Heavy Jams

Insane Kraftwerk radio performance from Bremen 1971. The band featured the merry men from Neu! at that particular event so yes, indeed, you need to investigate this.
Hat Tip: Brian Turner/WFMU

On a more contemporary level, a truly great live show from Finland’s finest, Circle (well, never forget the mighty Hurriganes, of course, or, er, The Rutto, for that matter), from their triumphant 2006 US tour.
Hat Tip: No Quarter

Paging Stuart Murdoch!

In the snail mail days, this would’ve made the Matador Wall Of Shame, easy.


We are currently looking for 6 artists to write 6 songs over the course of the next six months with Nikki Sixx from Mötley Crüe.  We are looking for songs to be written that can go from rock to alt to pop.

Please contact Jason Spies with questions and or artist submissions: JasonS@10thst.com; 212-334-3160


Sam Alpert
10th Street Entertainment/Eleven Seven Music
568 Broadway, Suite 608
New York, NY 10012
p: (212) 334-3160 ext. 107
f:  (212) 334-3285

Motley Crue* Meat Loaf* Blondie* Yes* Everclear* The New Cars* Hanson* Buckcherry* Marion Raven* Jonny Lives* Exies*

Retreat Hell, I Just Got Here. Sometimes, You’ve Gotta Kill The Good Vibes

Matt Ashare of the Boston Phoenix, on TV On The Radio recent appearance at a free Boston gig supporting the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

TV on the Radio had to go and ruin the good vibes by ending their set with a salvo against the Marines, who had signed on as one of the event’s sponsors. Now this is no place for a political rant, but it’s worth noting — no, it’s crucial to understand, lest we fully repeat the mistakes of Viet Nam — that the Marines, Army reserves, and Navy and Air Force pilots currently fighting George Bush’s wars in the Middle East are doing just that, carrying out plans handed down by their commander in chief and doing their best not to get the asses blown to hell in the process. Soldiers take orders: they don’t make policy. To blame them for the mess in Iraq is to tacitly let the bureaucrats and politicians really responsible for the debacle off the hook.

I wasn’t at the gig, so I’ll have to take Ashare’s word about the rant in question. But differentiating between George W. and the rank & file doesn’t address the issue of whether or not TVOR — or any band with a conscience, brain or guts — should be a-ok with a military recruiting presence at their show. If the Phoenix has no problem with it, that’s their decision to make, but if the band wanted to disassociate themselves from the sponsor, I’m not unsympathetic.

It should also be mentioned there’s a sure-fire way to avoid carrying out the plans of the Commander In Chief and not get your ass blown to hell in the process : don’t join the military.

More Fun from the World of Music Journalism

Those bastions of corporate journalistic integrity – that’s right, MTV News (a division of Viacom, Inc.) – are reporting the following hilariousness involving the new Mastodon album:

There’s a certain English journalist that Mastodon’s drummer, Bränn Dailor (above), would love to meet. But there’d be no handshake between the two men, given the Brit is the one behind the online leak of the Atlanta metallers’ forthcoming album, Blood Mountain, last week.

“Hopefully one day, he’ll introduce himself,” Dailor joked about the journalist, who claimed he was one of the band’s biggest fans. “[Our record label] traced it back to the guy who did it, and he got fired from wherever he was working. It’s just so stupid. And it’s such a sh—y copy. It sounds like sh–. I’m not concerned with record sales, because I think that if anyone’s looking for it online to download it and listen to it, when it comes out [on September 12], they’ll buy it anyways. They’re fans.

“My problem is, I can equate it to when I was 11 years old,” he continued, relaying a story about discovering his Christmas presents in his mother’s closet a month before the holiday. “I wrapped it all back up, and then Christmas came, and I went downstairs, and I knew everything I was going to get. And that sucked. It totally ruined the whole thing. Up until then, I had never done that before and I was always really excited to wake up and open that first present. But that wasn’t awesome, and I never did it again.

“When I was a kid, you had to wait for that Iron Maiden record,” he recalled. “The whole thing was, this is the day it comes out, and you cannot have it before that day. But these days, with the Internet, everything just leaks. I urge people not to download it if they see it there, but I understand if they do. I want people to be excited for it and to hear it for the first time and hear it the way it was supposed to be heard.”

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing the new Mastodon, as are a lot of people, but I can wait. Though if it is anything like the Christmas Day when my mom got me the G.I. Joe USS Flagg Aircraft Carrier and the damn thing was missing half the parts, I can wait.

Furthermore, the MTV.com story has this hilarious tidbit about their recent video shoot:

Mastodon traveled 1,000 feet below the ground to complete the video inside Ruby Falls, and when it begins airing next month, expect to see lots of yetis, sasquatch and Dailor banging away on his drum kit under a 100-foot-tall, blood-red waterfall. Rej even shot footage atop Atlanta’s Stone Mountain, with “a bunch of people in crazy yeti costumes and sh–,” Dailor said. “We’ve cornered the market on the sasquatch and the yeti. No other band can use it.”

Defunct yet totally awesome mid-1990s NYC band Ruby Falls and super-great Yeti publisher Mike McGonigal were unavailable for comment.

Season Pass, Beat Your Ass, Give Us Your Cash, Etc.

The Beat Your Ass Season Pass

(photograph by Michael Lavine)
Matador is providing exclusive bonus material along with pre-orders of Yo La Tengo’s upcoming ‘I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass’ (ole-692).

When you pre-order the album from a participating retailer’s web site, you’ll receive a follow up email with directions for accessing the Season Pass web site via a unique coupon code. Every few weeks, the site will be updated with exclusive bonus material including:

– A player streaming the full album
– A digital booklet with album artwork, photos, liner notes and YLT
– Exclusive mp3s available only to Season Pass members
– Advance notice on all ticket sales for the fall tour.
The full scoop can be found here.

In an unrelated story, Yo La Tengo’s upcoming Asbury Park show at the Stone Pony (9/25)…is no longer upcoming. I cannot stress strongly enough that this cancellation has nothing to do with the alleged feud between James McNew and Southside Johnny, much of which was blown way out of proportion by the irresponsible rock press. The whole thing is water under the bridge, and we’re hopeful that someday, someway, Johnny will invite Yo La Tengo to appear on his IFC chat show. I’ve not actually seen the program, but friends at the label have nothing but good things to say about it.

A Particularly Useless Exercise In Nostalgia

Pundit/comedian/professional douchebag Dennis Miller has landed a new gig with Fox News. For the San Francisco Chronicle’s Mark Morford, “the transmutation is complete”.

Something happened to the once-brilliant Dennis Miller. It started about a decade ago and has since turned the man from one of the funniest and smartest and most intellectually wry observers of culture and political attitude in the country (no one could weave an obscure literary sub-reference into a long joke about, say, the senior prom like Miller) into some sort of warped war-supporting Bush-loving right-wing sycophant.

I have heard bits of his rants in the past few years. There is no joy left in his perspective. There is no sparkle of lightness or pleasure in his eye. It is only dryness and lashing out and death. He used to be the smart-ass cousin of Bill Hicks and Lenny Bruce. But now you hear him and you can’t help but think: Something hard and sharp and ugly has eaten him alive. Miller claims it was 9/11 that changed him. True enough. He appears to have sacrificed his once-nimble mind and forsaken all perspective to drink the Kool-Aid of the Dark Side, and has become a full-blown Republican. And it’s a sad thing indeed.

Political sensibilities aside, this is sort of like harkening back to the days when the Goo Goo Dolls were good. Or recalling the times when Dr. Harold Shipman was fun to hang around with. I’m sorry, Mark. Dennis Miller has always been smug, unfunny and throughly deserving of being shoved down a flight of stairs. He didn’t start sucking after 9/11, he was doing it before he was born.

That said, if nothing else, Jay Mohr’s career path should be clear from this point onwards ; 2010 – delivering copies of the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Coincidently, said paper’s weekend edition features an interview with Lou Gramm of Foreigner. If anyone would like to discuss a long-ago and far-away era in which Foreigner were as brilliant as Dennis Miller, please, take it up with this man.

Here’s a question: does Matablog replace the Matador BB?

And if not, why not? I mean, even if you don’t have blog posting privileges (which presumably you regular posters could apply for), you can always make comments to blog posts. And none of you are.

So… what’s the difference? What’s the value to Matador the label, and its artists, to maintain a lightly moderated BB and a heavily (or at least more) moderated blog on the same site? What purposes do each serve? Please respond (and your response will not be edited, I promise.)

Eagerly awaiting answers and participation, eagerly promoting (we don’t hide beind “coolness” here) current albums from Matmos, Mission Of Burma, Brightblack Morning Lght, and upcoming new releases from Jennifer O’Connor on Aug 22, Yo La Tengo on Sep 12, Chavez comp on Oct 10, and Pavement Wowee Deluxe in November… let’s see some action guys. Or why are we here? What purpose does the BB serve? What purpose does the matablog serve? I wanna see reponses from tinobeat, bitterfuit, Lukas, Maximo, vesper, 9000, Mr. HCI and all the regular BB posters. Is the blog too “corporate” and “controlled” for you? How about some comments at least???


Takin’ It to the Streets: Pretty Girls Make Graves on Tour

Much like another of my favorite bands, the Doobie Brothers* (except with no Rerun bootlegging the show), Pretty Girls Make Graves are takin’ it to the streets this Fall all over these United States, with She Wants Revenge, Monsters Are Waiting, A Gun Called and many others soon to be announced. And not to be outdone in the grand ol’ U.S. of three-hours-to-board-a-plane-with-no-water A., PGMG fans in Mexico can also catch them rock at the beggining of September:

Saturday, Sept. 2: Mexico City, MX – Toreo Cuatro Caminos

Sunday, Oct. 29: Milwaukee, WI – Mad Planet w/ A Gun Called Tension
Monday, Oct. 30: Minneapolis, MN – Triple Rock w/ A Gun Called Tension
Tuesday, Oct. 31: Tulsa, OK – Cain’s Ballroom w/ She Wants Revenge
Wednesday, Nov. 1: Des Moines, IA – Val Air Ballroom w/ She Wants Revenge
Thursday, Nov. 2: DAY OFF
Friday, Nov. 3: Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle w/ A Gun Called Tension
Saturday, Nov. 4: Toronto, ON – El Mocambo w/ A Gun Called Tension
Sunday, Nov. 5: Montreal, QC – Club Lambi w/ A Gun Called Tension
Monday, Nov. 6: DAY OFF
Tuesday, Nov. 7: Brooklyn, NY – Northsix w/ A Gun Called Tension
Wednesday, Nov. 8: Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church
Thursday, Nov. 9: Washington, D.C. – 9:30 Club w/ She Wants Revenge and Monsters Are Waiting
Friday, Nov. 10: Charlottesville, VA – Satellite Ballroom w/ She Wants Revenge and Monsters Are Waiting
Saturday, Nov. 11: North Myrtle Beach, S.C. – House of Blues w/ She Wants Revenge and Monsters Are Waiting
Monday, Nov. 13: Orlando, FL – The Club At Firestone w/ She Wants Revenge and Monsters Are Waiting
Tuesday, Nov. 14: Atlanta, GA – Earthlink Live w/ She Wants Revenge and Monsters Are Waiting
Wednesday, Nov. 15: Baton Rouge, LA – Varsity Theater w/ She Wants Revenge and Monsters Are Waiting
Thursday, Nov. 16: Houston, TX – Meridian w/ She Wants Revenge and Monsters Are Waiting
Friday, Nov. 17: Austin, TX – Stubb’s BBQ w/ She Wants Revenge and Monsters Are Waiting
Saturday, Nov. 18: Dallas, TX – Gypsy Ballroom w/ She Wants Revenge and Monsters Are Waiting
Monday, Nov. 20: Tucson, AZ – Rialto Theatre w/ She Wants Revenge and Monsters Are Waiting
Tuesday, Nov. 21: San Diego, CA – House of Blues w/ She Wants Revenge and Monsters Are Waiting
Wednesday, Nov. 22: Anaheim, CA – The Grove of Anaheim w/ She Wants Revenge and Monsters Are Waiting
Saturday, Nov. 25: Las Vegas, NV – House of Blues w/ She Wants Revenge and Monsters Are Waiting

Go see them, they’ll rock your socks (and Jeff “Skunk” Baxter’s moustache) off!

*Discerning music fans of course know that the Doobies were named by none other than the late, great Alexander “Skip” Spence. If you don’t own the complete and utter masterpiece that is his album Oar, well, you should.

UPDATE: Apparently Rog from “What’s Happening” is on MySpace! God bless the internets!

Freedom Isn’t Free…

….and neither is heavy advertising on Comedy Central.

From the AP :

Following the news early Thursday of a terrorist plot to blow up in-flight passenger airplanes, executives at Paramount Pictures considered scaling back advertising for the new Oliver Stone film, “World Trade Center,” which opened nationwide Wednesday.

Ultimately, with executives and other analysts unable to predict how moviegoers, unsettled by the news events, will be affected, the studio decided not to change its in-place marketing plans.

No decision was reached, however, to pull a unfunny-under-any-circumstances Sierra Mist spot from Comedy Central’s late night programming Thursday, that featured Michael Ian Black’s fruity fizzy drink being confiscated by thirsty airport security staff (played by Jim Gaffigan and Kathy Griffin).

Given the current sensitivity to the issue, we might not see that ad nearly as often in the days ahead. That said, PepsiCo has shown a willingness to have some fun with a serious moment in history, so perhaps we can look forward to a series of comedic vingettes about the long-term effects of heavy benzene consumption.

Jennifer O’Connor Record Release Party & Album Presale

This New York-based singer/songwriter attacks relationship troubles with jangly thriftshop guitars and lyrics that cut away the psychological doublespeak that prevents most coffeehouse crooners from actually saying anything. The highlight of O’Connor’s third album is the excellently titled “Bullshit Maze,” a little marvel of straightforwardness. “You’re always asking if it ever gets to be too much for me, ” she sings over a beer-buzzed Nashville shuffle. “Well, yes, it does.”Spin

Jennifer O’Connor, her band & special invited guests will be playing at Joe’s Pub, 425 Lafayette St. NYC, Thursday, August 24. Advance tickets are available now, now, now.

Jennifer’s fantastic new album, ‘Over The Mountain, Across The Valley And Back To The Stars’ (OLE 686-1,2) will be in shows on August 22, but you can preorder it today. The 150 gram vinyl version comes with a coupon for an MP3 download of the entire album.

Readers learning in Western Massachusetts can catch Jennifer supporting Rogue Wave at Northmapton, MA’s lovely Iron Horse on August 18.

“Today” (mp3)
“Exeter, Rhode Island” (mp3)

This Is What Happens When You Trust The Travelocity Gnome

Your correspondent/despondent from the Paris desk is staying at the Hotel Amore, a wink-wink poke at the popular, ‘tho more seedy shag shacks in nearby Pigalle. This is the first boutique hotel in Paris to offer 2 hour stays. The staff looked pretty smokin’, but in a “I’ve been used and abused by Terry Richardson, but I’m 18 and I like it” kinda way. Which even for a jaded traveler like myself, is unnerving.

The Larry Clark skate deck by the bed might come in handy for stripping the shelves of the menacing toys that are staring at me, including 3 Andy Warhol figurines, a Star Wars warrior, lots of Daft Punk-style bears and a bunch of 18-inch tall Mickey Mice with enormous errections…plus assorted Ian Drury and Tubes albums and a lot of hot cock photos.

Cat Power – forthcoming solo dates

Ahem. Though the forthcoming Cat Power & The Memphis Rhythm Band dates are undoubtedly a big deal, Chan Marshall is still a musical magician all by her lonesome.

25 Malibu Performing Arts Center, Malibu, CA – 2 Shows
26 Aladdin Theater, Portland, OR – 2 Shows
27 Richards on Richards, Vancouver, BC – 2 Shows
28 Neumos, Seattle, WA – 2 Shows
29 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA – 2 Shows
31 Brick By Brick, San Diego, CA – 2 Shows

1 Boulder Theatre, Boulder, CO (1 show only)
2 Varsity Theater, Minneapolis, MN – 2 Shows
4 Lee’s Palace, Toronto, ONT – 2 Shows
5 Remis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA – 2 Shows

You Cannot Be Serious!!! – Yo La Tengo Confirmed U.S. Dates

Johnny Mac’s chat show career lasted slightly longer than Magic Johnson’s.  Only the former had the good taste to let Yo La Tengo perform “Today Is The Day” on his program.

Yo La Tengo, coming to a comfortable concert auditorium near you.

9/26 – Washington DC, 9:30 Club
9/28 – Boston, Avalon
9/29 – Jersey City, Loews Theatre
9/30 – Montreal,  La Tulipe
10/2 – Toronto, the Phoenix
10/4 – Ann Arbor, Michigan Theater
10/5 – Chicago, the Vic
10/6 – Milwaukee, the Rave
10/8 – Omaha, Sokol Underground
10/14 – Vancouver, Richard’s on Richards
10/15 – Seattle, Showbox
10/16 – Portland, Crystal Ballroom
10/19 – San Francisco, Fillmore
10/20 – San Francisco, Fillmore
10/21 – San Francisco,  Fillmore
10/23 – Los Angeles, Henry Fonda Theater

“If You Have To Spell It Out For People, It’s Not Really Artwork, Is It?”

Everclear’s Art Alexakis vs. Bill “You Make Me Feel Like A Whore” O’Reilly. (link swiped from Stereogum)

I’m trying to program TiVo to make sure I don’t miss Marcy Playground’s appearance on “The Colbert Report”, but the on-screen menus are way too confusing.