Matador’s Singles Going Home Alone ; A Concept Of Staggering Unoriginality (But You’ll Still Wanna Sign Up)

December 15th, 2011 at 9:00 am by Gerard

With all due respect to our friends at Sub/Pop, Columbus Discount, HoZac, and I don’t know, two dozen other labels who’ve tried it, we’re rolling out a limited edition 7″ subscription series in early 2012. A number of years back, some bright Matador exec came up with the title ‘Singles Going Home Alone’ for a proposed compilation album of the label’s early one-off, long out of print singles (Mark Eitzel, Chain Gang, The Schramms, The Pastels, Fire In The Kitchen, etc.)  A few of the artists we approached politely declined (or impolitely told us to fuck off and die) and rather than repair the shattered relationships, we shelved the title.  Until once fine day last October when Robby Morris suggested we do a bunch of one off singles AGAIN, only this time we’ll try not to alienate all of the participants.

We’re planning on 6 singles over the course of 2012, but if we’re having fun with this, there’s no reason we won’t have another batch lined up for 2013. The in the series will be the long-rumored split 7″ between Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks (left) and L.A. Guns (right), with the former  covering the latter’s “Wheels Of Fire” and Tracii & Co. tackling the latter’s “Gorgeous George”.  We’ve waited nearly 23 years to tell the world L.A. Guns are Matador Recording Artists, and finally we can say it at parties without lying.

(photo by Zac Sprague)

Edition #2 will be a couple of new songs from Austin, TX’s OBN III’s whose most recent ‘The One & Only’ LP (Tic Tac Totally) has made no shortage of 2011 top ten lists.  Well, the good ones, anyway. There’s a longish interview with frontman/dictator Orville Neeley in the latest issue of Maximum Rocknroll…and if that sentence seem a tad out of place on the Matablog, well, keep in mind we just said we’re putting out a record with L.A. Guns. Surprises are relative.

Single #3 will be a new 7″ from NYC’s THE MEN, whose amazing 2nd album, ‘Leave Home’(Sacred Bones) is (again) one of the current year’s finest.  It would be the height of hyperbole to claim this record hasn’t left our turntable, though it would be completely truthful to say it has on some occasions, rolled across the room and supplanted whatever else we thought about putting on.

We’ll reveal the identities behind singles 4, 5 and 6 pretty soon.  If you wait until then, however, you run the not-so-small risk there won’t be any left.


– what you get: 6 subscription only 7″es every other month in 2012, plus a special secret bonus item, a tote bag and 10% off all year long on the Matador Store (which cannot be combined with other discounts)

JANUARY 17 – Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks / L.A. Guns
MAY 22 – The Men

– prices (all inclusive of shipping – each 7″ will be shipped out separately for release date):

$45 US
$55 Canada
$70 rest of world

Alright. Let the thoroughly off-the-mark speculation about the next 3 singles commence.

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18 Responses to “Matador’s Singles Going Home Alone ; A Concept Of Staggering Unoriginality (But You’ll Still Wanna Sign Up)”

  1. chrispy Says:

    Maybe we will see some Chavez or TFUL282!

  2. Fiona Says:

    The promise of a Chavez 7″ might actually be enough to persuade 9000 to reacquire a turntable.

  3. Gerard Says:

    we love the suggestions, but neither Chavez nor Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 are going to be part this series. Not the first batch, anyway.

  4. Bill Says:

    Why am I being charged tax on my mailorder? Not in the same state as Matador HQ…

  5. Bill Says:

    Why am I being charged tax for my mailorder? I’m not in the same state as Matador HQ…

  6. Durga Says:

    Sounds cool, probably will sign up soon. Matador should provide subscribers with MP3s of the singles as well!

  7. Matador Store Says:

    Hey Bill,
    It estimates the tax for everyone, but once you select your state and get to the final page you shouldn’t see any actual tax applied, unless you are in NY, NJ, or CT. Email me at if you’ve already placed an order and see that you’ve been charged tax when you shouldn’t have.

  8. Anthony Says:

    When does the 10% kick in and how can I apply it?

  9. bob Says:

    how could this NON include a Fucked Up 7″?

  10. bob Says:

    “not” not “non”

  11. Abel Says:

    How many records are being pressed? Damn, I need to wait two weeks to sign up for this.

  12. kyle Says:

    I was more excited about this when I thought it was the Phil Lewis fronted L.A. Guns and not Tracii’s version. Should be interesting regardless.

  13. Michael Says:

    How did I overlook this for 3 weeks? Glad I was able to get in on this. I’m single so my new year is starting off just like lasts. Terrific!

  14. Rob Says:

    Im praying for a Ted Leo/ Paul Weller of The Jam split 7″

  15. Gerard Says:

    we’re working on a Bruce Foxton/Rick Buckler split 7″. The next time someone writes some smart-aleck “why does anyone need a record label in 2012?” treatise, tell ’em all about this.

  16. Anthony Says:

    So when do the Jicks/Guns records get shipped out?

  17. The Beaver Says:

    what are the chances of a L.Ranaldo or T. Moore 45?

  18. Gerard Says:

    we’ve no plans for a Thurston or Lee 7″ as part of the 6 SGHA 7″‘s this year.