Premiere : Yo La Tengo’s “Before We Run” (Animated by Emily Hubley)

November 15th, 2012 at 9:00 am by Gerard
YouTube Preview Image

Is it a counterintuitive move on our part to make the first publicly available song from Yo La Tengo‘s forthcoming ‘Fade”, the album’s epic finale? Perhaps. But far be it for me to accuse you of over-thinking this stuff. The visual portion of the above clip comes courtesy of acclaimed animator/filmmaker Emily Hubley, while this isn’t the first (or even the second) time her work has been formally associated with Yo La Tengo, we were more excited about this sort of sneak preview than say, simply posting yet another MP3.

(photo by Carlie Armstrong)

‘Fade’ – coming January 15 (January 14 in Europe). Preorder the deluxe LP, standard LP or CD editions here.

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6 Responses to “Premiere : Yo La Tengo’s “Before We Run” (Animated by Emily Hubley)”

  1. e4t Says:

    SO good!

  2. Guy Says:

    Finaly, a new yo la tengo record, and it sounds amazing…as always.

  3. Guy Says:

    Is the band on a diet? Hope they are not half the band they used to be! But you all look good!

  4. SmockMyFishUp Says:

    Incredible. See y’all at Maxwells in a few weeks. Also, please come to S. Florida before your European leg of the tour. We’re moving overseas in April and we need to see you one last time “before we run”. Gut Yontif.

  5. JJ Gildersneeze Says:

    Don’t people who’ve pre-rordered the LP get an immediate download?

  6. Gerard Says: