself, is unnerving.

The Larry Clark skate deck by the bed might come in handy for stripping the shelves of the menacing toys that are staring at me, including 3 Andy Warhol figurines, a Star Wars warrior, lots of Daft Punk-style bears and a bunch of 18-inch tall Mickey Mice with enormous errections…plus assorted Ian Drury and Tubes albums and a lot of hot cock photos.

One thought on “This Is What Happens When You Trust The Travelocity Gnome”

  1. great. i had to read that as i am TRYING, desperately, to sleep in a hotel in oslo. now i have to be not only hot, but bothered that i don’t have any erect mice staring me down in the glow of my computer. dude…send me a link to an erect mice site. soon.

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