Me + You and Times New Viking on Viva Radio

Times New Viking, in their own minds and in their own words. Today at noon on Viva Radio.

Viva Radio Presents
Me Plus You hosted by Ted Shumaker
with special guest Times New Viking
An in-depth interview and exclusive live songs at the Viva Studios.
Air Date 1/12/08, 12:00PM EST and available in the Archive Pt. 36

Sonic Youth’s July 4 Battery Park Show – Now Streaming via

You might recall a couple of months ago someone on this blog engaged in the distasteful practice of lording it over the rest of you just how terrific Sonic Youth’s 4th of July show was. This was exactly the sort of elitism and hatred of real america we’ve heard so much about over the past several days, and I can’t for the life of me understand why this blog doesn’t have a proper editor to put a halt to such things. 

Fortunately, Jersey City’s WFMU, a free form, listener supporter broadcaster staffed by genuine salt-of-the-earth types (plumbers, hockey moms, jai alai dads, xtreme motocross uncles), have made the entire set available for on-demand enjoyment in streaming form.   The set list was as follows (culled from WFMU’s Beware of  The Blog) : 

WFMU Intro / She Is Not Alone / Bull in the Heather / Silver Rocket / Skip Tracer / The Sprawl / The World Looks Red / Jams Run Free / Hey Joni / Cross the Breeze / The Wonder / Hypertstation / Drunken Butterfly / Making the Nature Scene / Pink Steam / Schizophrenia / 100%.

Jennifer O’Connor Returns to WPRB Today

Another year, another fund drive for WPRB, Princeton’s non-profit radio station.  WPRB and Jon Solomon welcome the return of Jennifer O’Connor for the station’s annual membership drive. Similar to last year’s program, Jennifer will be performing covers by request of pledgers.

Tune in tonight at 7PM EST at 103.3FM for those in the NY/NJ/PA area and at for the rest.

Jennifer O’Connor- Live On WNYC Today

Jennifer O’Connor will be performing live on WNYC’s Soundcheck with John Schaefer today at 2:30PM at 93.9 on your FM dial in NYC and online at Be advised that we’re gonna suspend all promotional campaigning on the Matablog until the national’s financial crash is sorted out. Or until later this afternoon, whichever comes first.

Jennifer will also be playing the Mercury Lounge tonight (10:30) and Brooklyn’s Union Hall on Sunday, both gigs in support of Great Lake Swimmers.

Jennifer O’Connor: on the air and online

Two more important media events happening next week to make you aware of.

First, next Monday online radio session:

Viva Radio Presents
Me Plus You hosted by Ted Shumaker
with special guest Jennifer O’Connor
An in-depth interview and exclusive live songs at the Viva Studios.
Air Date 9/1/08, 12:30PM EST and available in the Archive Vol. 24
Check out VIVA-RADIO

Then on Friday, September 26th, Jennifer O’Connor will light up the radio airwaves when she is a guest on WNYC’s Soundcheck with John Schaefer.

Tune in at 2:30PM on 93.9FM in the New York area or WNYC online to hear Jennifer’s live interview and two-song performance.

JFAL’s Jeff Jensen Set To Singlehandedly Save Internet Radio

OK, perhaps that’s overstating things a tad. But Jeff (above, right) can be heard this coming Monday on Viva Radio , July 21 at 2pm EST 12pm EST. This is your big chance to explore the inner workings of this quality individual’s vast brain. On top of that, he’ll be making some calls to American Apparel stores. For prank purposes, I mean. Not to see if they have any job openings.

Matmos live on KUSF tomorrow

(Live in Prague 6/18/08 – Photo via Félix Adorno‘s Flickr page)

Tomorrow (Friday, July 11) at 11:00 AM (PST), Matmos stop by San Francisco’s KUSF for a live performance on the program “Hearts on Sleeves”. Bay Area residents can catch the program on terrestrial radio at 90.3 FM, while the rest can access a webstream online at

EDIT – Direct from Matmos:

“…We will improvise on Irwin’s show for your drive time pleasure. With Wobbly. Your car will shake. Your booty will clap. Your speakers will scratch their heads, wondering, why has no one pleasured me this way before?”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

4th Of July, Battery Park NYC

(from Brian Turner‘s Flickr page)

There were really too many highlights to list. But I’ll try, anyway.

* – The Feelies covering “Outdoor Miner”…and absolutely slaying with material from throughout their illustrious career.
* – watching WFMU‘s Brian Turner forced to give props to American Express.  File under “Things You Will Probably Never See Again”
* – Sonic Youth –  turning old chestnuts “The World Looks Red” and “Making The Nature Scene” inside out. 90+ minutes of selections from across a 27 year span. If you’re one of the folks that paid scalper dough for a ticket, you actually got your money’s worth.
* – some guy wearing a Drazen Petrovic throwback.  Had I worn mine, the hair-pulling would’ve been outta control.
* – fantastic blast from the past sightings :  See/Hear’s Ted Gottfried, Richard Kern, Ken Katkin, acting/journalism double threat Brad Holbrook.
* – The Staten Island Ferry. Every day, it brings people to at least one location that doesn’t suck.

(OK, Brad Holbrook wasn’t there. But I was just wondering how he chose to celebrate our Nation’s birthday, and if he picked an event other than Sonic Youth and the Feelies, he’s a BAD AMERICAN)

Shearwater on WNYC and KCMP

(live at Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, 6/17/08 – photo taken from countfeed‘s flickr stream)

If you missed Shearwater on KCMP or WNYC back in June, you can now listen to these sessions online.

Shearwater returned for a second appearance on WNYC’s Soundcheck on June 16. To listen, follow this link. The band played “Rooks” and “Leviathan, Bound” in a special stripped-down form.

On June 25 they performed live on The Current on Minnesota Public Radio in Minneapolis. Hear more live versions, as well as discussions on the history of the Falklands and the stigma against “twitchers”, here.

Yo La Tengo’s Continued Covers For Cash Campaign On WFMU, Sunday at 5pm

Happening this coming Sunday (March 2) on WFMU :

“From 5-8pm Gaylord Fields and Bob Brainen mark the halfway point of the WFMU fundraising Marathon by once again enlisting Yo La Tengo to take your calls, pledges and most importantly cover song requests, which will then be brought to life over the air! The band’s long history with the WFMU Marathon has proven that Yo La Tengo is unstoppable, and tonight’s show is a special longer 3-hour broadcast just in case that extended version of “Hocus Pocus” comes up. Gaylord co-hosts the rest of Bob’s show from 8-9pm after the band packs up as well. “

If you’re feeling like donating loot to the only non-profitable organization I’ve ever supported besides Father Bruce Ritter’s “Mittens For Boys” campaign, here’s where you can do so.

Cat Power, Live On WNYC Today

WNYC’s John Schaefer will have Chan Marshall in the studio, playing live today on “Soundcheck” at 2pm eastern.  For those outside (or inside) New York, WNYC’s programming  is available via Windows Media Player or iTunes, so you’ve got no excuse to tell us you couldn’t hear it (unless you work at a record label on Hudson Street that was having meetings most of the day).