Yo La Tengo Video Series – “Here To Fall”

Today brings us the first clip in a series of five from the upcoming Yo La Tengo album, “Popular Songs”.

“Here to Fall” kicks off director John McSwain’s multi-song visual accompaniment to the diverse and arresting sounds of YLT’s exceptional new album. Each video will debut with a unique partner site (well, the Matablog is kicking it off), one per week leading up to the September 8th release of “Popular Songs”. The videos will be collected here, so check back!

Click here to pre-order “Popular Songs”, or visit Buy Early Get Now for the unstoppable deluxe package. In a related note, the advance stream of ‘Popular Songs’ is available for BEGN customers starting today.

“Here to Fall”

Fucked Up from the Pitchfork Festival

Fucked Up, who by all accounts pulled together the most ferocious set of Pitchfork weekend (two of them if you happened to be at Subterranean on Friday night), also found time to interview fellow fourth-wall breakers the Jesus Lizard.

Watch Pink Eyes hold his own with the heavyweights, and also see an outstanding version of “Crusades” from the festival.

Pink Eyes interviews the Jesus Lizard


Rage Against The Cage

Hailing from the post-authenticity capital of America, Rage Against The Cage answers the age old question – “What do you get when you boil down the absolute essentials of STP, Candlebox and Collective Soul?”


Full streaming action and lyrics – http://www.myspace.com/rageagainstthecage

Matador’s Sordid Spectacular History Continued : The Mysteries Of U-MV170 Pt. III

The promotional video for The Unsane’s “Body Bomb” from the album ‘Total Destruction’ seemed, at the time, like a rather pricey (ie.  more than $10) way of making a clip guaranteed to receive zero MTV play, the fine efforts of Chris, Pete, Vinnie and director Richard Kern aside. 


History, however, has a funny way of sorting things out.  Thanks to the patronage of Mike Judge’s Beavis & Butthead, the “Body Bomb” video ended up being seen by a wider audience than the occasionally “120 Minutes” spin might’ve garnered. And more importantly, the clip’s explosive subject matter guaranteed the star turn from Cop Shoot Cop’s  Jack Natz would forever place Kern’s former Black Snakes bandmate on a Do Not Fly list.

A Battle Royale (With Cheese) : Who Is Responsible For History’s Sickest Rock Video?

With all due respect to the likes of Darling Cruel, Joey Welz and whoever directed Mick Jagger’s “Let’s Work”, there are music videos that commit themselves to memory so profoundly, nothing sort of joining the Moonies (or a frontal lobotomy) is required to banish their dubious charms from one’s headspace. Today, we have two such contenders for the crown of Sickest Music Video Of All Time.


Challenger A, submitted by Mr. J. Reatard of Memphis, TN is The Dog Police.


Challenger B, offered by Megan Metzger of NY, NY, is the semi-legendary Complete. Feel free to make your own suggestions, but it’s gonna take some doing to top either of these.

Jaguar Love – “Jaguar Pirates” Video


“Jaguar Pirates” – from the LP/CD ‘Take Me To The Sea’.

I saw Jaguar Love do-their-thing Saturday evening in the sweaty confines of Austin’s Emo’s Lounge, and fine though that performance was, a tip of the hat to videographer Jasten King for compiling footage from a recent L.A. show and giving the uninitiated a nice sub-5 minute crash course in this fantastic band.

Matador’s Sordid Spectacular History Continued : The Mysteries Of U-MV170 Pt. II

Because pt. 1 was so well received (well, over at the Sonic Youth message board, anyway), it’s for yet another trip down memory lane, this one in honor of Margaret Fiedler’s recent guitar heroics filling Bruce Gilbert’s Air Jordan’s in Wire.


Moonshake – “Secondhand Clothes”.  Directed by Julie Hermelin.  From the album ‘Eva Luna’ (1992, licensed from Too Pure).

The New Pornographers – file under: mutiny, furries

Our friends at Super Deluxe bring us the long-awaited, oft-rumored, Fozzie Bear-approved video for the New Pornographers’ Challengers standout “Mutiny, I Promise You”.

Part of the hilarious Penelope: Princess of Pets series, this is one rock video that’s wholesome fun for the whole family. Sort of.

Jay Reatard performs on Welcome To Our TV Show; makes several north Londoners deaf…

Ever wondered what it would be like having Jay Reatard perform in your living room? Ask Jeremy Warmsley, although you might need to ask him several times before he hears you.


See Jay, Stephen and Billy play on some slightly more spacious stages this Fall (or Autumn, if you speak English):

16 Nov : Green Synergy Festival, Dublin
18 Nov : Barrowlands 2, Glasgow
19 Nov : Deaf Institute, Manchester
20 Nov : The Faversham, Leeds
21 Nov : Korova, Liverpool
22 Nov : Bodega, Nottingham
23 Nov : The Cooler, Bristol
24 Nov : Old Blue Last, London
26 Nov : The Sazerac, London
27 Nov : Banquet Records, London (in-store performance)
28 Nov : Engine Rooms, Brighton

Thanks to Jeremy and Faye for being extremely accommodating. Check out the other Welcome To Our TV Show episodes here.

Mogwai – “Batcat” Video


Though Pitchfork, Stereogum and Wired all linked to the above clip — directed by Dominic Hailstone — yesterday, for some reason the MySpace video is no longer functioning. So here’s a YouTube clip instead of “Batcat” from the forthcoming Mogwai LP/CD ‘The Hawk Is Howling’, in stores and online on September 23.

The above video along with an animated version of the same song and a film about Mogwai directed by Vincent Moon & Teresa Eggers constitute the DVD portion of the CD/DVD edition of the new album.