There’s a new record store in town…

…and you need to go there.

COOL AND CRAZY on 72 Manhattan Avenue in Brooklyn, open Tuesday-Saturday 2pm-8pm. Phone 718 388 1180. This is the ‘other side’ of Manhattan Avenue btw, cross street is McKibben. Close subways would be the Montrose L and the Broadway G.

This fabulous and very friendly store is run by a certain Tim Warren, who to most of us is basically responsible for the early-mid 80’s garage rock explosion. He launched his first and absolutely monumental Back From The Grave compilation, and thus Crypt Records, in 1983 and hasn’t looked back since. For all your 50’s rhythm’n’blues, 60’s garage punk and everything those things are related to backwards and forwards in time this will be your new holy shrine. Even if you disagree with Tim’s assertion that “Roger The Engineer” is a fusion album, you need to make a pit stop here for the groundbreaking and attitude-filled recorded history that preceeded such things as ‘psychedelia’ – Tim will give you anecdotes and music history lessons too. He’s collected this stuff since the punk rock days and is the de facto authority in this field and he still is as excited and enthusiastic about this music and its culture as he ever was — no small feat if you ask a jaded guy like me!

On my first visit this past Saturday afternoon I picked up the following tasty items, titles I have been unable to find at shops such as Kim’s or Other Music…:

v/a – Downtown Rockin’ at the Striptease Club 500 LP (B-Sharp!) – unusual to come across a new comp of 1960’s rhythm’n’blues these days that doesn’t have half songs you already know, even harder to happen across a comp that’s 100% great too. While Lefty Dizz’s INSANE “We’re Gonna Boogie” is easily worth the ticket by itself, this LP has 14 solid moves.

v/a – Goomba Party – Broken English Jive 1907-1989 (Mangia) – genius comp of Italian American stereotype hilarity from Isabella Patricola’s “Me No Speaka Good English” to the insane ‘rap’ stylings by Bobby Braciola.

I also picked up the vinyl version of Reverend Charlie Jackson’s “God’s Got It” which Crypt released not too long ago. I picked it up because I still can’t get enough of the CD (Casequarter, 2003) but the fact that the vinyl version has been expertly remastered sealed the deal.

Support the scene, make the trek… YOU, dear reader, will gain from it.

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