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Shearwater visit London (about bloody time!), return to Europe in November

By Annette on Friday, September 19th, 2008

(photo above of the Rough Trade East performance where they played Rook from start to finish and I nearly cried like a baby several times)

Having spent 48 hours in the company of the wonderful Shearwater I have learned the following:

1) They are an incredibly nice group of individuals,
2) Jonathan possesses a voice that defies human ability and laws of nature,
3) Tissues are absolutely necessary as losing one’s dignity at a show tends to undermine you in front of friends, esteemed colleagues and complete strangers.

Photos below of the Bush Hall show where the band (and audience) finished up proceedings around the grand piano for a stunning unplugged version of ‘Rook’ swansong The Hunter’s Star:

All photos taken by me. Big thanks to “The Power of Monk” at The Local and Phil Adams at Rough Trade East.

Shearwater return in November for an extensive European tour. Bring a hanky.

7th – Botanique, Brussels (B)
8th – De Nachten, Antwerpen (B)
9th – Tivoli, Utrecht (NL) – w/ Destroyer
10th – Club 106, Paris (F) – w/ Silver Mt Zion
11th – Le Bataclan, Paris (F) – w/ Silver Mt Zion
12th – L’Epicerie Moderne, Feyzin (F)
13th – Palace, St-Gallen (CH)
14th – Le Romandie, Lausanne (CH)
16th – Manufaktur, Schorndorf (D)
17th – Postbahnhof, Berlin (D) – w/ Okkervil River
18th – Beatpol, Dresden (D)
19th – Nachtasyl, Hamburg (D)
20th – Voorhuit, Ghent (B)
21th – Crossing Border, Den Haag (NL)
22th – St Giles in the Fields Church, London (UK)
23rd – Taylor John’s House, Coventry (UK)
24th – Komedia, Brighton (UK)

The Factor – Crunked Chopped & Screwed

By Gerard on Friday, September 12th, 2008
YouTube Preview Image

video swiped from Boing Boing. Had someone done it at 78rpm, at least the clip would be over faster.

Shearwater live on Spinner Interface

By Patrick on Friday, August 29th, 2008

Shearwater discuss and perform songs from ‘Rook’ on the Spinner (formerly AOL) Interface.

Finally, A Social Injustice We Can All Condemn

By Gerard on Friday, August 29th, 2008

We occassionally have trouble generating sufficient publicity for some of our acts, so I can only sympathize with the plight of a P.R. maven enlisted to try and convince the Hartford Courant to interview her scalper client.  If such businesses can achieve legitimacy through media management, that’s awesome news for loan sharks, cockfight organizers and meth dealers.

Do You Have X-Ray Vision? If So, PBS & MSG Would Like Your Money

By Gerard on Friday, August 1st, 2008

Given the somewhat obstructed view nature of the seats in question, wouldn’t “last chance to hear The Police” be a fairer way of flogging these tickets?

Jennifer O’Connor in Omaha – Antiquariam Records

By JenniferO on Saturday, July 12th, 2008

Today is the first day of my 10 date midwest run with Son Ambulance.  Right now I’m sitting at The Old Mattress Factory or The Matt Bar and Grill as it says on my pint glass – eating some fish tacos and looking at 13 different large screen TVs showing baseball and golf.  

This afternoon I visited Antiquarium Records.   I got a used copy of Grizzly Bear’s Yellow House on CD for $4 and I spoke with Chelsea.










JO’C:  How long have you been working here?

Chelsea:  About 3 months.

JO’C:  What did you have for lunch today?

Chelsea:  A bagel.

JO’C:  What’s your favorite place to eat in Omaha?

Chelsea:  Amsterdam Falafel & Kebab on 50th Street.

JO’C:  That’s the 2nd time I’ve gotten a falafel joint recommendation in my 3 times asking this question of record store employees.  Hmm…. 

What’s your favorite local band?

Chelsea:  Box Elders  (Jeremiah of  Box Elders was hanging out behind the counter with his geetar).

JO’C:  What’s your favorite record of 2008 so far?

Chelsea:  Times New Viking!

JO’C:  Yes, I’ve heard of them somewhere.  No, I’m kidding – I love their record too.  To continue the Matador theme we have going here, what is your favorite Matador band of all time?

Chelsea:  Pavement!

JO’C:  Good choice.  

Anything else you’d like to add for the Matablog readers?

Chelsea:  Keep buying records and going to record stores!

JO’C:  Wise words.

I would like to note that this was a charming store with very nice people and lots of vinyl!  When I told Chelsea I was on Matador and what I was there to do, she remarked that she wasn’t cool enough for Matador – that I should wait for the owner to come back because he was cooler.  I just want Chelsea and everyone else to know…that they ARE cool enough for Matador.  Matador loves you.  And so do I.



PS. I’ll be doing some myspace blogging about the shows and such on my, uh, myspace page.

Lethal Bizzle Vs. The Download Festival’s Sophisticated Audience

By Gerard on Friday, June 20th, 2008
YouTube Preview Image

If I had found it at the beginning of the set, I’m not sure I would have carried on. It was a banana skin, thrown at my feet as I played last weekend’s Download festival. On the outside, someone had written “Bizzle you black cunt”. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Being who I am, I’d probably do it again. I’m pretty sure my DJ wouldn’t though. We’re used to getting looks and things like that when we tour middle England, six black guys getting out of a van, you can see they’re looking at you and getting defensive. That can get frustrating, but you deal with it. This was different. Why did they have to bring my race into it? Lethal Bizzle, Guardian Music Blog, 6/20/08

Fucked Up ‘Year Of The Pig’ EP to come out on Matador and What’s Your Rupture? in July

By Patrick on Friday, June 13th, 2008

Matador and What’s Your Rupture? are pleased to announce a joint release: the Year Of The Pig EP from Toronto’s Fucked Up.

Out worldwide on July 22, the EP is an expanded version of the 12″ single released by WYR? in mid-2007 (and by Vice in the UK in early 2008). In addition to the original 18-minute title track and the flipside, “The Black Hats,” there are three edits of the title track and three unreleased tracks. Each edit and each unreleased track will be featured on one of three 7″ singles, each with a different sleeve, to be released in the US, the UK, and Japan respectively.

“Year Of The Pig” is the second in a series of songs based on the Chinese zodiac. It is about the plight of sex workers in Canada. The initial release, and a companion concert, generated $4,000 for a prostitution rights charity in Toronto. Read more about the issues, and the notorious Robert Pickton case, at this blog post by the band. Featuring keyboards, an ethereal female guest vocal and multiple, interlocking musical sections, it is Fucked Up’s most ambitious work to date.

Here is a 256K MP3 of the US edit:

Year Of The Pig (US 7″ edit)” (256K MP3)

Track listings:

12″: Year Of The Pig / The Black Hats
7″ (US): Year Of The Pig (US Edit) / Mustaa Lunta (new track)
7″ (UK): Year Of The Pig (US Edit) / Anorak City (new track — Another Sunny Day cover)
7″ (Japan): Year Of The Pig (Japanese Edit) / For My Friends (new track)
CDEP: All of the above

Fucked Up will be playing three shows in Calgary later this month, and will tour Europe throughout July and August.

Looking For Gold blog

Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and two vinegars

By Patrick on Friday, June 6th, 2008

This is another recipe from Ruth Rogers’s River Cafe Pastas book. It’s simple: you remove the seeds and juice from cherry tomatoes, then mash them into a sauce composed of one part traditional balsamic vinegar and two parts wine vinegar, with salt and pepper – it marinates for at least an hour. Cook the spaghetti, drain it, return it to the pasta pot, and add the tomato-vinegar mix and fresh basil and stir over high heat for a minute or so.

It was as yummy as it looks, though somewhat sweet. This might be a function of these particular tomatoes. It could also be my balsamic. Next time I’ll increase the proportion of wine vinegar (which I prefer to balsamic anyway).

World’s Greatest Records Label Vs. Sniveling Ingrates, Pt. III

By Gerard on Friday, June 6th, 2008

Reunited, and it feels so good :

Everyone at Victory is ecstatic about the forthcoming album from Hawthorne Heights. It is by far their best material to date. When Victory and Hawthorne started our relationship in 2003 it was always about beating the odds. Our country has just seen and experienced historic change with the Democratic nomination of Barack Obama. Everything happens for a reason and there is tremendous positivity in the air.

We have lived in a reality of petty disputes, unresolved misunderstandings, unhealthy friction and negative sensationalism for too long. Forgiveness and the ability to reunite are powerful gifts. They create a spirit. Couple that spirit with great music and you have something that is extraordinary and transcendental. You cannot change the past but you can affect the future. There is a bigger lesson and story here than just releasing a new album. Victory, and I know Hawthorne Heights, are thankful to be a part of that.

Pt. II
Pt. I