Times New Viking To Visit Big Hunks Of America, Small Bits Of Mexico And Canada

(from Listen Missy's Flickr page, used without permission)

7.13.07      grog shop   cleveland, oh
7.27.07     flipside   chicago, il
7.28.07     turf club  minneapolis, mn
7.31.07     the palace  missoula, mt
8.02.07     pub 340  vancouver, bc
8.03.07     ss marie antionette  seattle, wa
8.04.07     eagles lodge  portland, or
8.05.07     fool's foundation  sacramento, ca
8.06.07     off limits  chico, ca
8.07.07     hemlock tavern  san francisco, ca
8.08.07     stork club  oakland, ca
8.11.07     the smell  los angeles, ca
8.14.07     beerland  austin, tx
8.15.07     diverseworks art space  houston, tx

(August 2-15 with Little Claw)

8.17.07     @ tocada    monterrey (with Los Lamarada)
8.18.07     @ 'taladro fest'   ciudad victoria, tamaulipas (with Los Lamarada)

Attn: Austin, TX Humaniods! Big Free Goings-On This Saturday

lodcolourtight.jpg 242753704_8ce4f0c1f4.jpg 

(above : Love Of Diagrams. below : Times New Viking, the latter pic stolen from Partydope)

To commemorate both Love Of Diagrams and Times New Viking visiting the Texas capitol and playing big ticket / big room gigs this Saturday night (with Ted Leo & The Pharmacists and Yo La Tengo respectively), label management has stepped in (cough) and bullied both bands into playing the follow free concerto.

Saturday, April 8

Times New Viking – 2pm

Love Of Diagrams – 2:45pm

End Of An Ear, 2209 South First St., Austin TX 78704

There will be beer. Don't thank us now, thank us on Saturday.

Times New Viking – Touring With Yo La Tengo

(photo swiped from Nebula Girl's flickr page)

The bad news is that David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights will not be playing with Yo La Tengo this month.  THe good news is that Columbus, OH's 3-headed rock monster, Times New Viking, have accepted the invite and will be playing the following big rooms with Ira, Georgia and James starting this week :

4/5 – New Orleans at Tipitina's
4/6 – Houston at Warehouse Live
4/7 – Austin at Stubb's
4/8 – Dallas at the Granada
4/10 – Tulsa at Cain's
4/11- Lawrence at the Granada
4/13- Indianapolis at Vogue
4/14 – Madison at the Barrymore
4/16 – Newport at the Southgate House
4/17 – Cleveland at the Beachland Ballroom
4/18 – Detroit at the Majestic Theatre

Down In Front!


Times New Viking, as good in the dark as they are in the daylight — better, even.  But I can't see the movie!

My SXSW Roundup :

Here are my SXSW picks:


(photo by Kathryn Yu, used without permission, taken from The Rich Girls Are Weeping)

1. Shearwater playing at the Central Presbyterian Church. With a Steinway concert grand, the audience in pews, and acoustics to die for ("the best sound I've heard at a rock show in years," said an industry veteran to my right). Some audience members were crying. This was one for the ages.


2. In total contrast, Jay Reatard at the Victory Grill. Jay had been up for 3 days straight and was angry. The oversized bassist in the faded Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt was angry too. They were hurling nearly full cans of bud into the audience, directly at moshers' faces. The sound was perfect. The experience was genuine. Actual punk rock like I have rarely seen since the mid-'80s.

The other shows are in no particular order:

The Ponys – Emo's, afternoon show

(TNV at Sound On Sound, Saturday afternoon, phone cam pic by Gerard)

Times New Viking – Exodus, Friday night
Clockcleaner – Exodus, Friday night
Some Montreal punk band, Long Branch Inn, early Friday evening

Sorry for the Matador-centric picks… inevitable when your bands are playing 17 gigs in 4 days, you spend a lot of time seeing them! But of course it helps that they're all great, too.

There Ain’t No Future In Our Frontin’ : Matador At SXSW 2007

It's the rock biz' version of Spring Break, except Spring Break doesn't have enough cachet to lure Donnie Davies. And while Matador isn't doing a zillion dollar "showcase" (damn, we hate that word) this year, we are lucky enough to  witness several of our brightest lights making multiple appearances in Austin next week…on their own dime!

OFFICIAL SXSW EVENTS (ie. those without badges, wristbands and/or having turned up way early might well be SOL)

Thursday, March 15 – Shearwater, Central Prebyterian Church, 200 E. 8th St., 7:30pm
Thursday, March 15 – The Ponys, Emo's, 1am
Friday, March 16 – Times New Viking, Exodus, 10pm
Saturday, March 17 – Dead Meadow – Club Deville, 1am

in addition, the following parties / instores are happening and should be wide open to the public, space permitting :

Thursday, March 15 – The Ponys, KEXP taping (ACL studios), 1pm
Thursday, March 15 – The Ponys, Waterloo Records, 4pm
Friday, March 16 – The Ponys, Emo's (outside), 1:30pm
Saturday, March 17 – The Ponys, Mohawk (outside patio), 2pm
Saturday, March 17 – The Ponys, Red 7 (time TBA)

Friday, March 16 – Shearwater, Mohawk, 5pm

Friday, March 16 – Times New Viking, Long Branch Inn, 2pm

Thursday, March 15 – Dead Meadow, Instant Karma, 1pm
Friday, March 16 – Dead Meadow, Red 7, time TBA (afternoon party)
Friday, March 16 – Dead Meadow, Flamingo Cantina, time tba (afternoon party)
Saturday, March 17 – Dead Meadow, Jamie's Spanish Village, 8pm

Thursday, March 15 – Stuart Braithwaite, appearing as part of the Roky Erickson Ice Cream Social at Threadgill's (time TBA, but it's in the afternoon)

for more info on the day parties, non-SXSW events, we suggest you check out http://www.showlistaustin.com

Times New Viking – March Dates


(pic swiped from nebulagirl's Flikr page)

Mar 8 – the Tower   Cleveland, Ohio
Mar 9 – Schuba's, Chicago, Illinois
Mar 10 – Downtown Records  Lafayette, Indiana
Mar 11 – The Ground Floor,   Belleville, Illinois
Mar 14 J & J Pizza, Denton, Texas
Mar 16  – venue TBA, SXSW, Austin, TX
Mar 17 – Sound on Sound, Austin, Texas
Mar 18  -Circle Bar,  New Orleans, Louisiana
Mar 21 –  Murphy's, Memphis, Tennessee
Mar 22 – The Funhouse, Nashville, Tennessee
Mar 24  – Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

all dates with Clockcleaner, shows in Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Louisville, TBA.