Paul Banks Drops Mixtape featuring El-P, High Prizm, Mike G and Talib

Just in from the department of unexpectedness…. Banks (no, not Lloyd) has upped a mixtape and it’s called EVERYBODY ON MY DICK LIKE THEY SUPPOSED TO BE.

Actually, we kinda knew this was happening.  Paul sent over a rough mixtape about 9 months ago of his beats and production and it was genius. And what, with all the Kendricks and the A$APs and whatever, we thought a mixtape would take Banks to new heights if we got it out months before release.

But the long-standing issues with Matador and the rap game quickly blew up our pre-release hype strategy.  Long story short, we have earned a certain “cash-only” rep in the hip hop world requiring us to either send briefcases handcuffed to interns to studios deep in Flatbush or…. call in favors which takes time.

In this case, Paul called in a some mega-favors and got features from El-P, Talib, Mike G, and… hold up, HIGH PRIZM (né High Priest).

(Programming note, I’ve spent the entire morning doing things to all sorts of websites that we aren’t ever allowed to do.  I AM DARKTOOB. And I feel like Dean Bein.)

Listen to the whole thing over on Soundcloud:

The El-P cut entitled “Quite Enough” has been excerpted for those needing “an entry point”.


And you can download it at all Datpiff:


Paul Banks Playing Complex CMJ Event – Judgment Night

Big ups to Blake Thomas for reminding us of one of the greatest conference room marketing ideas ever to come to fruition, the Judgment Night soundtrack.

And in this spirit, Complex is throwing a big party at The House of Vans in Brooklyn on Thursday, October 18.   It is called “Judgment Night” and will feature two stages across from each other trading blows… rap vs. rock.  Our very own Paul Banks is headlining the rock stage with Action Bronson closing the night out. Check out the line-up, including Alchemist DJ’ing all night, Purrp, Ratking and the very awesome Savages, who are playing one of their very first shows in the US.

And don’t forget to check out the big Paul Banks show featuring 98% less rap on November 13 at Webster Hall.  Tickets available here.

And as a last reminder, watch the Paul doc, it’s rad.

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Green Day Out Buy Early Get Nows Us

photo: Nabil Ayers

If Feist would finally confirm to host the first-ever “Christoper Pell Lombardi Awards For Excellence In Convoluted Marketing Schemes”, the fourth installment of Buy Early Get Now (aka The New Ps “Box Of Air”) would finally get its due in the Lifetime Achievement category.   (Note:  Dave Martin still maintains that only time will help folks discover BEGN #4’s genius, and Dave knows both time and genius.)

So here we are, five years and two IHeartRadio Festivals later…and the majors have finally decided to embark on the trail toward customer confusion that we so dutifully blazed.   To wit, Green Day’s foray into the world of selling futures in music.

And because other members of the Matador family have done a far better job lampooning Billie and friends, I’ll leave only a link to this space where we can all watch customer ire unfold in real time:


Puffy Bread – with syrup and a quart of milk

(Patrick left me to do the Matador Update, so I’m also filling in on the food blog)

Puffy Bread has been a staple on the Farrell breakfast table for years.  Here’s what you will need:

– Pancake batter
– 1 tsp baking powder (if pancake batter is a couple days old)
– 2 pieces of whole wheat bread
– 1 stick of butter
– 1 liter of milk (carton-form)

Add baking powder to batter if necessary.  Dunk a piece of bread in the batter.  Warm a cast iron skillet using medium heat.

Turn the piece of bread over and really slosh it around.  The sloshing technique will really work the batter into the bread.  You will appreciate the gooeyness this creates from the first bite and even moreso at 1:30am when you return from clubbing to finish off what your daughter couldn’t.

Place 1/3 stick of butter in the skillet.  Once butter is fully melted and a bit bubbly, add the fully sloshed bread to the skillet.  Flip after it gets a bit carmelized.  And repeat the cook.

Remove this piece from the skillet, add less maple syrup than you would want and serve to your daughter.  The second piece is always like 5 times better because it’s less crusty and more evenly golden brown.  The difference is almost imperceptible to a 4-year old unless her lame-ass mom narcs you out.  So ensure mom is elsewhere doing something like taking a shower or watching Project Runway on Amazon Instant Video.   The “oh honey, i got breakfast this morning, you go relax” method is your ticket to 2nd piece glory.

As for partaking, there are many methods but I prefer this one.

Cut the puffy bread into 1.5″ x 1.5″ inch squares.  Take the carton of milk, open and create a rounded, slightly beveled edge on the lip of the carton to ensure a wide, even outflow.  Skewer 4 to 5 of the pieces onto a longish fork and place into you mouth.  Chew slowly at first, working the puffy bread into a delicious, maple syrupy paste.  Once you can breathe a little bit, grab the carton of milk and start drinking, upping the viscosity of the paste into a swallowable consistency.

Once you’ve swallowed, rinse the mouth with more milk.  And then take a couple moments before repeating so that your daughter doesn’t develop any poor eating habits by watching you eat too fast.

There are many permutations of this recipe.  Different types of bread.  Different types of toppings.  The “my kids drank all the milk” dry method.  But start simple, permutate thoughtfully, but always enjoy!

Fucked Up’s MIDNIGHT MADNESS (Tonight): David Comes To Life On-Sale For $3.99 And Up + Much Virtual Storage

David Comes To Life - $3.99 and up

To celebrate the release of Fucked Up’s David Comes To Life, the album will be on sale for $3.99 (in MP3) as “MIDNIGHT MADNESS” takes over starting at 12am EST tonight.

The catch is, the album will only be $3.99 for about 2 minutes. That’s right.  From midnight until noon tomorrow, the price of the MP3 album will be steadily going up until it hits full price once again.

And that’s not all….  while we can’t compete with Fucked Up’s physical world antics in Toronto, our version of “MIDNIGHT MADNESS” will also include a virtual pop-up store with a screening room, characters from the “story”, a live webcam from Toronto “MIDNIGHT MADNESS” and a preview of our just about ready to launch “MataCloudTM.”

Can’t get your head around all of this?  That’s cool, because all you will have to do is check back at this space in 15 hours to really understand.

Cold Cave’s ‘Cherish The Light Years” In Stores Today + Some New Dates

Cherish The LIght Years

Cold Cave’s second full-length album, ‘Cherish The Light Years‘, is available in stores worldwide today.

As a special bonus for the iPad nation, the iTunes version of the album comes with “LP” – the first-ever iTunes LP for Matador.  It has a bunch of hand-written lyrics from Wes and a grip of photos from the band’s last tour around the world.   You can get that here.

And while you can catch the band opening up for the Kills over the next month, the first few shows of the band’s upcoming July tour have been confirmed.

Mon     7/18          Fargo ND                    The Aquarium  Cult of Youth Supports
Tue      7/26           San Diego CA             Casbah  Austra Supports
Sun     7/31            Omaha NE                   Waiting Room Austra Supports
Mon     8/1            Saint Louis MO          Firebird Austra Supports
Tue      8/2             Cleveland  OH            Grog Shop Austra Supports



TheWheelYLT: A Twitter-Fueled Wheelspin For A Pair Of Tickets

As many of you have read, Yo La Tengo is embarking on a tour where the band will go into each night putting the fate of the evening’s setlist in the hands of a lucky wheel spinner.

To take the wheel concept into 2011 online contest mode, the band has posted a mesmerizing spinning contest wheel on their site –

Winning two free concerts tickets via the wheel is simple:

1.  Follow (or be a follower already of) Yo La Tengo on Twitter (

2.  Every day between 12 pm EST and 1 pm EST the wheel will land on one lucky Twitter follower.

3.  That winning Twitter follower will win two free tickets to the following day’s show near their hometown (travel to show is not included).

The wheel will claim the first winner tomorrow (Wednesday) for the Philly show.

(Note:  To allay any travel concerns, somehow they have figured out how to select only followers near an upcoming show.)

Additionally, every night the band will be webcasting the wheel spin live on the home page of

A full rundown of dates and where you can buy tickets – should the wheel let you down – are on the band’s site.

Obligatory legaleze:
1.  Must be over 18 to win
2.  Travel to and from show not included in prize
3.  No purchase necessary

Writing About Love: A Day For The Ages

Why is today such a great day to Write About Love?  We’ll get to that in a minute.

I certainly love my wife.  I love my two kids more than I ever thought possible to love anything.   I love my parents.  I love my two brothers.  (This could go on like a thank you speech, sorry if i’ve left you out… you know who you are.)

I also “love” burritos from La Taqueria on Mission and 25th.  But let’s be honest, that’s not the same as that prehistoric jolt of adrenalin that probably evolved into “love”.   (Though I’d be bummed if I left La Taq’s carne asada burrito alone to fend for itself on the dusted plains of the serengeti.)

But that’s love, man.

It’s all the gradations in a color wheel.  Love is inclusive like that which fuels a damned Matador Records contest.

So what kind of love am I writing about?

It’s all love, man.

Today is November 22 and a poke around Wikipedia shows that either this isn’t a great day in history for most forms of love or that anyone editing Wikipedia doesn’t hold much reverence for celebrating love.

I choose the latter, but just to be sure….

As you clickthrough to Wikipedia, for at least a brief time…. today is now officially “International Write About Love Day”.  (UPDATE:  The birkenstocks and socks legion of Wikipedia editors has since killed this holiday.)

Like all good things, let’s hope it catches on, @BellesGlasgow!

Video Chats Live From The Palms

We are hooking up with Yowie to do some online video chats with many of the artists playing here at the Palms all weekend.

In just a couple of hours, we’ll be webcasting from the Hardwood Suite during the kick-off gala.

So if you have a webcam, head over to and get up in this.

Jennifer O’Connor To Channel Her Inner Stevie Nicks In Philly

This news just in from the JOC camp….

She will be joining a loose cabal of “not-so-star-ish-indie-rock-stars” at Johnny Brenda’s in Philly next Monday to perform Tusk front to back.  I think this thing is also at Union Hall this Sunday.

A full press release right after the jump.

MARCH 29, 2010: In appreciation and celebration of musician Lindsey Buckingham’s mad genius and one of modern music’s most “punk rock-soft rock” albums, Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk, The Lindsey Buckingham Appreciation Society will perform its interpretation of the classic 1979 double album in its entirety Monday, May 17 at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with special guest Jennifer O’Connor.
Continue reading “Jennifer O’Connor To Channel Her Inner Stevie Nicks In Philly”

Ridin’ On The Chooch Train

There’s only one professional sports team that I dislike more than the Anaheim Promise-Keepers and that’s the hometown crew in pinstripes.

So as a Philly ex-pat living in New York, I’m more siked than most for the Fung Wa Bus series.

And like many in Philly, I’m on the Chooch Train.

While we’re pretty sure Kurt has not endorsed the following clip, I’m sure the kids over in Fishtown, out the Main Line and straight up Broad Street do.

Julian Plenti On Julian Plenti Imposters

Doing a little PSA work for that creep that is pretending to be JP on Facebook.  From


A friend of mine just told me he was a little creeped-out by a Facebook impostor.

Just so you all know, THIS is my ONLY web presence.   I don’t twit, facebook, or myspace.  (yet)

I always thought impostors were funny, but maybe they’re not.

If somebody got a domain and wants to do an homage, that’s ok. But someone perpetrating like they’re Plenti, that’s a no-go.

So stay alert to the phony mojo.

And don’t go mailing these monkeys any secrets or brownies.


Buy Early Get Now, Now Deep Fried And Wrapped In Newspaper


Buy Early Get Now #8 has officially launched in the UK.  It offers the same tasty treats of an instant stream of the entire album, the Adventureland score on LP, bonus MP3s, a poster and your choice of Popular Songs on LP or CD.

For any of you Brits looking to save a little on shipping, just go to the special BEGN-UK page and order it now.

Rage Against The Cage

Hailing from the post-authenticity capital of America, Rage Against The Cage answers the age old question – “What do you get when you boil down the absolute essentials of STP, Candlebox and Collective Soul?”


Full streaming action and lyrics –

Update Your Status: Sonic Youth’s New Album On iLike

Starting today, iLike is streaming the full Sonic Youth album from their socially-aware web site.

Streaming of full albums might seem like so April 28, 2009 to all you loyal Buy Early Get Now-ists, but rest assured that no one streaming this album on iLike will get a Live LP as part of the promised “special experiences” for the winners of the accompanying “Trickster Challenge” quiz contest.

Oh… and while we’re talking about Buy Early Get Now, a new song has been posted to your account.  It’s a demo from 1987 called “Castle Catholic Block (Demo)”.  It pretty much rips.

New Song From God Help The Girl – “Mary’s Market”

In a bold marketing plan defying surprise, Stuart Murdoch has just posted a brand new song on the God Help The Girl site.  It was recorded last weekend.

It’s the b-side from the Funny Little Frog 7″ that is part of the Subscription which you can order here.

The song is called “Mary’s Market” and features a familiar friend on lead vocals.  Here’s what Stuart has to say about it:

Hi folks:

We have a new track for you. It’s called ‘Mary’s Market’, and we recorded it last weekend. It’s going to be the B-side to the ‘Funny Little Frog’ single, but we thought we’d let you hear it since the weather’s nice here, and we’re in a good mood, and it seems to match the weather!

The picture to go with the track features the stylish Scottish BBC newsreader, Mary Marquis. When I was writing the song, I wrote the lines

You showed me yesterday’s dress
The one you nicked from Mary’s Market

And it kind of sounded like Mary Marquis, so she gets to go on the cover! It kind of amuses me to think of the girl in the song nicking a frock from Mary Marquis, as it would probably be a frock worth nicking! (As you can see from the picture)

Download it here:  Mary’s Market (MP3)

To embed on your blog/myspace, copy this code:

Stuart’s full explanation, song credits and lyrics are on the site.

Coachella Unofficially: Catch The Cave Singers And Sneak A Listen To “The Eternal”

deset_gold_invite2This weekend, I’ll be globbing on the Zinka and heading to Palm Springs.  It’s not about Sir Paul or Robert Smith although, admittedly, it’s a tad about TG and bear hugging this guy.

Rather, I will be suffering through Broachella to hand deliver a test pressing (approved hopefully) of Sonic Youth’s new album to spin at the Ace Hotel on Saturday from 2-4pm.

The Cave Singers will be teeing off the event by playing from 1-2pm out by the pool.  Embedded to the right is a flyer with a RSVP if you care to attend.   (click on it to make it bigger)

Thanks to the Ace Hotel for sorting this out and prepare thyselves for a big order of those famous snow cones.   We’re always looking for new ways to cool off 10,000 Marbles.

Programming note:  This having Matador bands host SY listening parties might actually turn into something, so stay tuned.

Belle Artwork Contest Winner

To say that we were impressed with this contest would be an understatement.  The entries ranged from nü american gothic weird to recycled internet meme.

At the end of the day, Stuart said it came to this:

“once the group realised beans was in fact represented (as a mosquito at the back) they gave him the prize!”

So, without further adooo…  congratulations Colocho from France. (yes, he is a true artist…only one name)

Upon hearing of his good fortune (and enduring a GITMO-esque indemnification process to prove he was indeed the creator of this original piece of art), Colocho exclaimed:


mon véritable nom est Éric Girard , 36 ans, Colocho est mon nom d’illustrateur. Je vis et travaille à Lyon, France.

Je doit dire que la musique de Belle and Sebastian accompagne souvent mes séances de travail. C’est donc un grand honneur pour moi d’avoir été choisi par le groupe, surtout que la participation fut abondante et de qualité.

J’avoue qu’à ce jour j’ai encore beaucoup de mal à y croire, mon entourage également.
C’est surréaliste !

Mon dessin était tout en simplicité, encre, pinceau, papier… Je ne pensais vraiment pas attirer l’attention du groupe…

J’ai tout de suite eu l’envie de faire un dessin noir et blanc, mes amis et ma compagne m’ont reprochés de ne pas mettre une touche de couleur…

Cependant mon parti pris a été récompensé.

Je suis comblé… Cette nouvelle arrive au bon moment dans ma carrière, un coup de projecteur pour faire connaître mon travail.

Merci infiniment au groupe.

Merci infiniment à Matador Records.

Merci infiniment à vous.


We have consulted our French to English translator site and we are pretty sure we don’t see “remuneration” anywhere in that message.

Click here for a gallery of the finalists.  You all get the Matador B&S discography on CD.

Stay tuned for information on when these limited edition CDs will be on shelves.