Shearwater – ‘Rook’ Tour, Starting June 13

(above, sleeve art to the limited edition “Rooks” b/w “The Rainbow” 7″, available starting at the May 5 Florence Gould Concert Hall show in NY)

As we’re getting ready for the June 3 release of Shearwater’s ‘Rook’ LP/CD, major live events in New York and Austin and a May tour supporting Clinic, we’d be remiss if we didn’t spill the beans on a headlining tour starting in June :

13-Atlanta @ Earl
14-Chapel Hill @ Local 506
15-Washington DC @ Black Cat
17-Philadelphia @ Johnny Brenda’s
19-Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
21-Danbury, CT @ Heirloom Arts Theatre
24-Chicago, IL @ Mansion
27-Fort Worth, TX @ Lola’s

Further U.S. dates, and quite likely some UK/European activity, will be detailed shortly.

Jaguar Love (Hearts) The West Coast…

…and the West Coast shall (heart) them. It is written! Consider it confirmed!

Sunday, May 25, 2008                Pomona, CA                Glass House
Tuesday, May 27, 2008                Los Angeles, CA            The Echo
Wednesday, May 28, 2008        San Diego, CA                    Beauty Bar
Thursday, May 29, 2008              San Francisco, CA           Popscene
Friday, May 30, 2008                    Modesto, CA                             Fat Cat
Saturday, May 31, 2008                Eugene                            The Indigo District
Monday, June 02, 2008                Vancouver, BC                      Richards on Richards
Tuesday, June 03, 2008                Portland, OR                      Hawthorne Theatre
Wednesday, June 04, 2008        Seattle, WA                             Neumos

“Bats Over The Pacific Ocean” (mp3)

The New Pornographers In Festival Mode

(poster art culled from John Mavroudis)

While we wish Neko Case a very speedy recovery from her recent ankle injury, we’re pleased just the same to announce the following list of huge, outdoorsy events The New Pornographers will be appearing at this summer :

5/24 – Sasquatch Music Fest @ The Gorge (George, WA)
5/25 – Summer Camp Music Fest @ Three Sisters Park (Chillicothe, IL)
6/21 – Rock the Garden Music Fest @ Walker Arts Center (Minneapolis, MN) (with Andrew Bird)
6/22 – V Fest, Calgary
7/18 – Benicassim, Valencia, Spain
8/08 – All Points West Music and Arts Fest @ Liberty State Park (Jersey City, NJ)

Fucked Up at SUNY Purchase last night

Fucked Up came down to NYC to play the Culture Shock festival at SUNY Purchase this Saturday, so I rented a car, grabbed Dean Bein, and drove on up. Purchase is about 25 minutes north of the city, right on the border with Connecticut.

This was a really weird event. Turns out it was restricted to SUNY students. Security was over the top. Huge, huge luxurious campus in really wealthy area, and state troopers with flashing lights parked at the entrance where you drive in. Everyone was pulled over by troopers, and drive and all passengers had to show IDs. Since we weren’t students or visiting one, they wanted to turn us away, but I said I was acqainted with one of the bands… “Who…” “Umm, well, they’re actually called Fucked Up.” Guy looks pissed for a sec then says, “Man, that’s fucked up!” Very funny. Takes my ID and Dean’s and fortunately I had an old biz card, had me pull over to the right for like 10 minutes, made various phone calls, and then admitted us.

So we drive through this huge campus and the “festival” is just at end of parking lot…. pretty big stage, maybe, what, 300-400 people, max? All college students, SUPER hippie jamband bummer vibe, frisbees, some SERIOUS hackysack, tons of vegan food, Mr. Easy (some horrible pop/dub/reggae vibe) onstage, people dancing solo under the trees, at least it was sunny. Huge hookah at one corner and kids were smoking apple-scented tobacco. FU were there hanging out in their van, like, “how the fuck did we end up driving down from Toronto for this shit!?!”

Police and campus security are EVERYWHERE… it was such a joke, these lame-ass unthreatening college kids (I found out that Purchase is SUNY’s art/creative campus, never realized that), not a hint or threat of trouble, but blue wooden police sawhorse barricades all around the stage. Saw my friend Babyleg with Gang Gang Dance, who were going on after Mr. Easy at 7 PM, then FU at 8 PM…

Only alcohol was $2 buds in a massive tent and you had to consume it in the tent… more ID checking, more state troopers in crisp Mountie hats, buy ticket, get beer, drink it next to these bozo shirtless frat guys with awful tank-top sunburns.

So far so good, I grab a beer, sun’s just gone down, beautiful evening, hear the mighty triple guitar roar, come back to the front, the audience has now been infiltrated with some FU fans, the vibe at least in front has definitely improved, and the pit gets going – and I mean SERIOUSLY going, before the band has played a note. Just whirling, mid-’90s East Coast hardcore dancing, you know, like the “Battling with invisible ninjas” style?

So the band launches into “Baiting The Public,” and it’s total mayhem. Not quite the contained little-kid style circle-jerk style I saw when the band played outside in Austin las month, a bit more chaotic than that, bunch of the kids are def. fucked up or stoned or just high on a piece of actual excitement at this shitty two-bit “festival”. Damian is shirtless of course, pants falling down, cops are on stage and in front of the stage, and Damian wants to interact with the crowd, so he comes down for the second song which is, of course, “Police”, and the cops do NOT want the barrier breached. It was those blue wooden sawhorses, like big deal, and the pit, while totally wild, is not out of control and doesn’t contain that many people either.

So Damian knocks down the wooden barricades so that he’s not separated from the audience, and the band plays “Manqueller Man.” I notice suddenly that the sound is thinner, not as mighty, the guitars esp, even though it still looks and sounds amazing… and then I realize the PA’s been turned off, and we’re only hearing live sound from the amp. Seconds later all power is cut, Damain shrugs and smiles to the audience, what can we do? and they’re walking offstage… crowd is chanting “BULL-SHIT BULL SHIT BULL SHIT” over and over, I go to the side of the stage and find out that the cops demanded that the sound guy cut the PA and then pulled the plug.

Just like Negative FX opening for Burma’s last show… aside from the weird lame environment. Total deja vu, late ’70s early ’80s hardcore versus the authorities. “This fucking city’s… run by pigs… they take the rights away… from all the kids…. we’re just fighting, fighting a war, we can’t win, NO WAY.” Except NFX would probably have been happy if there’d actually been chance of people getting hurt, which there definitely was not in this case.

So I head to the bathroom, I see Damian is talking to a state police officer, I hear him say, “I don’t mean to disrespect your job sir,” being all reasonable and Canadian as he is in real life… when I get back to the bathroom, the band is packing up. Damian tells me the guy is a sergeant in the state police, and told the band to get off the campus immediately or they would be arrested for incitement to riot. According to the cops, the other big mistake on Damian’s part was to turn over those wooden sawhorses… he told the police that he thought they were there to protect *him* from the audience, not the other way around, so that it would be OK to remove them. The cop replied (and I am not making this up) that when Damian tipped them over, “you could have squished some kids to death” – that’s the actual phrase he used.

Paradoxically, the police were simultaneously blaming the band for inciting the kids to riot and for attempting to injure them… are the authorities scared of the kids or overprotective of them? Typical conflicted societal attitude toward youth these days.

So at 9:30 PM the band were hastily packing up, they were all heading straight back to TO (maybe overnighting in Albany maybe not)… I told Mike I was sorry this had happened in our state and that they had driven all the way down from Toronto for this. So I ended up driving with friends back down to the city, and that was it… Fucking peculiar all the way through…

other bands on the Culture Shock festival included Cassidy, Jadakiss, Deerhoof, JD from Le Tigre and others of greater or lesser stature

Matador Records and Record Store Day!


I know for me, every day is Record Store Day, but now there is an official day to celebrate independently owned record stores and it is this Saturday, April 19th! RECORD STORE DAY!

The following bands/members will be participating by:
The New Pornographers – John – DJing at Vintage Vinyl (St. Louis, MO) @ 3:00
Times New Viking – Adam – DJing at Used Kids Records (Columbus, OH) throughout the day between bands
The Cave Singers- In-store performance at CD World (Eugene, OR) @ 3:00
Dead Meadow – Jason – DJing at Other Music (NYC) @ 3:00


Also, this is a list of the very special, very limited edition items we produced specifically for this day:
Matador Turntable Slipmats
Stephen Malkmus – Cold Son 10″
FREE Matador Sampler CD

Times New Viking’s First European Tour

(Beth, Jared and Adam contemplate their carry-on baggage allowance, photograph by the Wexner Center’s Erica Anderson)

Fri 9-May-08 London, Vice Calling at Proud Gallery
Sun 11-May-08 Camber Sands, All Tomorrow’s Parties
Mon 12-May-08 Bristol, Louisiana
Wed 14-May-08 London Café Otto with Jay Reatard
Thu 15-May-08 London, Stag and Dagger with Jay Reatard and Lovvers
Fri 16-May-08  Brighton, Great Escape Drowned in Sound stage
Sat 17-May-08 Brighton, Great Escape Bosh stage
Sun 18-May-08 Cardiff, Clwb Iforbach
Tue 20-May-08 Liverpool Korova Bar
Wed 21-May-08 London, Corsica Studio’s – Plan B Night
Thu 22-May-08 Leeds, The Common Place
Fri 23-May-08  Edinburgh, Studio 24
Sat 24-May-08 Glasgow, Captain’s Rest
Mon 26-May-08 Dublin, Andrew’s Lane Theatre
Wed 28-May-08 Amsterdam ,Paradiso
Sat 31-May-08 Primavera Festival, Barcelona

Jay Reatard – Confirmed UK Dates

(pic from Surgery‘s Flickr page)

Thu 8-May-08 Old Blue Last, Shoreditch London
Sun 11-May-08 All Tomorrow’s Parties, Camber Sands
Tue 13-May-08 White Heat, Madame JoJo’s, London
Wed 14-May-08 Cafe Otto, London with Times New Viking
Thu 15-May-08  Stag and Dagger, London with Times New Viking and Lovvers
Mon 19-May-08  Pure Groove Records, London

more dates to be announced. Unless they’re top secret, in which case they won’t be.

Plundering The Vaults Looking Back At Rock History With Mission Of Burma

(it took 26 years, but Burma have finally emerged from Springa’s shadow — nice work!)

In addition to taking part in the forthcoming Pitchfork Festival on July 18, performing Vs. from front to back (prior to Public Enemy — finally, Professor Griff and Peter Prescott can meet in person after years of correspondence), Mission Of Burma have announced the following dates via a blast of unsolicited email :

Mission of Burma will be playing four shows this June in support of the recently released Mission of Burma: The Definitive Editions. The good folks at Matador Records and Rick Harte of Ace of Hearts have given Burma’s original material the deluxe treatment for the reissues, and each of these special performances will feature one of the albums Signals, Calls, and Marches or VS. in its entirety. This pre-sale is for limite! d number of two-day tickets available for each city, which are being sold at a discounted price ($35 for two shows vs. $20 per show), and will also include a beautiful Mission of Burma poster (to be picked up on the night of the show). Individual tickets will go on sale to the general public soon.

Thursday June 12 (performing ‘Signals Calls & Marches’)
Friday June 13 (performing ‘Vs.’)
The Paradise Rock Club, Boston , MA

Saturday June 14 (performing ‘Signals Calls & Marches’
Sunday June 15 (performing ‘Vs.’)
Bowery Ballroom, NYC, NY

And on top of all that, Burma have the following European dates written in bold ink in their personal diaries :

May 31 – Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona
June 2- Moby Dick, Madrid (with Shellac)
June 3 – Theatre, Gijon (with Shellac)
June 4 – Cafe Antzoki, Bilbao (with Shellac)
June 5 – BT59, Bordeaux
June 6 – Olympic, Nantes (with Shellac)
June 7 – Villette Sonique (with Shellac)

Shearwater Presents ‘Rook’ – Live – May 5th (NYC) & 29th (Austin)

On Monday, May 5th and Thursday, May 29th, Shearwater will premiere ‘Rook’ in special concerts at the beautiful Florence Gould Concert Hall at Manhattan’s French Institute and The Parish in Austin, Texas. For both events, Shearwater will be joined by a string quartet, woodwinds, trumpets, and a harpist, and will play the new album, ‘Rook’, in its entirely, along with a set of older songs.

We are especially proud to announce that the New York show will begin with a rare solo performance by the legendary Michael Gira (Swans, Angels of Light), and will also feature projections by Kahn & Selesnick, the team behind Rook’s cover art.

Tickets to these events are limited. For New York (May 5), they are available from Ticketmaster, starting Friday, April 11 at 10am, and from Other Music.

Matador is offering tickets to the May 5 show plus a preorder for ‘Rook’ via this link. For $25, you can purchase the CD version of ‘Rook’, along with a ticket to the Florence Gould Hall Show (face value, $15).

Tickets for the Austin show (May 29) are available now from Front Gate.

In addition, a limited 7″ of “Rooks” b/w “The Rainbow” (a previously unreleased Talk Talk cover — not featured on the upcoming ‘Rook’ LP/CD) will be available for purchase at both shows.

Florence Gould Hall
55 East 59th Street
Between Park & Madison avenues
New York, NY 10022

Doors at 7pm. Show begins promptly at 7:30pm

“Rooks” (mp3)

Matmos – New US Dates

(Drew and Martin at the Stone, NYC, Feb. ’08, pic taken from ex-atari kid’s flickr page)

7-Seattle, WA @ Triple Door*
10-Portland, OR @ Aladdin Theater*
12-SF, CA @ Great American Music Hall*
15-Boulder, CO @ Boulder Theatre*
18-New York, NY @ LPR (formerly Village Gate on 158 Bleecker St)**
19-New York, NY @ LPR**
21-Toronto, ONT @ THe Music Gallery**
23-Columbus, OH @ Wexner Center**
24-Detroit, MI @ Detroit Institute of Arts**
25-Pittsburgh, PA @ Andy Warhol Museum**
27-Chicago, IL @ Lakeshore Theater**

* – support from Wobbly

**- support from Snacks

Cat Power & Dirty Delta Blues – US, Columbia & Mexico Shows Updated

* – indicates a new addition since the last time we did this. Appaloosa support 4/11-4/22

4/9 Bellingham WA W. Washington Univ.@ Performing Arts Center*
4/10 Vancouver BC Vogue Theatre
4/11 Seattle WA Showbox SoDo
4/12 Eugene OR McDonald Theater
4/13 Portland OR Roseland
4/15 San Francisco CA Warfield Theater
4/16 San Diego CA 4th & B
4/17 Tempe AZ Marquee Theatre
4/19 Dallas TX Palladium Ballroom
4/20 Austin TX Stubb’s
4/22 Houston TX Warehouse
4/23 Mexico City Mexico Lunario
4/25 Bogota, Columbia Teatro *
5/3 Memphis TN Beale St. Music Festival*
6/14 Manchester TN Bonnaroo Music Festival*
8/10 Jersey City NJ All Points West.Music & Arts Festvial*
9/17 Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Bowl * (with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Spiritualized)

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Amoeba San Francisco In-Store!

The three-night free-for-all ends tonight with an Amoeba San Francisco in-store!

Tonight! FREE! All-Ages!
Wednesday, March 5th at 7:00pm

Amoeba Music San Francisco


p.s. did anyone else notice the magazine cover above Stephen’s shoulder and the resemblance between the two? I only noticed because I was zooming in to get a better look at Stephen’s bad-ass glasses.

(photo by Miwa Okumura, shitty crop job by me)