Wanna Meet Cat Power?

August 28th, 2012 at 9:00 am by Michael

Because if you’re one of the first one hundred people to purchase Sun from Amoeba LA next Tuesday September 4th — aka the day the album hits streets — you can have said album (whether it’s the deluxe version or the regular version) signed right then and there by Chan Marshall herself.

Some more details HERE.

Bummed that you don’t live near LA and can’t possibly make it down for this signing? Well, hopefully your depression can be assuaged by the absolutely stunning 2xLP deluxe edition with alternate gold foiled cover on clear vinyl and bonus 7″ featuring 2 non-album tracks can be picked up at your local independent retailer.

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One Response to “Wanna Meet Cat Power?”

  1. Nicolaoua Says:

    Chan Marshall is also supposed to sign records in Toronto the day after tomorrow: http://www.soundscapesmusic.com/site-news/2012/8/30/exclusive-appearanceautograph-signing-chan-marshall-cat-powe.html