Chelsea Light Moving “Empires Of Time” & “Frank O’Hara Hit”

August 2nd, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Robby


The CHELSEA LIGHT MOVING song that was posted July 25 for free entitled Frank O’Hara Hit is actually some other song, by the same band, called Empires Of Time. For your edification and further free-fall into the vortex of confusion we now present you the song Frank O’Hara Hit. The previous message from Thurston Moore pertaining to the intention of this tune is still active. If there’s anything to be known about Empires of Time, know that it is a call of honor, and a kiss on the hallowed forehead, to Roky Erickson of Austin, Texas, a maestro of American psychedelic rock n roll of the highest order.

Go for it,

Thurston Moore


[ed: to hopefully relieve further confusion, here are links to all the songs shared by Chelsea Light Moving to date:

Groovy & Linda
Frank O’Hara Hit
Empires of Time


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5 Responses to “Chelsea Light Moving “Empires Of Time” & “Frank O’Hara Hit””

  1. Lissie Says:

    Awesome song´s from Amazing Band! Thurston you must do a concert in SouthAmerica

  2. CAT Says:

    Brings to mind Psychic Hearts for me (which I love).

  3. tadaki Says:

    thanks a lot.

  4. sommner crate Says:


  5. bj werner Says: