One Sheet Of Paper That Says So Much About Working (Or Shopping) In A Used Record Store

July 17th, 2012 at 11:59 am by Gerard

(pic culled from

While I cannot endorse the disrespect shown to Mark Eitzel or The Grifters (heck, the latter’s records usually sell when they end up in the used bin) there’s much about this list (posted at Laurie’s Planet Of Sound) that’s excellent advice for any record store buyer contending the latest pile of LP’s/CD’s being exchanged for crack rent money.  Aside from misspelling Boz Skaggs’ name,  I’m genuinely surprised NYC’s Laughing Dogs didn’t make the list. The former Rupert Holmes sidemen’s two Columbia albums have been clogging used bins for 3 decades and counting.

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15 Responses to “One Sheet Of Paper That Says So Much About Working (Or Shopping) In A Used Record Store”

  1. Nathan Says:

    At first I was outraged that they’d both include Samiam on the list, all the while typo’ing it. The disrespect! Then the Googles told me Samian is actually some rap artist. Education!

  2. Patrick Says:

    ’90s vinyl is gonna happen. Just give it time.

  3. Gerard Says:

    just saw some TFUL282 LP’s the other day for $30 and up, so it’s most def. happening. Doesn’t do much for Stone Temple Pilots CD’s, though, I reckon

  4. CAT Says:

    What? No C + C Music Factory?

  5. Ron Says:

    One can only hope that the “DO NOT NEVER” double negative doesn’t make this some sad person’s want list….

  6. Todd Patrick Says:

    Both Eagles and The Eagles made the list. Now, if they would only add Eagles of Death Metal.

  7. Priapism Says:

    WTF is Mark Eitzel doing on this list?

  8. Travis Says:

    I find it amusing that Porno for Pyros and Perry Farrell solo are both on the list (but, of course, not Jane’s Addiction).

  9. Oboe D'amore Says:

    However much some of us once liked peak Eitzel, from a retail standpoint, those solo cds are all dogs.

    The ONLY AMC worth the paper/plastic it’s made of is “United Kingdom” and a store would be lucky to sell it for $5… Better off giving it to some customer who might appreciate it.

    Surprised the Verlaines (great) and Big Dipper (always dogshit) aren’t on there but I know it’s not a comprehensive list.

  10. jimh Says:

    Poor Soul Asylum…

  11. darryl Says:


  12. Eric Says:

    The problem with these lists: while Straight Freak ticket is $.07 on Amazon (hey, it used to be a penny), Confusion Au Go Go and Between the Eyes will bring some cash, and any hip buyer will want Dayglo too.

    About the Grifters: has any indie band fallen so far in esteem as the Grifters? It’s like they never existed.

  13. fouxdafafa Says:

    I’m surprised Belly isn’t on the list…

  14. tymmac Says:

    Samiam, really? I agree with most of the other bands tho.

  15. martin Says:

    I used to like the Shamen’s ‘Boss Drum’ as a kid! Well I agree with everything I see on this list that I’ve heard although Jethro Tull aren’t that bad. Every music shop should have one of these! Although inclusions of Janet Jackson and such artists is just playing it safe. I’d include Neutral Milk Hotel and back it up with a fight on the back street! I dare you to do your own Matador!!! 🙂