This Weekend At Fun Fun Fun : Iceage, Ted Leo, Majical Cloudz, The New Pornographers, Yo La Tengo

The 9th annual edition of Transmission Entertainment’s ridiculously awesome Fun Fun Fun Fest hits Austin’s Auditorium Shores this weekend, and here’s a breakdown of where and when the far-too-well-represented members of the Matador family will be appearing. NONE ARE CONFLICTING WITH KING DIAMOND (and that’s all that really matters).

Tickets for the entire weekend + FFF Nites aftershows are still available here.

Friday, November 7 – Yellow Stage 7:20 PM
Friday, November 7, Cheer Up Charlie’s (Outdoor) 11:00 PM

Friday, November 7, Mohawk, 12:45 AM

– Friday, November, 7 – Holy Mountain (Indoor)12:30 AM
– Saturday, November, 8 – Black Stage 4:05 PM

– Saturday, November, 8 – Orange Stage 5:55 PM

– Sunday, November 9, Orange Stage – 5:55 PM

John Peel – remembered

Today marks 10 years since the passing of John Peel, a man who opened the BBC radio airwaves for bands and artists outside the remit of the stations “regular” programming and opened the minds of thousands listening at home to sounds they otherwise may have never heard. One of the original BBC Radio 1 DJs, throughout his 5-decade spanning career he never showed no signs of slowing down and his influence on (the good part) of modern music is immeasurable.

As a small tribute to the many Matador bands who recorded a Peel Session over the years, we’ve compiled a selection of some of the session that made it on to YouTube, (many – including The Fall, Wisdom Of Harry and Pretty Girls Make Graves – haven’t) and there’s a full archive of all the Peel sessions over at the BBC Website:

Featuring: Cat Power, Interpol, Yo La Tengo, Pavement, Belle and Sebastian, Sonic Youth, Mogwai, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Solex, Unsane, Arab Strab, Unwound, Guided By Voices, Superchunk, Techno Animal and Boards Of Canada.


Coming December 2 : Yo La Tengo’s ‘Extra Painful’ 2XLP / 2XCD

“Anyone who ever said they liked our older records more than ‘Painful’, I just told them they’re wrong.”
–Ira Kaplan

(“From A Motel Six”, directed by Hal Hartley)

1994 marked a number of huge world events ; OJ Simpson emerged from football retirement to claim the headlines in a most unfortunate manner. John Starks missed somewhere in the range of 300 shots en route to the Houston Rockets defeating the New York Knicks in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. CIA officer Aldrich Ames was charged with spying for the Russians, and figure skating’s Tonya Harding put her own special spin on the phrase “lead pipe cinch”. Still, all of the above incidents are mostly forgotten in history, completely overshadowed by the prior year’s release of Yo La Tengo‘s first album for the Matador label, ‘Painful’, a record Spin’s Rob Sheffield called, “the album that keeps every promise Yo La Tengo ever made, full of ravishing, wraithlink melodies around scruffy guitars that clang around your head like sneakers in the dryer…when a bunch of weird sounds add up to a masterpiece as casually majestic as Painful, well, ‘genius’ isn’t even the word, is it?”

(“Big Day Coming”, directed by Phil Morrison)

On December 2, we’ll be reissuing this important highlight in the Yo La Tengo and Matador catalogs in deluxe double LP and double CD editions, dubbed ‘Extra Painful’, with the contents broken down as follows :


1. Big Day Coming
2. From A Motel 6
3. Double Dare
4. Superstar-Watcher
5. Nowhere Near
6. Sudden Organ
7. A Worrying Thing
8. I Was A Fool Beside You For Too Long
9. The Whole Of The Law
10. Big Day Coming
11. I Heard You Looking

Extra Painful:
1. Nowhere Near (demo)
2. From A Motel 6 (live acoustic)
3. Tunnel Vision (unreleased instrumental demo)
4. Sudden Organ (demo)
5. Smart Window (unreleased Painful session)
6. Big Day Coming (live acoustic)
7. Slow Learner (unreleased demo)
8. Double Dare (demo)
9. A Worrying Thing (demo)
10. I Heard You Looking (live)

Shaker 7″:
A: Shaker
B: For Shame Of Doing Wrong [8-Track Version – the CD single contained a different
version which is on the download coupon]


1. Double LP + 7″ + download coupon with extra tracks
2. Double CD + download coupon with extra tracks
3. Digital release is regular and bonus disc tracks, does NOT include download coupon

bonus tracks

Disc 1: The original ‘Painful’ album (not remastered)
Disc 2: ‘Extra Painful’ – the bonus tracks
7″: “Shaker” / “For Shame Of Doing Wrong” – exact reproduction of the original single
Download coupon: all the album tracks + 15 additional extra bonus tracks

Packaging: Double LP + 7″ (in picture sleeve) with ephemera, photos, reproduction of
original ‘band-aid’ sticker, the first ‘YLT Gazette’ in 14 years, liner notes by the band and semi-trusted advisers.

Disc 1: As on vinyl
Disc 2: As on vinyl
Download coupon: includes the 2 tracks from the “Shaker” 7″ as well as the 15 extra bonus tracks

Preorder the LP or CD editions today from The Matador Store
and enter to win tickets to Yo La Tengo’s 30th Anniversary shows at NYC’s Town Hall plus copies of every currently in-print Yo La Tengo LP.

Yo La Tengo live :

Sam Green & Yo La Tengo “The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller”:
10/29 State Theatre, Portland ME
10/30 Flynn Center, Burlington VT
11/07 Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans LA
11/12 PuSh Festival, Vancouver BC

11/09 Fun Fun Fun Fest, Auditorium Shores, Austin TX

30th Anniversary Shows
12/03 Town Hall, NY NY  w/ Antietam 
12/04 Town Hall, NY NY  w/ The Feelies
12/05 9:30 Club, Washington DC  w/ Lambchop
12/06 Trocadero, Philadelphia PA  w/ Antietam

Yo La Tengo :
– band site

The Little Black Egg Big Band (featuring Georgia Hubley, Ira Kaplan, James McNew) – Live At Hopscotch Download

(photo by PJ Sykes, h/t NYC Taper)

Last Friday,  Georgia Hubley’s Little Black Egg project expanded into a larger improv ensemble at Raleigh, NC’s King’s Barcade, joined by Ira Kaplan, James McNew, Steve Gunn, William Tyler, and featuring prerecorded elements provided by Letha Rodman Melchior.    Melchior, a sound & visual artist with a rich history including but not limited to playing in NYC’s Ruby Falls and numerous works under her own name, has been battling stage IV melanoma the last few years, at considerable financial hardship.

The folks at NYC Taper have made the full performance available with an accompanying donation to Letha’s GiveForward fund ;  full details are here.  The download is only gonna be up for another 5 days, so get moving.

Yo La Tengo : 30th Anniversary Shows This December

(Editor’s Note : the following was posted at on Yo La Tengo’s Facebook page yesterday afternoon.  Though we apologize for being brutally scooped on this sort of news story — the click-bait battle between Facebook and The Matablog is fast shaping up to be this generation’s Post vs. The Daily News  — the important thing is that you’re ready to buy these tickets and cannot possibly accuse us of keeping it a secret.  Mostly the latter, but the former’s a big deal, too – GC)

Hi everybody,
If you’ve been following my daily posts on, you’re probably aware that December 2 marks the 30th anniversary of our first show. We’re throwing ourselves a little commemorative shindig. It starts on the December 3 and 4, at New York’s Town Hall. Sharing the bill with us will be Antietam, just as they did in 1984 at Maxwell’s. The following night we’ll have the Feelies. Glenn Mercer played a song with us that night at Maxwell’s, and Bill Million was the first to record Georgia and me, years before we formed the band.
December 5, the party moves south of the Mason-Dixon line to D.C.’s 9:30 Club with our pals Lambchop on hand to lend some southern gentility to the evening. And then it’s one more show with Antietam, at the Trocadero in Philadelphia on December 6. Hope you can help us celebrate.
Tickets for Town Hall go on sale at noon (eastern time) on Saturday, September 13. Tickets for the 9:30 go on sale at 10 a.m. eastern on Thursday, September 11. And tickets for the Trocadero go on sale at noon eastern on Friday, September 12. Tickets for all shows will be available from Ticketmaster with the usual fees, and also at each venue’s box office with no fee at the 930 and Trocadero, and a $2 fee at Town Hall. Here are the Ticketmaster links:

December 3
December 4
December 5

December 6

Yo La Tengo On KLRU’s “Overheard With Evan Smith”

During a recent visit to Austin, TX while performing the live score to Sam Green’s “The Love Song Of R. Buckminster Fuller”, Yo La Tengo’s Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley visited the studios of KLRU for an extended chat with “Overheard” host Evan Smith.  In terms of prestige, this is considerably more exciting than a booking on the Bethanny Frankel show.  In terms of loud audience participation and distasteful bullying, it ranks somewhere below Wally George’s “Hot Seat”.     You stream the interview here.

Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band (featuring Yo La Tengo) at Glastonbury

Yo La Yoko Tengo Ono Plastic Ono Band
Yoko Yo La Ono Tengo Plastic Ono Band
Ono Tengo Yoko Plastic Ono Yo La Band
Yo Ono La Yoko Plastic Ono, Tengo Band


This Sunday Yoko Ono’s Plastic Ono Band (featuring Yo La Tengo) are performing at Glastonbury festival, the second collaboration between Yo La Tengo and Yoko Ono’s Plastic Ono Band.


The first show took place at New York’s Union Pool last Tuesday (image above) and the next takes place on this Sunday at 6pm on The Park Stage.  People of the UK can watch it in the flesh (wellies recommended), live via the BBC and shortly after we’ll have an online link for those of you living in a country with a better World Cup team (aka – the rest of the world) than England (i.e. – not Spain).

The Yo La Tengo / “Parks & Recreation” Connection Finally Explained

As you might’ve read elsewhere, Yo La Tengo — appearing as the combo Bobby Knight Ranger — are featured in tonight’s season 6 finale of NBC’s “Parks & Recreation”.  Given that many of you know even less about show business than you do fitness, personal hygiene or the importance of getting up before 2 in the afternoon, I’m gonna graciously catalog the various scenarios on how exactly, this TV booking came to be.

1) In 2000, the sleeve to Yo La Tengo’s cover of George McRae’s “You Can Have It All” featured an at-the-time struggling NYC model-slash-actress, Amy Poehler, previously best known for her work on an obscure basic-cable comedy program. Shortly after the release of this chart-topping single, she became a regular cast member on “Saturday Night Live” and has appeared in such Palme d’Or winners as “Deuce Bigelow : Male Gigolo” and “Mr. Woodcock”.

Cynics might say Yo La Tengo inclusion on tonight’s “Parks & Rec” is Ms. Poehler’s way of returning the favor.  And that’s how cynics are, always looking for some shitty reason to diminish any sort of achievement.

2) “Parks & Recreation” co-creator Michael Schurr is one of the founders/main minds behind Fire Joe Morgan.  Yo La Tengo’s name is said to have something or other to do with baseball.  Ask someone who likes sports, we’re a record label.

3) Popular recording artists are frequently asked to appear on television programs  (eg. Roger Miller in “Quincy, M.E.”‘s “On Dying High”, Dave Navarro’s sporadic appearances in “Sons of Anarchy”).

Glad I could clear that up for everyone.


Austin’s KLRU is hosting Yo La Tengo’s Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley TONIGHT on “Overheard” with Evan Smith. Please note that this event is free, but RSVP is required. In the event page here, you can do just that.

Time: 7pm

Map and directions to KLRU here.

The band is in town to perform “The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller” as a collaboration with filmmaker Sam Green. Love song premiered in 2012 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art as part of the San Francisco International Film Festival. This revival will be in Austin for only one night and two performances on April 17th.

Love Song examines Fuller’s remarkable life as a visionary architect, designer, and social critic, most famous for his creation of the geodesic dome. Green draws heavily from the Fuller archive at Stanford, an astonishing collection of notes, letters, blueprints, photographs, films, and ephemera that contains a wonderful record of the utopian thinker and creator’s massive body of work. Yo La Tengo’s eclectic indie rock provides live musical accompaniment to the film and Green’s live narration.”

More information about this event can be found here.

Ticket links: 7PM / 9PM


Reminder: Yo La Tengo Beach Party Tonight! (or tomorrow)

Starting tomorrow Yo La Tengo hit the beach in Australia and New Zealand for 5 shows. Whether or not these actually take place on a beach remains to be seen, but as I write in the drizzle of London, I can only imagine that Australia is all shorts, surfboards and beaches. You guys are so lucky.

03/08/14 Meredith Golden Plains Festival AU
03/09/14 Melbourne Corner Hotel AU
03/11/14 Brisbane The Zoo AU
03/13/14 Sydney Sydney Opera House AU
03/15/14 Wellington Opera House NZ

And remember, you can still get daily updates from Ira, Georgia and James over at the site.

Wednesday Night : Yo La Tengo (Continue) Murdering The Classics On Behalf Of WFMU

In what has become a tradition almost as cherished as declarations the New York Mets are financially solvent, Yo La Tengo will make their annual pilgrimage to WFMU’s Jersey City studios this Wednesday night (February 26, 9pm eastern) for the Evan “Funk” Davies show (co-hosted this week by longtime YLT associate Gaylord Fields). As you’ve probably already guessed, for the the paltry sum of $100, Yo La Tengo will (hopefully) cover a song of your selection, with all funds going to WFMU’s annual Marathon.

You can listen or watch a live video stream at, but be advised that unlike most of the station’s wonderful programing, this show will not be archived for on-demand consumption. You can submit your pledges and song requests here in advance.

Yo La Tengo – 4 Bell House Shows This Weekend, Tickets Just Released

Wits : Game Show (“I Wast Into Their Earlier Stuff”), with Paul F. Tompkins and Yo La Tengo. (video courtesy American Public Media)

Have you ever noticed that sometimes after an enormodome show has long been sold out, at the very last minute, the promoter release a small quantity of premium tickets after it’s been determined, for instance, that Passion Pit don’t need an orchestra pit, or Porno For Pyros are forbidden from using pyro (and in some municipalities, the porno’s off the table, too). Well, in a scenario that has almost nothing to do with the above examples, the Bell House have made a tiny quantity of tickets available this morning for Yo La Tengo‘s 4 (otherwise) sold out shows happening Friday December 13-Monday December 16.

If the elbow-throwing, steel-toed boot climate surrounding the Bell House’s merch booth is not to your liking, we’d like to remind you that Album Of The Year candidate ‘Fade’ is available from the Matador store in a variety of formats, including the recently released double CD version including the ‘Fade Out’, 72 minute bonus disc. There’s also the “Super Kiwi” 7″ and the “Ohm” triple 12″ shower-curtain pack, so if you know anyone who claims this time of year is all about manipulating consumer anxiety, be sure to put in a good word for us.

Yo La Tengo: listen again to their BBC 6music session

Yo La Tengo – posing for their Press Pop photo shoot

Given that James, Georgia and Ira have been on tour for pretty much the entire year since Fade was released back in January, you’d think we might have let up on twisting their arm for promotional opportunities, but with the promise of a good meal after, we persuaded them to record a BBC 6music session for Marc Riley last night.  Playing Ohm around the 46 minute mark, they followed with some chat and two more songs, with renditions of Paddle Forward and I’ll Be Around from the 1:16 mark – listen to all of those here.

Gideon Coe’s 6music show followed where the band had pre-recorded Is The Point Of It, also online now.  Currently on their way back to the US, their final shows of the year take place at The Bell House and are all sold-out.

Coming 12/3 : A Lower-Than-Low Priced Compilation LP Of Matador 2013 Highlights

OK, we missed Black Friday by a few days, but if that means ONE LESS TRAMPLING this holiday shopping season, it was totally worth it.  On December 3, we’re releasing a limited edition, one-time pressing of a $5.99 list LP , ‘It’s Been A Business Doing Pleasure With You‘, featuring 9 songs from (most of) our 2013 releases. In addition to album tracks from Chelsea Light Moving, Majical Cloudz, Body/Head, Lee Ranaldo & The Dust, Iceage and Kurt Vile, there’s a live version of Queens of the Stone Age performing “If I Had A Tail” at the 2013 iTunes Festival (Roundhouse, London),  Savages’ “City’s Full” from last summer’s KEXP session, and Yo La Tengo performing “Before We Run” in those same KEXP studios.

We don’t have any copies for mail order, sadly, but hopefully you’ll find one at your favorite record store after they’re done sweeping up all the broken glass, blood, etc. from Black Friday.  If you prefer, you can order a digital version of the comp. right now at the Matador Store.

Out Today : Yo La Tengo – ‘Fade’ Deluxe Edition 2XCD

Just a reminder (we’ve had a few of those today) that Yo La Tengo’s ‘Fade’  has been reconfigured as a double CD (see above) deluxe edition,  and is in stores today or available direct from the Matador Store.  Here’s the scoop on the contents from a September post.

“Super Kiwi” – (MP3, 192K)

Coming Late November : Yo La Tengo Vinyl Dolls + DVD Set

It occurred to us recently that we’ve not offered nearly enough Yo La Tengo items to the consumer this year, and with the assistance of the good folks at PressPop and Jim Woodring, here’s something a little more ambitious than a tote bag (no offense intended towards producers or buyers of tote bags).  Preorder the following for late November 2013 release here :

Experience the magical collaboration of Yo La Tengo and Jim Woodring.
The three band members, Ira, Georgia and James come to life as 3 original characters in the land of “the Tree!”

Present/past/future, the real/unreal, visible/invisible, sadness/joy……”the Tree” will grow, enveloping all. And the ecstatic creatures that inhabit “the Tree” are the 3 beings blessed by the god of music. The curtain has been raised for Woodring’s mysterious and psychedelic dream land. But the story has just begun……

This product is a set of DVD and 3 soft-vinyl dolls. The DVD contains an original animation (5:20 minutes) of a mind-blowing colorful dream world that centers on “the Tree” and the 3 whimsical characters. It is made by a Japanese production company that specialize in hand-drawn animation: drop. And of course, All NEW music by Yo La Tengo! The 3 colorful soft-vinyl dolls were sculpted by Japanese master sculptor: Tomohiro Yasui. Beautiful packaging design by Jim Woodring with a bonus comic on the back.

Product Details
Soft-vinyl dolls:
prototype by: Tomohiro Yasui
material: soft vinyl
height: Ira 90mm/3.54″, Georgia 90mm/3.54″, James 100mm/3.93″
articulation: neck

length: 5:20
full color
characters and storyboard by: Jim Woodring
music by: Yo La Tengo
animation production by: drop

blister pack:300mm x 300mm
3 soft-vinyl dolls
1 DVD-NTSC / region free(0)

(NOTE : the above set will be available at the merch table during Yo La Tengo’s upcoming European shows, though supplies are limited)

(art by Stephen Hunking)

“Super Kiwi” – (MP3, 192K)

We’d be remiss in failing to remind you that we’ve also got the deluxe 2XCD/digital versions of ‘Fade’ coming on November 19, along with a November 5 7″ of the previously unreleased “Super Kiwi” backed with a cover of The Beach Boys’ “A Day in the Life Of a Tree” (both songs will be on the ‘Fade’ bonus disc). (preorder ‘Fade Deluxe’ here, or the “Super Kiwi” 7″, here)

Yo La Tengo – deluxe ‘Fade’ 2XCD, new 7″ and 3 Brooklyn Dates In December

On November 19, we’ll be issuing a double CD version of Yo La Tengo’s widely hailed ‘Fade’  ; the bonus disc (track listing below) features an amazing array of ‘Fade’ outtakes, extra tracks and alternative versions, plus there’s a download card for the “Stupid Things” (12″ version that preceded the album), plus the “Oriole” b-sides from the recent “Ohm” 12″ triple-pack.  (ADDENDUM : the deluxe edition of ‘Fade’ will also be available on iTunes on November 19).

1. Ohm (live 1) 6:08
2. Two Trains (demo) 5:40
3. Note to Self
4. Move to California (Times New Viking cover)
5. Is That Enough (live at NPR music) 4:21
6. Cornelia and Jane (instrumental) 4:48
7. A Day in the Life of a Tree 3:46
8. Super Kiwi 3:19
9. Stupid Things (EYヨ remix) 5:27
10. I Saw the Light 2:49
11. Stupid Things (instrumental) 12:05
12. Ohm (live 2) 8:58
13. Oriole 5 11:05

(PREORDER ‘Fade : Deluxe Edition’ from The Matador Store)

(sleeve art by Stephen Hunking)

On November 5, we’re issuing  a 7″ of  “Super Kiwi” (recorded during the ‘Fade’ sessions with John McEntire), backed with a cover of the Beach Boys’ “A Day in the Life Of a Tree”.

(PREORDER “Super Kiwi” from The Matador Store)

To wrap up a pretty amazing year, Yo La Tengo will be playing 3 shows at Brooklyn’s Bell House in mid-December.   Tickets go on sale this morning at 10 am eastern for the following dates :

Friday, December 13
Saturday, December 14
Sunday, December 15

Yo La Tengo on WFUV Tonight (9pm EDT)


You might have thought, given the wealth of amazing Yo La Tengo radio sessions that we’ve alerted you to in this space, that the well had finally run dry and there would be no more new radio action from Ira, Georgia and James. You would, as you probably have guessed by now, have been completely wrong. The above video is from a recent session the band did at New York’s WFUV, which can be listened to in its entirety here . New Yorkers with a hankering to listen on their radio dial should tune in to 90.7FM at 9PM EDT tonight.


Yo La Tengo – “Is That Enough” video

Today YLT unveil a companion piece to their animated video for “Ohm”, as “Is That Enough” reveals the complete musical equation behind Georgia, Ira and James’ magic. Stay tuned at the video’s close for a special guest appearance. Yo La Tengo’s new album Fade can be purchased here and the 3×12″ set of “Ohm” (out Aug 13) is available for pre-order here.

Like the “Ohm” clip, “Is That Enough” was directed by Donick Cary, who sat with Pitchfork and discussed the project for a Director’s Cut feature.

Yo La have dates upcoming in support of tFade:

23 Aug – El Plaza Condesa Mexico City, DF, Mexico
25 Aug – Los Angeles, CA – FYF Festival
13 Sept – Ithaca, NY – The State Theater
14 Sept – Hamilton, ON – Supercrawl Festival
15 Sept – Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop
17 Sept – Nelsonville, OH – Stuart’s Opera House
20 Sept – Dekalb, IL – Otto’s
21 Sept – Omaha, NE – The Waiting Room
22 Sept – Byers, CO Riot Fest
31 Oct – November 2 – France, Paris – Pitchfork Festival
03 Nov – France, Nantes – Le Frand Atelier
05 Nov – Germany, Munich – Muffathalle
06 Nov – Czech Republic, Prague – Akrpopolis
07 Nov – Austria, Vienna – Wuk
08 Nov – Croatia, Zagreb – Culture Factory
10 Nov – Germany, Heidelberg – Enjoy Jazz
11 Nov – Germany, Dresden – Hellerau
12 Nov – Germany, Hamburg – Gruenspan
14 Nov – Sweden, Stockholm – Debaser
16 Nov – Finland, Helsinki – Nosturi
18 Nov – Norway, Oslo – Rockefeller
19 Nov – Denmark, Copenhagen – Vega
02 Dec – Belgium, Leuven – Het Depot
04 Dec – UK, Liverpool – East Village Arts Bar
05 Dec – Ireland, Dublin – Vicar Street
07 Dec – UK, Bexhill – De La Warr Pavilion
08 Dec – UK, London – Barbican, Milton Court (Buckminster Fuller show)