12 Hours is Forever

Here’s to posterity.

Rhapsody filmed and recorded Fucked Up’s already-legendary 12 Hour Show last month at Rogan in New York City (and pulled a “Where’s Waldo” with their logo – see if you can spot it!). Soon, they’ll make much of the show available to the world via streaming video and audio, as well as cuddly MP3 downloads. More on that shortly.

In the meantime, relive the magic of the longest day of our lives with powerful takes on The Chemistry of Common Life standouts “Black Albino Bones”, “Twice Born” and “Crooked Head”:

“Black Albino Bones” and “Twice Born”

“Crooked Head”

The New Pornographers – file under: mutiny, furries

Our friends at Super Deluxe bring us the long-awaited, oft-rumored, Fozzie Bear-approved video for the New Pornographers’ Challengers standout “Mutiny, I Promise You”.

Part of the hilarious Penelope: Princess of Pets series, this is one rock video that’s wholesome fun for the whole family. Sort of.

Fucked Up – “Chemistry” Album Premier

October 7th sees the release of Fucked Up’s modern classic, “The Chemistry of Common Life”.

Starting today you can preview the album in its entirety from Rhapsody: http://play.rhapsody.com/f*ck*dup/thechemistryofcommonlife

And there’re rumblings of a rumbling in the days to come. October 14th on the Bowery could be quite uncommon.

Jennifer O’Connor – “Here With Her” Part 2

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXjc50aFwC4[/youtube]Here at Matador, we’re counting down the hours to Tuesday’s release of the brand new Jennifer O’Connor album, “Here With Me” (and making due in the meantime with this convenient Rhapsody album stream).

Here’s a little more backstory on the album, where Jennifer discusses the makeup of her crack band.

People, it’s Jennifertime, don’t be late.

Jaguar Love Album Preview on MySpace

For those who can’t wait until next Tuesday (8/19) to soak in Jaguar Love’s debut album, “Take Me To The Sea”, well, you don’t have to – MySpace and Jaguar Love have your back, and the album is streaming now at the band’s page:


And don’t forget to check out the “Show Us Your Jaguar Love” contest while you’re there – that is, if you like words like “autographed” and “concert tickets”…Who doesn’t, those are great words!