A.C. Newman on “The Late Show WIth David Letterman”


A.C. Newman — joined by Nicole Atkins — will be the featured musical guest tonight on CBS’ “The Late Show With David Letterman“. Several members of the Matador staff are attending, mostly to make sure Jon Wurster doesn’t say anything audible about Paul Schaffer’s stint on “A Year At The Top”. Dave’s other guests tonight : Zac Efron and ESPN’s MIke Greenburg & Mike Golic.

In Case You Didn’t Check Out TV Guide Today

Tonight on NBC’s “Late Night With Conan O’Brien”, Ira Kaplan, Georgia Hubley and James McNew —- otherwise known as internationally famous pop trio Yo La Tengo — will serve as part of the backing ensemble for Merge recording artists She & Him, aka M. Ward and Zoey Deschanel.

She & Him are not to be confused with the obscure noise rock due You & It, nor the semi-popular Y&T.

Dead Meadow get got.

Every Sunday at midnight, or at least first thing Monday morning, I On-Demand (my verb) the next Wire episode. So, this morning while I’ve been trudging through other concerns, the 2/3 episode has played twice in the background. I won’t give anything away, but let’s just say that McNulty offers his critical take on Dead Meadow. No, let’s just say that Marlo’s people make a buy at a Dead Meadow show. No, let’s just say that Dead Meadow play a secret show at the mission. No, let’s just say that Senator Clay Davis rocks some Dead Meadow in the car. No, let’s just say that I’m more than a little stressed about this Just Farr A Laugh legal problem. For real.

Shat In The (Linkin Park’s) Van!!

No square inch of scenery left to chew, no square inch of Shatner’s ass to kiss, and no clips of the interview on YouTube yet, but one can enjoy Mike Patton exploring everything that happened in music between The Infectious Grooves and Linkin Park!


A Great Day In The Annals Of Guerilla Marketing

C'mon Time-Warner, bail this guy out, already.

To the elected officials of Boston and Massachusetts who are knocking themselves out with their crazed grandstanding, I can only hope that none of you are ever placed in Frylock's Cloner.

(UPDATE :  A nice way to cash in on the lunacy, though I would hope some of the dough could go towards the defense fund of the poor schnook the Boston Police have made a scapegoat out of. )

Kenny gets grief


The Late Late Show is an Irish institution (like the Magdalene Asylums) which was presented first by Irish broadcasting legend and brave-name-haver Gay Byrne, then latterly by Pat Kenny, the presenter being harassed in this here clip. Of course, the Irish stereotype of the literate drunk irks me somewhat, but I can't help but applaud this heckler. He's hammered, and he still manages to articulate in a concise manner what most right-thinking Irishers think of Pat Kenny.