Jay Reatard & Comrades – The Shattered Records Tour

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Jay Reatard’s US touring in support of the new LP/CD/digital album ‘Watch Me Fall’ continues with the Jay-curated Shattered Records tour.  Dates are listed below, but feel free to embed the widget below on your blog, website, MySpace profile, etc.

Mon Sep 28 – Chicago – Empty Bottle with Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Box Elders, Useless Eaters
Tue Sep 29 – Toronto – The Reverb with Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Box Elders, Useless Eaters
Wed Sep 30 – Montreal – La Sala Rossa with Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Box Elders, Useless Eaters
Thu Oct 1 – New York City – Le Poisson Rouge with Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Box Elders, Useless Eaters
Fri Oct 2 – Boston – Harper’s Ferry with Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Box Elders, Useless Eaters
Sat Oct 3 – Baltimore – Ottobar with Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Box Elders, Useless Eaters
Thu Oct 15 – Seattle – Crocodile Cafe with Box Elders and special guests
Mon Oct 19 – San Francisco – Great American Music Hall with Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Box Elders, Digital Leather
Tue Oct 20 – San Diego – The Casbah with Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Box Elders, Digital Leather
Wed Oct 21 – Los Angeles – El Rey Theater with Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Box Elders, Digital Leather

Jay Reatard – Shattered Records Tour – Fall 2009; “Watch Me Fall” now streaming on AOL Spinner

Jay Reatard live photo-by Jeff Allen

So what has already shaped up as the Summer of Jay Reatard (a documentary, a new album, and a free + all ages in-store tour to name a few major things) is quickly becoming the Autumn of Reatard as well. Perhaps we should simply declare 2009, the year of Jay Reatard?

What can’t be debated is that Jay has put together an allstar line-up to celebrate his own label, Shattered Records. This fall Jay and his friends take to the road for a run of memoriable shows, packed full of unique and terrific bands, headlined each night by Jay himself.

For more about this tour continue to check JayReatard.com for details.

Jay’s new album Watch Me Fall is currently streaming in it’s entirety on AOL’s Spinner.com, be sure to have a listen!

Mon Sep 28 – Chicago – Empty Bottle
Jay Reatard, Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Box Elders, Useless Eaters

Tue Sep 29 – Toronto – The Reverb
Jay Reatard, Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Box Elders, Useless Eaters

Wed Sep 30 – Montreal – La Sala Rossa
Jay Reatard, Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Box Elders, Useless Eaters

Thu Oct 1 – NYC – Le Poisson Rouge
Jay Reatard, Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Box Elders, Useless Eaters

Fri Oct 2 – Boston – Harpers Ferry
Jay Reatard, Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Box Elders, Useless Eaters

Sat Oct 3 – Baltimore – Ottobar
Jay Reatard, Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Box Elders, Useless Eaters

Thu Oct 15 – Seattle – Crocodile Cafe
Jay Reatard, Box Elders, Cheap Time, Lover!

Mon Oct 19 – San Francisco – Great American Music Hall
Jay Reatard, Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Box Elders, Digital Leather

Tue Oct 20 – San Diego – The Casbah
Jay Reatard, Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Box Elders, Digital Leather

Wed Oct 21 – Los Angeles – El Rey Theater
Jay Reatard, Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Box Elders, Digital Leather

for info about the bands touring with Jay then please check out their myspace pages:

No Bunny

Hunx & His Punx

Box Elders

Useless Eaters

Digital Leather

Cave Singers – At The Cut MP3

cave singers self-portrait

Despite their name, The Cave Singers do not actually hail from any physical cave that we’re aware of – though Seattle can be a dark and mysterious city, with its share of stalactite-esque hangers-on. Metaphysically, however, said Cave Singers have filled a cave-like void in Matador’s collective musical consciousness this summer. In delivering their sophomore album Welcome Joy, they’ve unleashed a followup that builds on the earthy, guitar picking, folkiness of their debut Invitation Songs, but with 10 times better production. Take a listen to the latest MP3, At The Cut, and let the Cave Singers rattle around the recesses of your brain for a while. Tell us you don’t just want to hop into a car and hit the highway full speed simply to see where the open road leads you? [Ok don’t actually tell us if you disagree. It’s not so much that we don’t care but instead know a perfect little cave (between your own ears) that we encourage you to voice your opinions.] At The Cut may just be a little teaser but luckily you don’t have to wait long, the whole album, Welcome Joy, hits stores Tue, Aug 18th!

At The Cut MP3

Also be sure to leave your caves (ok last poorly worded cave reference, we promise) when they swing through a city near you. You’ll be happy you did!

Fri, 7/24 – Spokane WA – Empyrean Coffee House
Sat, 7/25 – Nelson BC – Littlefest
Sat, 9/5 – Vancouver BC – Biltmore Cabaret
Mon, 9/7 – Seattle WA – Bumbershoot Festival
Fri, 9/11 – Minneapolis MN – 400 Bar
Sat, 9/12 – Chicago IL – Schubas
Sun, 9/13 – Detroit MI – Magic Stick
Mon, 9/14 – Toronto ON – Horseshoe Tavern
Thu, 9/17 – Boston MA – TT The Bear’s
Sat, 9/19 – New York NY – Bowery Ballroom
Sun, 9/20 – Philadelphia PA – Johnny Brenda’s
Mon, 9/21 – Washington DC – Black Cat
Wed, 9/23 – Memphis TN – Hi-Tone Cafe
Thu, 9/24 – Birmingham AL – The Bottletree
Sat, 9/26 – Austin TX – The Mohawk
Tue, 9/29 – Phoenix AZ – Modified
Wed, 9/30 – Las Vegas NV – Beauty Bar
Thu, 10/1 – Los Angeles CA – The Echo
Fri, 10/2 – San Diego CA – Casbah
Sat, 10/3 – Merced CA – The Partisan
Tue, 10/6 – San Francisco CA – The Independent
Fri, 10/16 – Portland OR – Mississippi Studios

Pylon’s Randy Bewley, RIP

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported earlier today that Pylon guitarist/co-founder Randy Bewley (above, far right) passed away yesterday at the age of 53.

Bewley suffered a heart attack while driving in Athens, GA Monday evening.


Readers of a certain vintage (or perhaps just younger persons with good taste) will recall Bewley’s guitar work on songs like “Cool”, “Volume”,  and “Feast On My Heart” bridging whatever stylistic chasm separated Andy Gill from RIcky Wilson.   DFA’s 2007 reissue of Pylon’s 1980 debut LP, ‘Gyrate’ is a good place to start.

Our thoughts go out to Randy’s friends and family.

2008 – The Year In Self Congratulation Music : Matador Artists, Staff & Pals Feel The Need To Share

(work crews feverishly prepare for the announcement of just what we’ve been watching and eating in 2008)

Every December I send out a rambling, somewhat desperate electronic message to the Matador artist roster (well, most of ’em) along w/ label staff and our Beggars’ colleagues, begging for their favorite people/places/things/records/memories from the year about to conclude. We’ve got our longest list of best-of’s so far, though keep in mind, if Gabe and Dave’s submissions were edited, we’d be back to our mid ’90’s brevity all over again. Read ’em and weep, after the jump – G.C.

Continue reading “2008 – The Year In Self Congratulation Music : Matador Artists, Staff & Pals Feel The Need To Share”

Pre-Piper Pink Floyd

I consider myself a pretty hardcore Syd Barrett fan, but I was astounded to find that high-quality demos of pre-Piper at the Gates of Dawn material exist — from 1965, no less. The above slideshow is more or less irrelevant but the song, “Lucy Leave,” is fantastic. It features fifth Floyd member Bob Klose, who is responsible for the twangy guitar bits. It’s no Dog Police, but it’s still worth your time.

Buy Early Get Now #6: Pavement — Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed.

Ho ho ho… just in time for the holidays, we’re announcing our sixth Buy Early Get Now. This one is for the deluxe, super-expanded edition of Pavement’s fourth album, Brighten The Corners, subtitled Nicene Creedence Ed.. The track listing has changed subtly since we first announced it, so once you’ve signed up to BEGN, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the new and final contents. The album is still scheduled for November 18 December 9 release.

If you’re not familiar with Buy Early Get Now, the premise is simple: preorder the premium-priced Buy Early Get Now version of the album now from us or from a participating retailer, receive your login at buyearlygetnow.com via email (can take 24-48 hours, especially over the weekend) — and you’ll get:

– Oct 10: an instant stream of the album
– Oct 21: bonus track #1
– Nov 4: bonus track #2
– Nov 18 – street date – pick up the album at your store (or get it in the mail) PLUS an exclusive vinyl bonus LP containing an unreleased concert, AS WELL AS a free poster

The vinyl LP is the long-lost Pavement Live, originally scheduled for release in July 1998 and given the Matador catalog number OLE-324 and the Capitol catalog number 95425. Note: Live was originally scheduled to be released on both vinyl and CD, but it will now ONLY be available on vinyl and ONLY available to BEGN #6 customers. For the avoidance of doubt, Brighten itself will only come out on CD and digital album.

Because it will be difficult for us to manufacture just the right amount of bonus LPs, we reserve the right (a) to close BEGN in the few weeks before street date, or (b) ship participants who sign up late their package late. So get your order in as soon as possible so we can make sure you’re taken care of on street date.

Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed. is a double CD set in a die-cut, embossed slipcase with a thick, 62-page perfect-bound book, like the earlier three Pavement deluxe editions. It contains the fully remastered original album, plus B-sides, compilation tracks, studio outtakes and radio sessions. The new sequence is below — note that it now contains 20 UNRELEASED TRACKS of which 8 ARE UNRELEASED SONGS.

Disc One:

1. Stereo
2. Shady Lane / J Vs. S
3. Transport Is Arranged
4. Date w/ IKEA
5. Old to Begin
6. Type Slowly
7. Embassy Row
8. Blue Hawaiian
9. We Are Underused
10. Passat Dream
11. Starlings of the Slipstream
12. Fin
The original BTC album, remastered. Originally released February, 1997.

* 13. Then (The Hexx)
Originally released as the B-side to Spit On A Stranger (OLE-384-7), May, 1999 — but presented here is the unedited full version, as such previously unreleased. It was also originally planned to be the opening track to BTC

• 14. Beautiful as a Butterfly
• 15. Cataracts
Both are unreleased songs. BTC session outtakes.

16. Westie Can Drum
17. Winner of the
* 18. Birds in the Majic Industry
Originally released as B-sides to the promo EP Stereo (OLE-238-2P), January 1997. “Birds…” appears here in its previously unreleased full length vocal version. The original release was an instrumental edited version.

19. Harness Your Hopes
20. Roll with the Wind
Originally released as B-sides to Spit On A Stranger (OLE-384-2), the first single from Pavement’s final album, Terror Twilight. They are included here since both songs (as well as track 13) were recorded and mixed during the BTC sssions in 1996.

Disc Two:

1. Slowly Typed
2. Cherry Area
3. Wanna Mess You Around
4. No Tan Lines
Originally released as the B-sides to Shady Lane (OLE-266-2), June 1997.

* 5. Then (The Hexx)
* 6. Harness Your Hopes
7. The Killing Moon
* 8. Winner of the
BBC Radio One Evening Session, January 15, 1997. Tracks 5, 6 and 8 are previously unreleased. “The Killing Moon” appeared on the compilation album What’s Up Matador (OLE-163-2), August 1997. It later also appeared on Major Leagues (OLE-398-2), October 1999.

• 9. Embassy Row Psych Intro
Previously unreleased intro. BTC session outtake.

• 10. Nigel
Previously unreleased song. BTC session outtake.

* 11. Chevy (Old to Begin)
* 12. Roll with the Wind (Roxy)
Previously unreleased mixes of BTC session songs. They feature different vocals and overdubs.

13. Oddity (Clean cover)
Originally appeared on God Save The Clean: A Tribute to the Clean, Flying Nun Records (FNCD409), 1997.

14. Type Slowly (live)
Originally appeared on the compilation album Tibetan Freedom Concert, Grand Royal/Capitol (59110), 1997.

• 15. Neil Hagerty Meets Jon Spencer in a Non-Alcoholic Bar
• 16. Destroy Mater Dei
* 17. It’s A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl (Faust cover)
* 18. Maybe Maybe
Recorded live at KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic, February 25, 1997. Tracks 15 and 16 are previously unreleased songs.

* 19. Date w/ IKEA
* 20. Fin
* 21. Grave Architecture
22. The Classical (The Fall cover)
BBC Radio One John Peel Live Session, August 21, 1997. Tracks 19-21 previously unreleased vresions. “The Classical” appeared on Major Leagues (OL-398-2), October, 1999.

• 23. Space Ghost Theme I
• 24. Space Ghost Theme II
Both are unreleased songs recorded live in the WFNX studios (but not broadcast), Boston, February 12, 1997.

The above track listing contains significant differences from the one previously announced. Like the previous three deluxe Pavement editions, this compilation was curated by Jesper Eklow working with the band.

Buy Early Get Now is easy!

1. Preorder the album from us or from a participating retailer (see list at bottom — and ask your local record store, because more will be signing up).

2. You will be emailed a login and password for buyearlygetnow.com (please allow 24-48 hours, possibly more over weekends)

3. Instant stream of album will be live on buyearlygetnow.com on October 10; get bonus tracks #1 and #2 on October 15 and October 21 respectively

4. On November 18, street date, pick up the double CD plus the bonus vinyl LP and a free poster at the store where you preordered it (or get it mailed to you if you ordered from us or a participating mail order customer)

Remember, the vinyl LP will only be available through Buy Early Get Now, and we will manufacturing to order. That means you should get your order in ASAP to ensure you get yours and get it on time.

The first MP3 will be coming very shortly as part of our digital zipfile promo compilation, Intended Play: Fall 2008. Keep your eyes on the Matablog.

Finally, here is the list of confirmed participating retailers… more to come, and you can just click locations on the map on buyearlygetnow.com to find the nearest one to you:

1-2-3-4 Go! Records – Oakland, CA – 1234gorecords.com
Aboveground Records – Edgarton, MA – myspace.com/abovegroundrecs
Atomic Records – Milwaukee, WI – atomic-records.com
Aural Exploits – Santa Monica, CA – auralexploits.com
Bull City Records – Durham, NC – bullcityrecords.com
Criminal Records – Atlanta, GA – criminal.com
Disconnected Records – San Diego, CA – disconnectedrecords.com
Ear Candy Music – Missoula, MT – earcandymusic.nu
East Coast Music & Video – Greenville, NC – http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=82607784
End Of An Ear – Austin, TX – endofanear.com
Exiled Records – Portland, OR – exiledrecords.com
Good Records – Dallas, TX – goodrecords.com
Grimey’s New & Preloved Music – Nashville, TN – grimeys.com
Guestroom Records – Norman, OK – guestroomrecs.com
Hard Boiled – Chicago, IL – hardboiledrecords.com
Insound – New York, NY – insound.com
Jackpot Records – Portland, OR – jackpotrecords.com
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Laurie’s Planet of Sound – Chicago, IL – lauriesplanetofsound.tripod.com
Lou’s Records – Encinitas, CA – lousrecords.com
LUNA Music – Indianapolis, IN – lunamusic.net
Lunchbox Records – Charlotte, NC – myspace.com/lunchbox_records
Madcity Music – Madison, WI – madcitymusic.net
Mod Lang- El Cerrito, CA – modlang.com
M-Theory – San Diego, CA – mtheorymusic.com
Music Saves – Cleveland, OH – musicsaves.com
Parasol – Urbana, IL – parasol.com
Park Ave. – Orlando, FL – parkavecds.com
Permanent Records – Chicago, IL – permanentrecordschicago.com
Siren Records – Doylestown, PA – sirenrecords.com
Sound Fix – Brooklyn, NY – soundfixrecords.com
Square Records – Akron, OH – squarerecordsakron.com
Tonevendor – Gainesville, FL – tonevendor.com
Treehouse Records – Minneapolis, MN – http://www.geocities.com/jardtv/treehouse.html
Twist & Shout – Denver, CO – twistandshout.com
Vintage Vinyl – St. Louis, MO – vintagevinyl.com
Von’s Records – West Lafayette, IN – vonsrecords.blogspot.com
Waiting Room Records – Normal, IL – myspace.com/waitingroomrecords
Waterloo Records – Austin, TX – waterloorecords.com
Wazoo Records – Ann Arbor, MI – wazoorecs.com
Young Ones – Kutztown, PA – myspace.com/youngones
Zzz Records – Des Moines, IA – zzzrecords.com

You’ve Got Another Thing Coming : Halford’s Close Encounters


A few weeks ago I was killing time between flights at big box-y retailer who shall remain nameless, and though I’d originally ventured inside to purchase a car charger for my phone, I ended up dropping $16.98 on the new Judas Priest double CD ‘Nostradamus’. The cover sticker claimed there was a coupon good for a free general admission ticket to see Priest, Dio-fronting-Sabbath, Motorhead and Testament, and I figured even if the concept album was just as rotten as I suspected, this was still a good deal.

WRONG WRONG WRONG.  As it turned out, Mr.-Has-No-Loyalty-To-Indie-Retail got karmic payback up the rear when he failed to read the fine print — “WHILE SUPPLIES LAST”, etc.     No free Priest ticket.  One $16.98 pair of ugly coasters.  Let this be a lesson to you all — if you’re gonna buy terrible records, the least you can do is buy them from a record store and not some fucking refrigerator warehouse.

With that intense experience behind me, I was pleased to read the following interview with Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, as conducted by the LA Weekly’s Skylaire Alfvegren.

L.A. WEEKLY:Rob, how are you?
I’m fine. Did you survive the earthquake?

I was in Northern California at a UFO convention.
Oh, for the band?

No, not the band.
The things in the sky?

The things in the sky.
Well, I’ve got some stories to tell you. I’ve had one or two encounters in England, not close encounters, but things that have totally freaked me out. It absolutely fascinates me. I think maybe just because it’s an artistic thing. People that are in tune with their emotions and creativity, I think that a lot of us are prone to that almost sixth-sense phenomenon. Having said that, people from all walks of life see those things in the sky, you know. But I think it’s something very bizarre and it’s been with humanity forever.

Ezekiel’s Wheel, Zoroaster, heck, Muhammad, the Dogon tribe … I’m curious. Do you feel certain camaraderie with Nostradamus because he was basically exiled, somewhat like heavy metal, and ultimately triumphed when he gained the patronage of Catherine de Medici and wrote the quatrains?
Yeah! Thank you for picking up on that! You’re one of the few journalists that has. But that was one of the appealing parts of the man’s character. You know, in metal, we talk about rejection, and running up against people that attack us. That’s exactly what that guy went through. He was looked upon as a bit of a freak, and he had this gift, this uncanny ability to have these visions and prophecies, and he was looked upon as being someone — at least by the Catholic Church — dabbling in the black arts.

I definitely see a parallel between your music and the man’s life.
Oh, but it was a terrible time to live, the 16th century, to a certain extent. There were still remnants of the Inquisition going on, which was hideous. He dealt with all that, and we thought, man, this guy led a bit of a metal life with some of those emotional elements, but he stood up for himself and he was triumphant in the end, and that’s just a great story.

4th Of July, Battery Park NYC

(from Brian Turner‘s Flickr page)

There were really too many highlights to list. But I’ll try, anyway.

* – The Feelies covering “Outdoor Miner”…and absolutely slaying with material from throughout their illustrious career.
* – watching WFMU‘s Brian Turner forced to give props to American Express.  File under “Things You Will Probably Never See Again”
* – Sonic Youth –  turning old chestnuts “The World Looks Red” and “Making The Nature Scene” inside out. 90+ minutes of selections from across a 27 year span. If you’re one of the folks that paid scalper dough for a ticket, you actually got your money’s worth.
* – some guy wearing a Drazen Petrovic throwback.  Had I worn mine, the hair-pulling would’ve been outta control.
* – fantastic blast from the past sightings :  See/Hear’s Ted Gottfried, Richard Kern, Ken Katkin, acting/journalism double threat Brad Holbrook.
* – The Staten Island Ferry. Every day, it brings people to at least one location that doesn’t suck.

(OK, Brad Holbrook wasn’t there. But I was just wondering how he chose to celebrate our Nation’s birthday, and if he picked an event other than Sonic Youth and the Feelies, he’s a BAD AMERICAN)

Death To False Meta : Fuck Weezer & Their New Video

While some segment of the rock biz is all agog today over the new Weezer clip —- featuring a myriad of YouTubey sensations (Chris Crocker, Tay Zonday, etc.), I would like to humbly remind each and everyone of you that a musically superior outfit from Sweden has already been there and done that.

Rivers Cuomo might have a Harvard education and share the same surname as a former NY Governor, but he’s never managed to wrangle Jim Varney’s participation in a music video.  Granted, he’s still young, but the rest of pop culture is playing catch-up with The Brainbombs. Why should Weezer be any different?

New Jennifer O’Connor/Dump Split 7″

shown above, the latest 7″ from Jennifer’s own Kiam label :   Jennifer O’Connor – “I Was A Race Car Driver”, b/w “I Was So Wrong” (Dump remix) and Dump’s version of Rose Royce’s “I Wanna Get Next To You”.  Sleeve art by Mr. James McNew, all copies on beautiful white wax.  Jennifer’s peddling these gems for $5 (+ $2 for U.S. shipping), with full details available at the Kiam MySpace page.

Random single from the collection 3

Ahh… Even As We Speak. Hand-fingerpainted sleeve, I haven’t listened to it in years, and can’t listen to it now (neighbors are nightmares). Australian or GB? Who knows. Weird association with Scapa Flow in mind. In any event, there it is. What is useful about this series is showing up the incredible banality of any collection, even ones the owner proudly thinks of as “edited.”

Random single from the collection 2

Gerard came on strong with the Frantix single… though as I remember it, their previous 7″ with the B&W sleeve was actually better musically (not as intense visually or conceptualy, obviously – they nailed that).

However my choices are ACTUALLY random…… hence the incredible lameness of the last one. OK, let’s see what it’s going to be tonight – I actually have not done the random pick yet. Here goes. [break]

All right. Just look at that. No points for guessing what the B-side is called. See, you kids today, you have no variety in your lives (9000, I hope you’re reading this). The kind of TANGIBLE randomness that today’s choice represents is completely unavailable to you. And if you think just because I’m showing a pic of a single that doesn’t mean there’s an MP3 link. Music is NOT the point. Thank you very much.

I’ll See Patrick’s Randomness And Raise Him Something Specific

Family tree connections to The Fluid aside, the above single is the greatest thing that ever happened in the city of Denver other than the time Denny Neagle sang “Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth” at karaoke. Thanks to the folks at Smooch Records, it is now available on the popular compact disc format for a price everyone can afford.  Well, everyone except Denny.

Random single from the collection

The above is the first chapter in the “random single from the collection” series, which will be happening as long as I can annoy people with it. This one is, appropriately enough, an incredibly boring French-Japanese childrens-lounge music single from 1997, recommended me by Yasuharu Konishi at a store in Tokyo the year it came out. Maybe one day it will be cool.