Cat Power – “Bully” on Jools Holland

April 10th, 2013 at 8:26 am by Stuart

Versions of “Bully” have been a part of live shows for some time, but it’s now given an official release and available as a single from iTunes where’s it’s also added to the iTunes version of the album with bonus tracks.  Sun is also available on physical formats from the Matador store (excluding “Bully”).

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2 Responses to “Cat Power – “Bully” on Jools Holland”

  1. Nicolaoua Says:

    It is a beautiful version of the song.

    Could you please inform us when the studio track was recorded. itunes is ok but there are no informations about the track:is it Chan playing piano or Gregg?

  2. jaykayaitch Says:

    This is such a lovely song – tender, compassionate, truly moving…

    Matador – please encourage Chan to do an album that includes plenty of her slow sad songs.
    They’re what many of us love most about her music.