This just in… Buy Early Get Now bonus vinyl LP!


So we just got the bonus LPs in and guess what… they’re awesome!!

These ultra-limited badboys feature Yo La Tengo’s exclusive score for the film ‘Adventureland.’

So what’s that mean?

That means in addition to the ‘Popular Songs’ CD or double LP, early stream of the album, two bonus MP3s and exclusive poster you get an entire vinyl LP of never-before-released instrumental tracks by Yo La Tengo… that is, of course, if you’re a Buy Early Get Now customer.

You can sign up for Buy Early Get Now here or find your local participating retailer here.

(Not So Random) Single From The Collection, March ’09 Edition

Back in the way-back machine when Matador had our very first office (that wasn’t my apartment) we sold direct to stores in addition to selling our own singles and LP’s ; we started selling non matador records we liked, and soon-to-be matador related records. It was a way to keep the lights on with an extremely sparse release schedule (release dates? ha!) I would try to get stores to pick up these singles or albums COD, talking to folks like Bob Schick (of the mighty Honor Role) at Plan 9, Janet from Fallout, Mark Trehus at Oarfolkjokapus, Conrad Capistran at In Your Ear, Mike Lavella at Phantom of the Attic (he mailed me Quaaludes once) and Natalie Carlson at Aarons (boy she was a pain in the ass, but later I learned she was the coolest girl I ever met).

This was how Matador Direct got started. One of the first singles we carried was the very first Chunk single, pre-Matador, right when they had to change their name to Superchunk. The band hand colored 200 of these individual sleeves, and I kept this one. Pretty sweet indeed

Belle Artwork Contest Winner

To say that we were impressed with this contest would be an understatement.  The entries ranged from nü american gothic weird to recycled internet meme.

At the end of the day, Stuart said it came to this:

“once the group realised beans was in fact represented (as a mosquito at the back) they gave him the prize!”

So, without further adooo…  congratulations Colocho from France. (yes, he is a true artist…only one name)

Upon hearing of his good fortune (and enduring a GITMO-esque indemnification process to prove he was indeed the creator of this original piece of art), Colocho exclaimed:


mon véritable nom est Éric Girard , 36 ans, Colocho est mon nom d’illustrateur. Je vis et travaille à Lyon, France.

Je doit dire que la musique de Belle and Sebastian accompagne souvent mes séances de travail. C’est donc un grand honneur pour moi d’avoir été choisi par le groupe, surtout que la participation fut abondante et de qualité.

J’avoue qu’à ce jour j’ai encore beaucoup de mal à y croire, mon entourage également.
C’est surréaliste !

Mon dessin était tout en simplicité, encre, pinceau, papier… Je ne pensais vraiment pas attirer l’attention du groupe…

J’ai tout de suite eu l’envie de faire un dessin noir et blanc, mes amis et ma compagne m’ont reprochés de ne pas mettre une touche de couleur…

Cependant mon parti pris a été récompensé.

Je suis comblé… Cette nouvelle arrive au bon moment dans ma carrière, un coup de projecteur pour faire connaître mon travail.

Merci infiniment au groupe.

Merci infiniment à Matador Records.

Merci infiniment à vous.


We have consulted our French to English translator site and we are pretty sure we don’t see “remuneration” anywhere in that message.

Click here for a gallery of the finalists.  You all get the Matador B&S discography on CD.

Stay tuned for information on when these limited edition CDs will be on shelves.

Department of People Actually Win These Things??

Remember that contest we ran over the holidays? The one where you could win every 7″ in our Jay Reatard Singles Series plus an autographed copy of the Beck split? For most it was a minor waste of time- but one randomly selected person actually won this thing!

Congratulations to Matt Elliot of Newfoundland, Canada! Enjoy the records!

Fucked Up to play free 12-hour show in NYC, Tues Oct 14

To celebrate the release of The Chemistry Of Common Life, in stores this coming Tuesday, Fucked Up will be playing live for twelve hours straight at a storefront in New York City THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY.

On Tuesday, October 14, from 2PM until 2 AM, the band will be playing a twelve-hour show at the Rogan store at the corner of Bowery and Bond. Admission is free. All ages are welcome to attend, though the free alcohol will be limited to those 21 and over. Additionally, a free limited-edition 7″ of “Royal Swan” will be given away to the first batch of attendees, with a second allotment given away at a later time in the show to be announced.

Special guests will be joining the band on stage to help them through this marathon, including the Vivian Girls, John Joseph, Matt Sweeney, Chain Gang, Mobb Deep, Ryan Sawyer from Tall Firs, Jeff Jensen, David Cross, John Cale, K-Taro, Chris Doherty, E.K., DJ Chris, DJ Anarki, Michael Gira, members of the Australian Scapa Flow, Jeanne Bovet, Gods & Queens, Akon, The Edge, Ben Blackwell, Russell Simins, the Boogie, and some megastars we can’t announce yet.

Seen below is the cover to the limited-edition 7″. Good luck.

The lyrics as well as a download of an alternate version of “Royal Swan” can be found here.

Looking For Gold
Fucked Up Wikipedia page
Fucked Up artist page on Matador

Shred Yr Face : The Skinny

So we already brought you a teaser of info about the forthcoming triple-fun-shot-fest that is SHREDYRFACE. Now here’s the full lowdown :

This will be regularly updated on the road by all bands, showing you exactly what goes on on tour. So keep heading back there for updates and exclusives.


Times New Viking, No Age and Los Campesinos! travel across the UK in a big old bus, singing show tunes and making noise. Often individually, occasionally together. We’re pretty sure a bit of Kumbaya will be going down.

14 Brighton, England – Komedia
15 Liverpool, England – Academy 2
16 Leeds, England – Irish Centre
17 Dublin, Ireland – Whelans
18 Glasgow, Scotland – School of Arts
19 London, England – Pure Groove (in-store) (3 p.m.)
19 London, England – Beyond Retro (in-store) (5 p.m.)
19 London, England – Rough Trade East (in-store) (7 p.m.)
20 London, England – Electric Ballroom
21 Bristol, England – Fleece

The three bands have got their collective heads together for a limited edition tour 7″ that will be available from the Coalition group of indie stores in the UK.
Tracklisting :
01 Los Campesinos!: “Death to Los Campesinos! (Napoleon III Remix)”
02 No Age: “Revolving Credit for Kitty”
03 Times New Viking: “Anything Could Happen” (The Clean cover)

As well as all this, there’s gonna be some super hot instore action where you can get up close and personal with each band. Maybe you’ll even get sweated on by Beth?

14 Brighton Resident – No Age
16 Leeds Crash – Times New Viking
19 London Pure Groove (3pm)
19 London Beyond Retro (5pm)
19 London Rough Trade East (7pm)
22 Manchester Piccadilly – Los Campesinos!

So this is where it gets a little confusing. You’ll already get TNV up at the Leeds Crash store, but as well as that, all three bands will play a store of their choice around London on October 19th. They’ll hit Pure Groove at 3 p.m., Beyond Retro at 5 p.m., and Rough Trade East at 7 p.m., but its currently a big secret as to who plays where. So why not go to all?

Seattle artist Carlos Ruiz has designed a t-shirt and a limited edition silkscreened poster for the Shred Yr Face tour, both of which will be available at the shows and at Coalition stores. So get down there early and bag your own piece of history.

Jay Reatard Single #6 Pre-Order Tuesday 9/16 3pm

Pre-sale for the 6th installment of our Jay Reatard 7″ singles series begins this Tuesday at 3pm.

Pre-order is going to go like it did for single #5- On Tuesday, at 3pm EST we will reveal a unique email address on The email address will be different than last time around.

Please send an email to the revealed address with “Jay Reatard” as the subject line. Those that email us in time to get a record will get a confirmation email within the hour. After receiving a confirmation email, you will see a buy-link appear on the store page when logged into your Matador Store account. Make sure to send an email from your Matador Store registered email address. To be clear, sending an email DOES NOT ensure that you’ll get a copy. If you have yet to sign up for a Matador Store account please do so here.

If you happen to miss out on getting one of these singles. Don’t despair! All of the 7″s are collected on the upcoming Matador Singles ’08 CD/LP now available for PRE-ORDER. The LP comes on 180g vinyl and comes with an mp3 coupon. Plus pre-order and get $1 off of the standard price for the CD/LP and a free poster.

Jay Reatard Single #5 Pre-Order Tuesday at 3pm

Pre-sale for the 5th installment of our Jay Reatard 7″ singles series begins this Tuesday at 3pm.

Here’s how it’s gonna to go….

On Tuesday, at 3pm EST we will reveal an email address on

Please send an email to the revealed address with “Jay Reatard” as the subject line. Those that email us in time to get a record will see a buy-link appear in the store when they log into their account within the hour. Make sure to send an email from your Matador Store registered email address. To be clear, sending an email DOES NOT ensure that you’ll get a copy. If you have yet to sign up for a Matador Store account please do so here.

We have even fewer copies of this 7″ than we had of the last one so we’re taking these extra steps to ensure that everyone gets a fair shake at getting a copy. That means less server lock-up, no waiting in the checkout line, and (hopefully) less confusion in general. Good luck!

Jay Reatard 7″ #5

That’s right… three different sleeves, featuring pics of Jay, Stephen and Billy. (Sorry, we cannot accommodate requests for a specific sleeve, and webstore preorders will be limited to one per customer.) Tracks are “Trapped Here” on the A-side, and “Hiding Hole” and “Dead On Arrival” on the B-side.

Release date is August 19.

We’ll be announcing preorder information shortly and yes, we have a plan in place to deal with the problems we had on #4.

Times New Viking Makes Art (In Patrick’s Office)

The Times New Viking Music Festival Weekend Express made a brief stop by our offices on Friday to drop off some new tunes and create some artwork on Patrick’s floor. Both of these bits of news (and the video below) should excite you (or at least ignite another limited edish 7″ thread on the BB).


New Pre-order Autographed Awesomeness

The next 100 people to pre-order my COMING SOON record HERE WITH ME (on CD or LP) will receive a signed record jacket!!

Matador has ordered 100 extra LP sleeves which I will sign with SILVER SHARPIES for extra beautiful-ness!  They will be neatly trimmed to look like a record flat – suitable for framing!

Several people have expressed to me how much they love the new album cover and so I made this suggestion to Matador and they agreed. They said, “Great idea, Jennifer!”  You see, this is how great music business relationships work.

So, don’t miss your chance to own a piece of JO’C/Matador history.



I saw Times New Viking in London and all I got was this

I found this pinned to the wall of the Beggars flat. A parting gift from Times New Viking in the form of a ponytail sported by the formerly-long-haired Beth Murphy.

Not being one to pass up on any opportunity to make some drinking money on the sly, I’ll flog this to the highest and most foolish bidder. Cash preferably please. Sterling, not dollars (this is London after all).

Jay Reatard- Painted Shut Pre-Order Starts 3pm TODAY

The second 7″ in Jay Reatard’s singles series for Matador Records & Filmworks, “Painted Shut” b/w “An Ugly Death” will be available for pre-order at 3PM Eastern Time. As with the last record, quantities are extremely limited so we can only honor one copy per order.

This record features features artwork by Mike Sniper.

Order HERE

Jay Reatard- See/Saw Pre-Order Starts TODAY

Jay Reatard- See/Saw

The first 7″ in Jay Reatard’s singles series for Matador, “See Saw” b/w “Screaming Hand”, goes up for pre-order TODAY at 3pm Eastern Time. Because of the extremely limited quantity of this record we will only honor one copy per customer so plans to stockpile these and send your kids to college isn’t going to work this time around. Also, once they’re gone, they’re gone so don’t dilly-dally!!


Why do people buy records?

I’ve been quizzed a lot recently about the so-called vinyl revival. Sales of indie rock records, of rock records in general, are up on vinyl. I respond with the standard litany of answers: people want to connect with an artifact, something real and physical, and something that doesn’t feel as worthless and disposable as a CD… something that sounds better than an MP3. The inclusion of MP3 download coupons in vinyl LPs also caused a big spike in sales, since people no longer had to choose between CDs and LPs.

But in some ways the whole question misses the point, because it implies that people buy records only because they want to hear the music. The real question could be: why do people still buy CDs? And this gets into the reason why we’re still called Matador Records, not Matador Music or Matador Entertainment. We’re not a music company: we’re a record label.

I think that many people buy records not just to hear the music, and in some cases not to hear the music at all. There’s an employee here who actually pays money to buy secondhand CDs on eBay of his favorite ’80s artists like Annie Lennox. He has all the music already – he just wants to put the CD on a shelf. When I was 12 or 13 and first started haunting used record stores in Boston, I wanted to smell and feel and touch the vinyl, the cardboard jackets, the musty smell of the carpets. This wasn’t just nostalgia: I’ve always been a collector of things – stamps, coins, books. I like to amass stuff and display it. Of course I love to handle, read and listen them too. But owning and listening aren’t unconnected. The whole thing is interconnected and intertwined.

That some people like to pay for, collect and own records (and this includes downloads from iTunes as well as LPs and CDs) is not meant to suggest that the music business isn’t in trouble or that the sales of recorded music are not in decline. But the media have not gotten the whole story here, which is why I’m talking to puzzled journalists at Time, Wired, Rolling Stone and other publications every couple of weeks. It’s just that the focus on vinyl sales is only part of the picture.

I don’t believe that downloading and competition from other formats like games and DVDs are the only cause of the decline in record sales. It’s also simple availability. Tower Records was actually profitable on a store-by-store basis. The chain went under because their bank would no longer finance their revolving line of credit. Of course, Tower shouldn’t have accumulated as much debt as it did, but in other industries, in the economy as it existed 2 years ago, credit was not a problem. The problem was that Wall Street no longer believed that selling records had a future. In other words, Tower didn’t go under because its record sales were down: it went under because the banks, under the influence of the media and popular memes believed that record sales were going to go down.

Of course, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy to some extent. If Towers go under and there are fewer places to buy records, then record sales will go down. Ironically, this is one of the things that killed vinyl in the late ’80s. Everyone said: get vinyl out of there, convert your retail racks to CDs, or you’re going to get stuck with a dead format and dead inventory that you can’t sell. Now this same meme is killing record retail (or at least chain retail, and the indies who aren’t moving with the times).

This same meme affects people on an individual level. People who would go on buying records out of love of owning records, or even just out of habit, stop doing so because they are told that it’s stupid and a waste of money to buy records. And they can no longer do it easily anyway, because their favorite record store is out of business. Only the portion of the record buyers who really care about owning records will still go out there and do it… and of course, a good percentage of those are people who want to buy vinyl, not CDs or digital downloads. But even the latter two types of buyer (and there’s plenty of overlap) buy because they want to buy and own records in whatever format, and they will continue to buck popular perceptions. For a while anyway.

So my challenge to all the media outlets asking me about the vinyl revival is to say: are you really looking at the full complexity of the story? Why do people buy records, and to what extent are you, the media, complicit in making it difficult or uncool for them to do so?