I’ve just turned 17 and was recently scouted by a famous modeling agency. My problem is that I’m a late developer and I’ve got barely any facial hair. All my friends are shaving daily now, but not me. I’m scared it’s going to get in the way of my modeling career if I can’t produce a five o’clock shadow for the macho shots. Is there any cream or lotion I could rub in? I know everyone develops at different rates but 17 is a bit late, isn’t it?

Facial hair is often the last male sexual characteristic to develop. Most men aren’t shaving daily until they’re 19 or 20 and many men don’t develop full facial hair until their 30s. Modeling agencies want people who reflect the real world and one thing which makes young men attractive is that they don’t yet suffer from a five o’clock shadow. We’d be astonished if your clean-shaven good looks stood in the way of a modeling career. There are no lotions to quicken hair growth but a moisturizer will help to keep your skin looking baby soft.

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