Arthur Layeth The Smack Down

The new issue of Arthur is pluggity plug plugged once already in the latest edition of the Matador news update. And at the risk of being an outta control shill for these people (a condition I’ll no doubt snap out of if they ever do another Polyphonic Spree cover – wtf!), for the second time in 24 hours, I encourage you to grab their latest edition. If the exhaustive cover story on Brightblack Morning Light wasn’t enticement, enough, Jay Babcock’s interview with Godsmack vocalist/head doofus Sully Erna is an all-time classic.

I’ll not give much more away (especially since it’s been online for two months, sheesh) but suffice to say Babcock finds something or other questionable about Godsmack allowing their ferociously awful music to be used in military recruitment campaigns. Though there’s nothing surprising about these lunkheads taking money to lead their hapless fans off to slaughter (or conversely, getting paid while their fans are doing the killing), Babcock tries to give Erna the opportunity to explain himself. I just wish they had the whole thing on video.

2 thoughts on “Arthur Layeth The Smack Down”

  1. hey you now what? fuck you …thats all I can say to you because first of all Godsmack has great music and if you dont like you can listen your fucked-up country music, and second, what do you care what kind of music is used for recruitment of soldiers, and even if Sully is supporting the war in Iraq he has a right to…and third of all, I think that Bush is doing nothing but the best for your country(which I am not a part of)…what would you do if your family was killed during the 11.9 huh?…

  2. WTF?!?!?!?!
    Godsmack has nothing to do with the military! They are extremely talented musicians who just want to make their music and live like the rest of us! Sully has a life, a band, a family, and many other commitments. He doesn’t need to roam the country and try to stop people from joining the military so that we get blown up by some terrorist! First you crackheads start bashing the government for doing their job and keeping you safe, and then you start bashing innocent musicians for not stopping the government! What’s next? Are you going to start bashing us fans for listening to a band that isn’t stopping the war? Why not go ahead and yell at the family pet too!

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