Singles Going Home Alone Update : A) Our Subscription Series Is Totally Awesome, B) Why Haven’t You Signed Up Yet?

August 29th, 2013 at 1:25 pm by Gerard

OK, it seems we’ve been remiss in keeping you up to date with what’s happening with year #2 of our SIngles Going Home Alone subscription 7″ series. As you might recall, 2012’s edition brought limited edition, colored vinyl 7″‘s from Stephen Malkmus & The Jinks / LA Guns (split), OBN III’s, The Men, Wounded Lion, Jesu and Kurt Vile / Meg Baird (another split)…plus a bonus 7″ from the long, lost Boston/Tampa trio Primitive Romance.

At risk of patting ourselves on the back so hard we might end up in traction, we’re feeling like 2013’s lineup to date is even heavier. And when you consider 13 singles weigh almost twice as much as 7, that’s no hollow boast. To recap, here’s what’s come out to date, along with what’s coming soon :

January – Jeffrey Novak – ” I Never Knew I Knew So Much b/w “B-7”

February – Superchunk – “I Hate History” b/w ” Glue” (SS Decontrol)

March – Cian Nugent & The Cosmos – “Hire Purchase (Part I) ” b/w “Hire Purchase (Part II)”

April – Outer Spaces – “I Was Divided ” b/w “Eternally Fifteen”

June – Royal Headache – “Stand And Stare” b/w “Give It All To Me”

July – Bits Of Shit – ” Rider” / “Lazy Cowgirls” / “Total Recall”

August- Lower Plenty / Dick Diver – “At The Very Top” b/w “Altona”

September – Smartboys – “A Different World” b/w “Sacked”

October – Tony Molina – 6 Track EP

Along with a 7″ from Coho Lips before year’s end, we’ll have another 2 singles (plus a bonus surprise) to announce soon. In the meantime, THERE ARE STILL A FEW COPIES OF THESE REMAINING. If you missed out at the start of the year, you can still subscribe and get all of 2013’s 7″‘s so far, plus everything that’s coming between now and December 31st. Ok?   THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR PATIENCE (AND YOUR MONEY) .

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One Response to “Singles Going Home Alone Update : A) Our Subscription Series Is Totally Awesome, B) Why Haven’t You Signed Up Yet?”

  1. Will Forthman Says:

    hmmm….. i just realized i didnt get the first two singles from jan and feb.. are they going to come in another shipment?? id really dig that superchunkk 7″