Free show alert!


I am playing a free, acoustic-ish, set tonight, March 5 at The Delancey in the LES of Manhattan.

Here are the details:

The Delancey, 168 Delancey St, NYC, 8pm, FREE

8:15-8:45 (Hosting & Performing) Franz Nicolay
9:55-9:25 Yoni Gordon (
9:30-10:05 Serena Jost (
10:15-11 Jennifer O’Connor (

This is me:

See you later,


Music Saves in Cleveland

Last night we played at the Beachland Tavern in Cleveland and we visited Music Saves – a very cool little record shop around the corner from the venue.  I talked to owners, Kevin and Melanie.  Here’s a pic of us after the interview in front of their very cool neon signage.

JO’C:  This is your store, right?  How long have you been at it?

K&M : 4 years.

JO’C:  What’s the best thing about running this store?

Kevin:  All the money you make from selling independent records.

JO’C:  Ha!  Right… I’m familiar with that perk as well.

Melanie:  Seriously, we are fans and it is really awesome to be able to be in the unique position where we can really help bands out in a way we couldn’t if we didn’t have this store.  If we love a record or a band we can really push them and turn people on to them.

JO’C:  How does being in such close proximity to the Beachland Ballroom affect your business?   I assume that’s why you chose this location, right?

Melanie:  Yes, that’s why.  We work together with Beachland.  We sell tickets to the shows and help promote the bands that play there.  We put on shows with them sometimes.  We are all good friends and part of the same community.

JO’C:  Do you stay open late on show nights?

Melanie:  Yes, sometimes.  We did recently for the Neko Case show.

Kevin:  We once stayed open until 3:30 in the morning for a Guided By Voices show.

JO’C:  That’s awesome.  I love the idea of being able to shop for records before, after or during a show.

Do you guys have a prized record in your own personal collection(s)?

Kevin:  I’m not so much of a collector.

Melanie:  Yeah, but we do have some stuff.  We have like 6 copies of that first Menomena record where it folds out into a monster.  There are only like 500 copies of those.   We each got that for eachother for Christmas that year.

JO’C: Aw, that’s sweet.  You guys are married, right?

K&M: Yes.

JO’C:  Ok, just a couple more questions.  What’s your favorite place to eat in Cleveland?

Kevin:  Probably Melt.

Melanie:  It’s full name is Melt Bar & Grilled.

Kevin:  Grilled cheese sandwiches.

JO’C:  Yum!  And its getting to be the time of year for this question….What’s your favorite record of 2008?

Kevin: Bon Iver.

Melanie:  We both love the Frightened Rabbit record too

JO’C:  They just did an instore here today right?

K&M: Yup.

Kevin and Melanie also professed a love for the new Marnie Stern record but thought maybe it was too soon to add it to their favorites of the year list.

Jon Langmead got some used Willie Nelson vinyl and we went and played our set at the Tavern.  Nick Lowe was playing the big room next door and I got to hear half of “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding” before we went on – which was pretty cool.  I also met Amy Rigby and Wreckless Eric who were in attendance.  So, all in all, a pretty chockful day.

Love from Pontiac, MI where we will play with The New Year tonight,

Jennifer O’Connor

Hardcore & More at Dynamite Records – Northampton, Mass

Michael and I did a duo show a week or so ago in Northampton and I used this as as an opportunity to resume my record store interviews. We hit up Dynamite Records in Northampton, which had moved to my surprise, but we tracked them down.

I spoke to Lane and Willis.

Jennifer, Lane, Willis
Jennifer, Lane, Willis

JO’C: How long have you worked here?

Lane: 3 months

JO’C: What did you have for lunch?

Lane: Burger King Double Cheese Burger!

JO’C: What’s the last great show you went to?

Lane: Western Mass Hardcore Fest in Amherst

JO’C: What’s the best record you’ve come across lately?

Lane: Street Dogs – State of Grace

JO’C – Did you get it here at Dynamite?

Lane: Yeah

Willis: You really got it from me!

Lane: Well, yeah, but that’s through here.

JO’C: Ok. If you could meet any musician or band, dead or alive, who would it be?

Lane: Talib Kweli

Willis: Joe Strummer

JO’C: Anything else we should know about Dynamite?

Willis: We are the best record store in the Valley.

JO’C: Ok, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.

This did seem like a pretty cool store, though it seemed like they had considerably less stock than in their previous location, but I think they are still in the process of moving. Lots of vinyl – reasonably priced.

Look out for many more record store interviews in the coming weeks as we are about to head out for over a month. Feel free to check out the tour schedule and send along your recommendations!


JO’C tour with Damien Jurado

Tonight is our last night of our 5 date, west-coast run with Damien Jurado – it has been really, really great. Damien and Eric and Jenna are fantastic musicians and people and its been an honor to share a stage with them all week.

Rocky Mountains:


DJ Soundcheck:

That’s it, I guess. I meant to take more pictures and do a record store blog but there wasn’t enough time. West coast drives between cities are too long.

Playing in the van: The Shins – Oh, Inverted World, Spiritualized – Songs in A&E, Jay Reatard – Singles 06/07, Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III, Damien Jurado – Caught In The Trees, Magnetic Fields – 69 Love Songs Vol. One

Permanent Records, Greenpoint!

Permanent Records is a new-ish record store in my neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. When I started doing my record store visit posts on tour, I knew at some point I wanted to do one on Permanent. I visit this store at least once a week when I’m in town. They have an amazing selection of used cds and vinyl and the right selection of new titles so when I want to pick up a new release they usually have it.

I talked to Marjorie (owner) and Ron.

Marjorie, Ron, Me
Marjorie, Ron, Me

JO’C: Permanent used to be in Long Island, right? Why the move to Greenpoint?

Marjorie: Well, I live in Brooklyn, so the commute is much easier now. Also, as much as I liked Northport, people are much more supportive of music here.

JO’C: So you like having the store here in Greenpoint? How long have you been here?

Marjorie: Yes, I can hardly remember what it was like before. We opened the store in Greenpoint in May of 2007. It’s actually more like being in a small town here in Greenpoint than it was in Northport. Which is pretty rare for being in an urban setting.

JO’C: Greenpoint does feel like a small town. I think its one of the things I like most about living here.
What are your favorite places to eat in Greenpoint. This is the one question I ask of all the stores….

Ron: Brooklyn Label – They have a good balance of veggie and meat selections. And the coffee is good.

Marjorie: The Habitat on Manhattan Ave.

JO’C : I go to Brooklyn Label all the time. I’ve never even heard of The Habitat – new place to go!
Ok, what do you sell the most of in the store?

Marjorie: I’d say we’d sell the most used LPs, then used cds, then new lps, then new cds.

JO’C: That makes sense to me – as someone who comes here frequently and buys like 20 used cds at a time. ****

Marjorie: I’ve always enjoyed letting the used collections that I buy dictate the inventory I stock. We definitely carry new titles, but our niche is more used items.

JO’C: What’s the first record(s) you remember buying as a kid?

Marjorie: Yes Fragile. Blondie Heart of Glass 45 and Parliament Flashlight 45

Ron: Kiss Love Gun 45 and Aimee Stewart Knock on Wood 45

JO’C: Marjorie, I think you are the first woman record store owner I’ve ever come across, in all my years going to record stores. Do you know any other women who own record stores?

Marjorie: Not currently…

JO’C: I’ve always wanted to have my own store. Maybe someday….
What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about owning a record store?

Marjorie: Well, being my own boss is my favorite. And being my own boss, is also probably my least favorite.

JO’C: I hear that.
And you do instores here at Permanent right?

Marjore: Yup. We’ve done close to 20 or so in the last year.

JO’C: As a matter of fact, I am doing an instore at Permanent on Saturday August 23 at 3pm – to celebrate the Aug 19 release of my new record Here With Me. It’s free! (the instore, not the record). 🙂

****I should not neglect to note that there is an awesome 99 cent cd section at Permanent and a 5 for $10 cd section. Also, dollar lps and really great prices on everything really – new and used. If you are a record store fanatic like me, and live in the NYC area, you should really come check this store out!!

JO’C + Milwaukee + Atomic Records + Sahan = True Love Forever

Lots to say, people, lots.  I totally heart Milwaukee.  Previously, I’d been to this fine city only once to play and had such a great time.  I wondered if it was a fluke.  I now know it was no fluke – Milwaukee may just be the finest place on Earth.

But let’s get to the record store juice, shall we?

I visited Atomic Records and had a lovely chat with Sahan.

JO’C: How long have you worked here?

Sahan: One year.

JO’C: What did you have for lunch?

Sahan: A baked potato.

JO’C: Yum, that sounds good. What’s your favorite place to eat in Milwaukee?

Sahan: Classic Slice.

JO’C: What’s the best music venue in Milwaukee?

Sahan: NOT The Rave.

JO’C: Oh shit! Is there a good music scene here? What are some good local bands?

Sahan: Yeah, I’d say there is. Malachi, Get Rad, Call Me Lightning, Brief Candles. Those are some of the best.

JO’C: Cool, I’ll check them out. What are your favorite new releases?

Sahan: Gregor Samsa – Rest and the Atlas Sounds‘ record.

JO’C: Are you going to any of the big festivals down in Chicago this summer?

Sahan: No, I was gonna go to Pitchfork, but I’m not now. I AM going to see My Bloody Valentine in September.

JO’C: I think that’s a much better choice. Good work.
I really like Milwaukee. Should I move here?

Sahan: Yes.

JO’C: Anything else you’d like to add?

Sahan: Yes, I am not 15…I’m actually 22.

Atomic is awesome. Sahan gave me a great Atomic Records t-shirt, and I bought Aretha Franklin’s I Never Loved a Man…on cd so I could listen in the car. And a $2 Deee-Lite single with some rad re-mixes. I also got the new Magnet magazine…which has a really fucking awesome new Matador ad in it. Really. To top it off – Sahan came to the show that night at the Cactus Club – which was the best show so far I think. I could go on and on, but unfortunately, I have to get in my rented Chevy Impala and drive to Minneapolis now.


Homer’s Music in Lincoln, NE

It was 85 degrees at noon yesterday when I rolled up to Homer’s Music and Gifts on O Street in Lincoln, Nebraska.   The unsuspecting clerks working were Michael and Ted.

JO’C:  How long have you guys worked here?

Michael: About 6 or 7 months.

Ted:  6 years.

JO’C: Have you had breakfast/lunch yet?

Michael:  Yes, we had bagels from the bagel place next store.  That’s what we do every Sunday.

JO’C:  You’ve got your own Sunday routine…I like that.  What did you guys do last night?  I’m curious what young music-loving people like yourselves do on a Saturday night in Lincoln….

Ted:  Everclear watermelon.

JO’C:  Wow. Really?

Michael:   I watched Welcome to the Dollhouse and drank a couple of cases of beer with some friends.

JO’C:  That’s a lot of beer.  Ok…down to business…what’s your favorite new release?

Michael – Clinic – Do It!

Ted – Gravenhurst – The Western Lands

JO’C – Ok, cool….what are some of your favorite bands in general? Or your favorite?

Michael – There are too many to name.

Ted: Sonic Youth, The Start, Cocteau Twins

JO’C:  Tell me something about Lincoln and what its like to live here?

Ted: It’s comfortable.

Michael: It’s not so good for bikes though…you get called queer a lot.  But we ride our bikes everywhere anyway.  Other than that the people are cool.

JO’C : Anything else you’d like to add for the Matablog readers?

Michael:  Join the Space Station!

Ted:  Matador is a sweet label.

So, there you have it – Lincoln, Nebraska.

I’m gonna try to hit up Milwaukee and Des Moines later this week.  If anyone has recommendations…let me know!







Jennifer O’Connor in Omaha – Antiquariam Records

Today is the first day of my 10 date midwest run with Son Ambulance.  Right now I’m sitting at The Old Mattress Factory or The Matt Bar and Grill as it says on my pint glass – eating some fish tacos and looking at 13 different large screen TVs showing baseball and golf.  

This afternoon I visited Antiquarium Records.   I got a used copy of Grizzly Bear’s Yellow House on CD for $4 and I spoke with Chelsea.










JO’C:  How long have you been working here?

Chelsea:  About 3 months.

JO’C:  What did you have for lunch today?

Chelsea:  A bagel.

JO’C:  What’s your favorite place to eat in Omaha?

Chelsea:  Amsterdam Falafel & Kebab on 50th Street.

JO’C:  That’s the 2nd time I’ve gotten a falafel joint recommendation in my 3 times asking this question of record store employees.  Hmm…. 

What’s your favorite local band?

Chelsea:  Box Elders  (Jeremiah of  Box Elders was hanging out behind the counter with his geetar).

JO’C:  What’s your favorite record of 2008 so far?

Chelsea:  Times New Viking!

JO’C:  Yes, I’ve heard of them somewhere.  No, I’m kidding – I love their record too.  To continue the Matador theme we have going here, what is your favorite Matador band of all time?

Chelsea:  Pavement!

JO’C:  Good choice.  

Anything else you’d like to add for the Matablog readers?

Chelsea:  Keep buying records and going to record stores!

JO’C:  Wise words.

I would like to note that this was a charming store with very nice people and lots of vinyl!  When I told Chelsea I was on Matador and what I was there to do, she remarked that she wasn’t cool enough for Matador – that I should wait for the owner to come back because he was cooler.  I just want Chelsea and everyone else to know…that they ARE cool enough for Matador.  Matador loves you.  And so do I.



PS. I’ll be doing some myspace blogging about the shows and such on my, uh, myspace page.

New Pre-order Autographed Awesomeness

The next 100 people to pre-order my COMING SOON record HERE WITH ME (on CD or LP) will receive a signed record jacket!!

Matador has ordered 100 extra LP sleeves which I will sign with SILVER SHARPIES for extra beautiful-ness!  They will be neatly trimmed to look like a record flat – suitable for framing!

Several people have expressed to me how much they love the new album cover and so I made this suggestion to Matador and they agreed. They said, “Great idea, Jennifer!”  You see, this is how great music business relationships work.

So, don’t miss your chance to own a piece of JO’C/Matador history.



Some pix & stuff from the tour with Jamie Lidell

As promised, I am here to do some blogging about the tour we finished a couple of weeks ago in support of Mr. Jamie Lidell.  I’m just beginning to feel recovered from it -we covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time.  Going in to the tour, I thought we were different enough as musical acts (Jamie and I) to make for an interesting (albeit, perhaps slightly odd) show. I was actually really excited about doing something different instead of just touring with another singer-songwriter/song-oriented band.  I thought it would be really cool to have two pretty disparate acts on the same bill.  Today, having been through the experience, I’m not sure if it worked or if it can work. It was truly difficult at times, but completely spectacular and revelatory at others.  In all, I’m really glad we did it and I feel like I learned a lot.  

As a music fan, I love it when I go see a show and there are really different types of music on the bill.  It keeps me on my toes and keeps me from being a complacent listener.  But these types of shows happen so rarely.  Why is that?  And why are people so resistant to it?

In any case, I had a great time playing the new songs with my band and getting to meet some new folks (Jamie and his crew were some of the nicest peeps ever)  and especially, playing the fucking 9:30 club in Washington D.C.  I really should do a whole blog post just about this place.  I have never played a better venue. Better in every way.  Good sound?  Check.  Great staff?  Check.  Treated like a human being and not just like the the opening act slime?  Check.  God, the people that run that place deserve to be knighted or something.  When we were leaving, Jon Langmead who plays drums in my band said….”I wish I could live here.”  Seriously, that’s how great this place and the people who run it are.  

Ok, so here’s some of my fave photos from the tour.  If you’d like to see (many) more, you can go to my myspace page where I just uploaded way, way more than you’d probably ever like to see.

Me and Michael Brodlieb (bass) in the van en route to Chicago:

Lidell & crew soundcheck at Bowery:

Set list, big and little:

The back of Chris Lombardi (and us on stage at Bowery):

Ladies and gentlemen, Jon Langmead on drums:

feeling it:

flashing lights:

That’s it!  More soon….

Love, JO’C

Record Store Day : Extended version. Part 2 : A.K.A. Music in Philly

Hello Everyone!

I fully expected to do another one of these record store visits sooner, but long drives chasing the Jamie Lidell tour bus kept us from record store adventure #2 until yesterday in the lovely city of Philadelphia.  

We decided on A.K.A. Music after having it recommended to us on various occasions.  Max was working the counter and he gave us some very useful information.

me and max at aka

JO’C: How long have you been working here?

Max: Almost 2 years.

JO’C: What’s your favorite new release?

Max: Well, it’s not “new”, but I like the Rayne reissue.

JO’C: (Confused look)

Max: They were a late 70’s garage band.

JO’C: Cool. Where do you like to listen to music?

Max: At home.

JO’C: And what is your preferred format?

Max: Vinyl.

JO’C: Finally, where’s your favorite place to eat in Philly?

Max: Good question. John’s Roast Pork on Delaware Avenue. They have great pork sandwiches and great cheesesteaks too.

JO’C: Thanks Max!

I would also like to note that A.K.A. has a really great bargain bin used cd selection. I got a bunch of greatest hits discs for 2.99 – New Order, Kinks Kronicles, and some weird Prince Greatest Hits I hadn’t seen before. Also a Massive Attack soundtrack and a disc by the Departure Lounge that I didn’t have. I would have spent many hours combing through it if we’d had more time.

PS. I’ll do a blog sometime soon about the actual shows we’ve been playing!

Record Store Day: extended version. Part One: Reckless Records

Hi Matablog Readers!

I started a tour today supporting Jamie Lidell and I’m in Chicago at the Abbey Pub awaiting soundcheck. Because I enjoyed participating in Record Store Day so much earlier this year, I’ve decided to visit local record stores in some of the cities we are playing and find out the answers to some important questions. This is my way of continuing to celebrate all the awesome record stores throughout the country. 

Today, we went to Reckless Records in Wicker Park and talked with Dan.

Dan and I

JO’C: How long have you worked at Reckless?

Dan: About 4 years.

JO’C: What did you have for lunch?

Dan: A chicken flatbread sandwich from 7-11.

JO’C: Do you have favorite restaurant in the area?

Dan: I’m not really a foodie, but I like this Middle Eastern place down the street called Sultan’s Market.

JO’C: Do you have a favorite record of all-time and if so, what is it?

Dan: Hmmmm……

JO’C: Am I putting you on the spot? We can come back to this one.

Dan: Ok, let’s come back to it.

JO’C: What record are you guys selling a lot of this week?

Dan: The new Portishead.

JO’C: Any thoughts on your fave record yet?

Dan: I’ll say Daydream Nation, but if you ask me tomorrow, it might be something else.

JO’C: Fair enough. Anything you’d like to add, that you’d like the Matablog readers to know?

Dan: I don’t think so.

JO’C: Ok. Thanks for talking to me. I think those are all the hard-hitting questions I have.

Ok! Tomorrow is Toronto and if we have time….we’ll be hitting up a store there too.

JO’C, record-store-reporter, signing off.


New JO’C record: 2 mixes to go

I’m sitting on the couch at Headgear with my new record almost finished. It took 12 days total. 2 mixes to go and we’ll be done. I’m totally sick and need to spend a few days in bed and John got his car broken into last night. So, the last couple of days have been a little bumpy. But when all is said and done (which will be soon), it will have been completely worth it.

We’ve had so much fun making this record and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

Here’s a few more pics for ya. Have a Happy Easter!




me, michael, deebs

2 inch to 1/2 inch, yo:


Me and my new best friend, John Agnello, in the delirium of day 12:

me and agnello finish mixing

Love, love, love

Jennifer O’Connor

Jennifer O’Connor skips SXSW; makes best record ever.

Day 6 at Headgear Studios in Brooklyn with Mr. John Agnello at the helm. What have we accomplished so far? All the tracking and vocals (live, mind you), some sick guitar overdubs, and a whole lot of fun-having. We’ve got a week to go including mixing.

Here’s some pics:


Mr. Agnello and Mr. Michael Brodlieb (bass)Photobucket

Me and Mike Strandberg (guitar):


DRUMS!(Jon Langmead):




Another update coming soon.



The Love Hangover tonight: Jennifer O’Connor & Amy Bezunartea

I’ll be doing some love songs of my own and some covers tonight with my favorite lady Amy Bezunartea at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn. We go on around 11pm, but the whole thing starts at 9pm. It’s free and should be wildly entertaining.


Jennifer O’Connor

PS. Check out my myspace blog for some pics of my recent tour of California.

Jennifer O’Connor hits Massachussetts, HARD.

This weekend, I will embark upon a mini-tour (ok, it's 2 shows) in Massachussetts. First off will be the fantastic-5-band-bill-for-10-bucks PA's Lounge show on Friday August 3. (See totally awesome poster by Ian Adams above).

This show was originally booked as a celebration of the split 7" that I put out with Choo Choo La Rouge (my best pals in band land) – but its blossomed into much more. Make sure you come early to check out my friends Clint, Michigan & Amy Bezunartea. And I can't begin to say how excited I am to be sharing a bill with Chris Brokaw. I've seen him solo a few times (and with Come many times back in the day, including a Nirvana/The Breeders/Come show at The Omni in Atlanta!!!!)

Saturday we venture out to Martha's Vineyard to play at Aboveground Records. It's a very cool record store run by the same folks who run A Whale of a Label.

The JO'C band this weekend will be the duo of me on vox and gtr and Jon on drums.

And just for fun, below is a photo of us playing at the East River Amphitheatre last weekend. Miwa took this from the very top center of the back row.


Have a great week and I hope to see all you New Englanders this weekend.

Love JO'C


Free Jennifer O’Connor show in NYC this Saturday

Hello Matablog readers: I'm playing a FREE Venus Zine sponsored show this weekend on Saturday, July 28 at the East River Ampitheatre. That's at Cherry Street and the East River, not 23rd Street as I previously and erroneously reported on my Myspace blog. This will be a full-band style show and we'll be playing some new stuff that we are gearing up to record for the next record as well as some older jams. The show starts at 2pm and we go on around 4:30!! 

Jennifer O’Connor’s Living Room Residency, Continued


(pic taken from The Wrongway's Flickr page)

Wednesday night, May 23rd, part four of the Living Room Rez will be in full effect. As usual, I go on at 11pm. Tonight will be a duo show with Mr. Jon Langmead on drums. We got new jamz, old jamz, fast jamz, and slow jamz. At 10pm, The Naysayer will be making a RARE appearance. You must see Ms. Padgett and co while you can. I'm not sure who else is in her band this night but I know Mr. Matt Sutton (who plays with me sometimes) will be featured on guitar. He's sick. Love, JO'C The Living Room is at 154 Ludlow Street between Stanton & Rivington.

PS. If you are free on Tuesday night, make your way over to Mo Pitkins to see Amy Bezunartea & Larry Krone at 9pm and Clint, Michigan at 10pm. Amy and Clint are great artists who will (sometime in the nearish future) be putting out records on my KIAM label

rainy day tour #2

We are in the midst of our 2nd tour of the season – this one with the fierce force that is Portastatic.  I am sitting in the Holiday Inn lobby in Charlottesville, VA, (where I swear I just heard a MUZAK version of "Hypnotize" by Notorious B.I.G.  – I shit you not) – and it is pouring down rain outside.  We play tonight at the Satellite Ballroom and then tomorrow it is back up to Washington DC.  Back and forth, back and forth.

Hotel coffee sucks and I need more napping.  Someone bring the beats and I will get to rapping.  Ok, I'm clearly out of my mind.  Here are the tour dates,

with portastatic:

tues oct 17 charlottesville, va  satellite ballroom
wed oct 18 washington, dc      black cat backstage
thurs oct 19 durham, nc         duke coffeehouse
fri oct 20 mt. pleasant, sc       village tavern
sat oct 21 atlanta, ga            the earl

with the mountain goats:

mon oct 23 st. louis, mo  the gargoyle at washington university
tues oct 24 springfield, mo randy bacon gallery
thurs oct 26 norman, ok the opolis
fri oct 27  lubbock, tx jake's back room
sat oct 28 denton, tx rubber gloves
sun oct 29 austin, tx the parish
tues oct 31 baton rouge, la spanish moon
weds nov 1 birmingham, al  the bottle tree
fri nov 3 atlanta ga, the earl
sat nov 4 st. augustine, fl cafe eleven
sun nov 5 sarasota, fl new college
mon nov 6 tallahassee, fl club downunder at florida state
wed nov 8 columbia, sc the art garage  (this is my birthday, feel free to send presents)